9 Most Thoughtful Jobs for Autistic People

Jobs for Autistic People

April is the month of Autism. However, we believe that there is a need for awareness about this disorder throughout the year. Autistic patients may be incapacitated in several ways. But most of them have brilliant minds and appealable creativity. In a 2012 pediatrics study, it was found that thirty-five percent of autistic people between the ages 19 and 23 are taken off the college or not employed.  Although these rates have decreased, we still find adults who are excited to work but struggle to fit in. Perhaps they don’t know what kind of job they would fit in. A little bit of awareness and you will learn of the right kind of jobs for autistic people that will keep you engaged and productive.

An overview of Autism

Autism is a complex, mental disorder, which is alternatively called an autism spectrum disorder or ASD. What is autism spectrum disorder? It is a combination of several brain development disorders that are characterized by difficulty or lack of social interactions; verbal and non-verbal communication; motor skills, and repetitive behavior.

Individual diagnosed with autism often find it difficult to communicate or express their feelings.  The severity of this condition affects social interaction. However, Autism is a spectrum disorder and therefore, each child with autism will have unique strengths and challenges. The subtypes of autism are mostly influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Thus, the manner in which an autistic learns, thinks, engages in problem-solving-, reacts, and communicates can range between being extremely skilled and poorly challenged.

Some people with the disorder may require constant support, even to perform day-to-day chores, while there are others who can manage and conquer both professional and personal lives independently.

Many factors affect the development of autism and it is often accompanied by other medical and sensory problems, including gastrointestinal disorder, seizures, insomnia, anxiety, depression, social anxiety, and OCD, and accordingly autism treatment.

The Rapid Expansion of Opportunities

With more autism-friendly employers, there is a good start for people with this disorder f. Some of the few reasons why there is this growth spurge are:

–          Increased awareness in developing countries owing to massive growth in diagnosis.

–          Broadened diagnosis criteria for autism. Now the autism spectrum also includes individuals with high intelligence and unique skill sets, instead of just disability.

–          People who fall under the autism spectrum have distinct skills, thought patterns, and work ethics. Autistic adults can be routinized for they are quite passionate about their work, detail-oriented, focused, and dependable. They have the ability to solve a problem with a unique solution that a normal person cannot think of- a  skill set which is in high demand!

–          People with autism are more concerned about their work and productivity, and less about novelty and their desires. This is an asset for many jobs.

Choosing the Right Career for Autistic People

Autistic people might have very poor short-term working memory but have an incredibly long-term memory than most normal people. So, people with autism should go for jobs that have well-defined goals or objectives, that focuses more on their work and less on their behavior and personality, and a job that considers and accepts social limitations.

A high- functioning autistic patient should consider opting computer science because he/she can be a strong programmer. In fact, many of the best programmers have either autism or Asperger’s syndrome. Other equally qualifying areas where people with autism can excel are Engineering, Commercial Arts, Drafting, Accountancy, and Library Science.  People with this disorder should completely avoid Business, Social Media, Mass Media, English, History, and Political Science.

Since autistic people have poor social skills, they compensate their abilities in specialized fields, which makes them excel.

9 Top Jobs for People with Autism

1.     Photographer or Videographer

If you are a visual thinker, this job is ideal for you. Any autistic person who visually creative can turn into a great photographer or videographer. Photography or Videography is a better option because it allows individuals with impaired motor skills to display their creativity without traveling around. With the increasing popularity of social media platforms and lifestyle changes, photography has found a new meaning in everyone’s personal lives and business. You can simply become a food photographer and sell your pictures to magazines, websites, event management companies, and the media.

2.     Dog Trainer

Autistic people are often drawn to dogs. They love animals and dogs. Many times, dogs are used as a part of autistic treatment. Patients coping up with mental trauma instantly find comfort in animals, which makes them better at dealing with work and life. Therefore, if you know how to train them, you should think of a career as a dog trainer or animal trainer. However, you might consider becoming a certified trainer first and obtain a license to handle the dogs.

Other similar jobs include pet sitter and pet walker. These are simple, comfort-giving, well-paying, freelance jobs that you can opt for.

3.     Artist

You can consider being a painter. Since your communication skills and short-term memory is not fully developed, you can succeed in the field as a good painter or artist since it does not require both the skills to excel. People who find it difficult to express, often express themselves through drawings and paintings. Their acute concentration and eye for detail can take them a long way in this career.

4.     Accountant

The only skill required for this job is love for mathematics and a nifty mind. Autistic patients are excellent with numbers. They compensate for their lack of abilities with this particular skill. Therefore, you must find a job as an accountant in a company that is not very demanding and that realizes that your social skills are not something they should be worrying about.

5.     Librarian

Anything with books will give you peace of mind or purpose. As we all know, the library is the only place where silence is bliss and conversations are a punishment, so, becoming a librarian should be a great career choice. You can either choose to be a librarian or work as a staff who stocks and retrieves books onto the shelves. Neither will you be asked questions if a book is unavailable, nor will you have to answer tough technical queries, but all you have to do is stock the books and record them when someone collects or returns it.

6.     Gardener

Gardening is not just an art, but also a highly technical science. This job requires hours of concentration and hard work by people who have knowledge about plants and an ability to create beauty with everything natural and organic. Gardening also acts as a therapeutic job for people with mental disorders. If you have an interest in gardening, you will be a great asset for the companies or individuals hiring you because your keenness and eye for detail will produce wonders.

7.     Waitressing, Baking and Bartending

These jobs are not highly technical or overly qualifications, but they require precision, speed, and of course social skills. However, if you choose to work behind the scenes in preparing dishes and decorating plates, you can swiftly avoid talking to people. Some of the ideal jobs that you can do in restaurants include buying ingredients, stalking pantry and fridge, slicing, cutting, running the salad bars, and other tasks that are repetitive and simple.

8.     Technology

Software engineering, data entry, computer programming, coding are some of the toughest jobs in the technology realm. But for an autistic person, it could be a cakewalk because they have an innerving concentration, an eye for perfection and detail, precision, and have commendable long-term memory. Autistic people have a natural flair for computers and devices. And jobs in the technology field require little interaction and communication. A computer, a set of clear instructions, and a deadline: a person with autism just needs these three things to excel in computer technology.

9.     Recycling Plants and Manufacturing Units

In recent years, we have seen many recycling and manufacturing units coming up for the imminent operations to conserve nature. Recycling plastic, waste materials, garbage, and glass have come up in many places across the world.

People with autism do best with repetitive movements in a scheduled and organized environment. A career in manufacturing plant or recycling plant could make them extremely happy.  Right from rebuilding cars to assembling computers, they will be able to do everything with precision and focus.

Other areas of job where autistic people can excel include jobs such as data entry, janitor, factory assembling work, copyediting, inventory control, laboratory technician, taxi driving, mechanics, carpentry, animation, programming, and veterinary technician.

If you are autistic or if you know someone who is suffering from autism, this article will definitely help you find a new meaning to career. And we’ll be glad to hear from you on this.  Do write to us in the comments below.