10 Best Jobs for Introverts – How Introverts should Work with Extroverts

Best Jobs for Introverts

If you are an introvert, forcing yourself to be outgoing at work will not work for you. If you are encouraged to apply for jobs where you have to work directly with a lot of people, you should not heed their advice. Today most hirers prefer introverts for their certain skills, instead of their personality. Yet introverts often find it difficult to find a career that is satisfying and fulfilling. Therefore, in this blog, we shall explore the best types of jobs introverts can take up.

Why Introverts are Unhappy?

Not long ago, employers and HR people did not prefer hiring introverts. They most often clearly stated in qualification column – “we want someone who is easy and outgoing/extroverted”. However, this scenario has changed and people are becoming more aware of the fact that introverts are just awkward and silent and they may have unique skills that could help their business organization. However, the way introverts seek jobs is often different because they look for a job that is more meaningful and less fun. They take more satisfaction from the work and not from coworkers or environment.

Being an introvert, several external factors can cause them to lose interest in their jobs. They are:

–          Too much noise and conversations around. Introverts are generally scared of open workplaces and prefer closed cubicles.

–          When managers and peers prioritize collaboration over productivity and skill.

–          When interviewers or managers stress more on social ability than concrete skills and competence, even if the job does not require human interaction.

–          Introverts are observant and have sharp cognitive skills, both important to identify problems. However, managers and hirers often don’t realize these unique introvert strengths bring and do not know how to get the most of the introverted workers.

–          Their silences and awkwardness are judged as coldness, meanness, and snobby.

Most introverts struggle to understand themselves, and they try to make themselves a people pleaser and fail miserably in doing so. That is why they end up in most of the careers.

How Introverts Should Search for Jobs?

Introverts talk less and like to be in their own world. They take time to open up. That does not mean they are shy, socially inept, or speaks softly.  In fact, they can possess great interpersonal skills. However, unlike extroverts who feel energized by talking and leading a group, introverts often like going recluse to regain energy after working in a group or spending the day socializing. Therefore, they must play with their strengths and look for jobs that:

–          Have independence or require solo performance

–          Require one to one interaction and less of public speaking

–          Offer quiet spaces for work, like your home

–          Can be performed best with listening skills, such as translator or transcription

–          Let’s you to stay focused on one project or task at a time, without any interference

10 Best High Paying Jobs for Introverts

Research findings state that introverted leaders bring more productivity and lead a strong proactive team than extroverts.

Finding high paying jobs for introverts is not far-fetched. Introverts can bring unique strengths to the company, a place where most extroverts fail. They have a very sharp and skilled mind, they are focused, hardworking, and extremely productive when it comes to achieving targets. They cannot be easily distracted or deviated from their job at hand. They are also great listeners and they take time to understand what the other person is saying. They don’t rush either.

Since they talk less and work more, they can be an excellent team leader for they make sure the work is actually being done. They work on effective planning and tread loopholes carefully, which makes them a diligent project manager.

Here is a list of jobs that we recommend all introverts to try; for sure they will find success in one of these.


Introverts can make excellent lawyers, for they are good listeners, extremely calculative, and believe in researching, writing, and preparing cases. They hardly are up for public debate because they know that being quiet is the best way to get to the truth and reveal the truth. Since lawyers are also socially awkward, this career is something they can strongly pursue, as many practice areas don’t involve arguing in front of judges at all. An alternative job in the same career is paralegal, where your work will majorly involve writing and researching.

Craft and Fine Art

Craft and fine art is a large realm and you can find many jobs in this field. If you have a creative streak within you and know art, consider becoming a craft artist. It is a fulfilling job and the industry is meant for focused, imaginative, and independent individuals who are willing to work in seclusion and produce great art. You can make pottery, textiles, paintings, embroidery, woolen clothes, etc.


Photography has found a new dimension in this digital era. Many talented photographers are surfacing on social media. This is a creative field that you can explore and find success. You must, however, have an eye for picture perfection. The career does not require a lot of social interaction. You can work independently or with a company. It is also largely fulfilling. You can be a travel photographer, food photographer, wedding, kids or a wildlife photographer.

Business to Business Sales (B2B)

B2B sales are completely different from B2C sales. While B2C sales and marketing require a lot of charisma and quirky conversations to attract clients and customers, B2B wholly works on how you deal with customers’ needs, customize what you offer, and work with them to find solutions. While personality and profitability still matter, those are not the only things for which a business will consider spending money on you. Here professionalism matters more than social engagement.

Content Creatives

We are living in an age and time that is powered by content, whether it is a blog like this, a video content, audio or image. We have more jobs for content creators now than we had 6 years back. Introverts are generally creative people. Therefore, you can actually find solace in one of the following professions: video editor, videographer, animator, graphic designer, content writer, blogger, author, copywriter, and ad maker. All of these jobs require solo, focused, and independent work. You can do it freelance as well. The good part is once you have secured a position in the industry, the money will be free-flowing and in abundance.


Working with patients can be satisfying. As a therapist, you will work with patients with mental disorders and patients who have gone through a traumatic experience. Your job involves evaluating their behavioral patterns by listening to their difficulties and challenges and helping them modify their behavior through counseling and medication. You may have to study a lot to become a licensed therapist, but for an introvert, that would not be an issue. The salary for therapists is also great. You can work full time or part time, or choose to become a freelancer.


This profession is an excellent career option for the introverted mind. Food is an art, and cooking requires focus, science, knowledge, and creativity – all four are the strengths of introverts. As an executive chef, you will be managing a restaurant or hotel kitchen, supervising food preparation, planning menus, creating budgets, overseeing supply and demand chain, and training and directing chefs under you. There is little time for conversation in this profession. And although coordination is important, you will mostly work independently and serve customers’ orders directly.


Research is a broad category and every industry requires it. Although each industry will have its own job description for researchers, two things that are common in each one of them are – great written skills and solo performance. You can choose to be a researcher even when you are working in a company and make the transition smoothly. However, some researching job may require mingling with people to understand the bigger picture, such as marketing and media, while others require highly technical knowledge and repetitive work, such as medical.

Working with Nature

Introverts are normally drawn towards nature and the solace it offers. You will most likely find introvert people in jobs that involve the outdoors and nature, including landscapers, park ranger, botanist, gardener, and forester. Outdoor jobs give the required quietness that introverts seek for the most. Although some of these jobs actually involve working with teams, it will be easy to work alone even amongst others and simply be yourself without getting disturbed.

IT Professionals

You can find a job in the ever-growing technology world and work as an administrator, programmer, tester, network analyst, web developer and software engineer. IT professionals are not only high in demand, but they are also well-paid. Moreover, these jobs definitely seek candidates who are extremely detail oriented, focused, problem solvers, and can work independently.

These were some of the best-recommended jobs for introverts. Keep checking this section for more aforementioned jobs, tips to start a career, and information about other freelance and in-house jobs.