9 High-paying Jobs Working with Children (Jobs for People who Love Babies)

Jobs Working with Children

Satisfaction is something that we all crave from our work. Not many prefer jobs that involve babies and infants because handling them is definitely not an easy feat. Therefore, such jobs are can be challenging and also, high-paying.  If you didn’t know, there are plenty of career opportunities when it comes to working with babies.

To undertake such jobs, you may also require various levels of experience, degrees, and training. We are going to list a number of high-paying jobs with kids here. Read them through and see if you qualify for any of these.

9 Great Jobs Working with Kids


As a nanny, your job duties will involve spending time with babies, nursing them, feeding them, entertaining them, bathing them, taking them for walks, changing their clothes and diapers, and cooking for them. While most of your time is spent with babies, you may also be required to do simple household work, such as running errands, prepare meals, fold clothes, etc.

While extensive qualification is not required to become a nanny, you may have to pass a child and infant CPR class, as it is something that most families ask from their nannies. Salary for nannies varies by location, experience, school, age, number of kids, and other factors. You can charge per week wise or per month wise depending upon your tenure and number of hours of work.


Teaching and tutoring are two career options that involve many jobs with children of different ages. You could specialize in one or two subjects or if you are a kindergarten or primary school teacher, you can as well apply to teach multiple subjects. In primary school, you can teach a bit of everything so that you don’t fall into monotony. Most schools require teachers to hold a bachelor’s degree, such as B.Ed. This is more than enough to become a primary, Montessori or kindergarten school teacher because that is your target. However, if you wish to be a secondary school teacher or high level, you may need a degree in a specialized area.

Tutoring can be possible from home, just like how governesses do. However, it is pretty uncommon these days, as there are different options for different children with special abilities. As an elementary school teacher, you would typically create lesson plans, teach children, monitor their progress, both academic and extra-curricular aspects, work on students one- on- one to help them improve or navigate challenges, prepare students for tests, enforce behavior, and communicate with parents on students’ progress.

Communication, interpersonal skills, creativity, organizational skills, and children management are few traits that teachers should have. Critical thinking, empathy, compassion, problem-solving, and physical stamina are also equally important in teachers.


You can qualify as a babysitter without an educational background. Compassion, love, affection, and experience in handling babies are all you are required to have to enter this profession. This is not a full-time job or a highly-exclusive job. It is for those of you who are looking for a part-time job that involves kids.  You have to take care of the baby when the parents are away. You will have the job roles similar to that of a nanny. It can also be taken as a freelance career option.

Infant Massage Therapist

In this career, you have to dedicate your mind completely in helping premature babies develop their muscle strength and functionality. It is not easy to become an infant therapist, for handling feather-light babies who are still not completely developed and are under incubation needs patience and skilled hands. However, the pay is good. You have to get valid certification for an infant massage therapist to enter this profession. To get the certification, you must complete an infant massage therapy program and obtain a license. Pediatric centers, nursing homes, and hospitals recruit infant massage therapists.

Lactation Consultant

New mothers, especially first-timers, usually go through a lot mentally and physically after delivery. When it comes to breastfeeding, they are unaware of a lot many things. Lactation consultants help new mothers learn how to breastfeed their infants correctly. They advise and provide solutions on how to increase mother’s milk supply, help babies latch properly to get the best suction, assist mothers in understanding feeding system, weight gain, baby health, and inform them about other things related to mother’s milk, such as hindmilk and foremilk and their importance.

In order to become a lactation consultant, you must complete a comprehensive course on breastfeeding and get a certification. Most lactation consultants are referred by nursing homes, women’s hospitals, and gynecologists.  Therefore, you must prove your worth to these entities and convince them to refer you. You can practice your profession independently or work in a hospital. Both jobs have their own pros and cons.

Child Psychologist

As a child psychologist, you will study the behavior and brain function of toddlers and children by collecting the information provided by their parents, through experiments, tests, interviews, and research-based games. You will work on improving the cognitive and emotional sides of children through therapies, strategies, and counseling. You will help babies cope up with whatever it is affecting them, emotionally or environmentally, such as school bullies, study pressure, abuse, parents’ divorce, etc.

The demand for psychologists is growing every year, with the changing and demanding lifestyle. Therefore, the position of a child psychologist will be quite beneficial for you, both in terms of money and success. The path to becoming a child psychologist includes earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology, then a Ph.D. or Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) degree, and then a specialization in child psychology. You must hone your communication, analytical, problem solving, and observational skills. Empathy, trustworthiness, and compassion are must traits in this career.


A pediatrician is a doctor for infants, toddlers, and children. They are also referred to as child specialist. Just like doctors for adults, a pediatrician checks the health of child-patients, diagnose sickness, treat them, and provide first aid. Newborn baby care could also be a part of their job profile. You must be patient when dealing with children and learn to closely observe their symptoms to diagnose correctly for children sometimes fail to express what they are going through.

In order to become a pediatrician, you must complete the proper doctor in medicine degree, along with a three-year residency or internship after earning your medical degree. You can also choose to specialize in a particular area of medicine, such as heart, brain, kidney, orthopedic, surgery, etc. This would require additional certification and degrees.

Child Care Center or Crèche

If you want to be constantly surrounded by babies and children of all shapes, sizes babbles, and behaviors, open a child day-care center, a crèche, or a play school. This is one of the best options if you want to get lots of hands-on baby time. You can also choose to work in play school, crèche, and day-care center and enjoy being with cute, little, toothless humans. This is no easy job as it takes lots of physical and mental strength to handle and care for so many demanding babies at one time. But it is also relaxing and fun. Depending upon your state and federal laws, educational requirement and qualification to open a child day care center or play school will defer. Child day care centers and crèches are for infants below 2 years. It is for working parents who look for reliable baby cares. On the other hand, play schools are for toddlers above 2 years and below 3.5 years. Here they learn different skills, such as motor, color, painting, rhymes, etc.

Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses work within the pediatric field of medical care, including in hospitals, women care centers, nursing homes, children’s ward, and pediatrician’s office. You will have many roles to play as a pediatric nurse, such as work with children from the time they are born until they cross 12 years. There are three different types of nurses, such as registered nurse (RN), licensed nurse practitioners (LPN), and doctor’s assistant.

Registered nurses (RN) must complete a bachelor’s degree or associate degree in medical science and then complete a nursing certification to obtain a nursing license. LPNs work under RNs, must complete required education specified by the state and then get a license. You may also have to complete a residency program or internship before you are awarded the license.

Qualified nurses’ demands are increasing by the day with the advent of modern facilities powered by technology. So, you do have a bright future in this line of career, in terms of money and success.

Hope this article guides you through your career choices. Do check this section for more updates.