How Much Does a Pastor Make in 2020?

pastors salary

Pastor’s salaries have become a subject of debate with the increasing number of wealthy preachers and mega-churches. Though most church leaders work without remuneration, preaching is a profession, and most preachers receive a regular salary from various churches and other sources.

Job Description

Clerical professionals and pastors and have a range of responsibilities that vary, based on the ever-changing requirements of their congregations. Generally, they work with advisory councils, church boards, or elders, to determine their organization’s direction. This can include shaping the church’s messaging and its mission, making determinations about events, programs, missions and trips, community support initiatives, overall church operations, and expansion efforts.

Pastors’ compensation is involved in negotiating church business deals, managing investments, and hiring staff. Ministerial responsibilities typically include conducting small group sessions, conducting personal and premarital counseling sessions. Pastors also deliver and write weekly sermons, and also host events and special guests. In short, pastors serve as the voice and face of the churches they represent.

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Education Requirements

In larger churches in major metro areas, pastors are required to hold a master’s degree in theology. In smaller rural churches and communities, requirements may be laxer. Pastors may have specialized degrees or training in marriage and family counseling, religious studies, worship leadership, public speaking, or interpersonal communications. Many pastors partake in ongoing professional and spiritual development, as well.

How Much Do Pastors Make

Most churches pay a pastor’s salary that is established by contract. The amount of pay differs based on the size of the congregation and the church. Mega-churches have gatherings over 5,000 members. In a survey by the LN (Leadership Network), the total annual remuneration for the pastor of the largest participating church was $265,000. This is far greater than the average pay of a preacher.

The U.S. BLS estimates the median salary for clergy was $55,190 in 2019, inferring half made more than this number, while half earned less. The total amount of remuneration can be made up of many components, including multiple allowances. To aid with housing, many churches provide a specified monthly allocation to be spent on housing expenses or a home that is paid for by the church. Allowances for personal and travel expenses are commonly present in pastoral contracts.

The Congregation’s Contributions

A preacher’s remuneration also is made up of personalized gifts from their congregation. Church members take personal responsibility for the well-being of their church leaders. Many of them give monetary donations to their preachers as a token of their gratitude for spiritual mentorship.

Gifts are gifted in small increments from individual church members or a lump sum from the entire congregation. Preachers often receive monetary donations after the performance of funerals or weddings at their church. Though the funds are offered as gifts, they are considered compensation, and the pastor must report it as such for the tax year.

Pastor Salary Outside the Church

Many pastors of new or small churches have jobs outside of the church. Increasingly, pastors are pursuing church leadership as a secondary career. When hired initially, preachers are often required to work under a probationary period with little compensation. Some of them prefer to maintain their outside job to supplement their compensation during this probationary term. Other preachers work outside jobs throughout their careers, especially in situations where the church cannot pay them enough salary.

A Guest Appearance

Pastors make various guest appearances at religious functions and other churches. When a pastor serves as a guest leader for another church, the congregation usually provides a monetary gift for the presence. This gift is considered remuneration. Pastors also give speeches and make appearances at religious events and conferences, where they are paid for their time. This can include baptisms, funerals, and weddings, performed outside of their home church.

Careers in Europe: An entry-level pastor (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of 32.055 €. On the other hand, a senior level pastor (9+ years of experience) makes an average salary of 54.068 €.

Careers in Asia: An early career Pastor with 1-5 years of experience makes an average total remuneration (including bonus, tips, and overtime pay) of S $ 48,000 (Singapore). A mid-career Pastor with 5-10 years of experience makes an average total compensation of S$48,980. An experienced Pastor with 10-20 years of experience makes a full average wage of S$56,880.

Job outlook

Data from the U.S.  (BLS) showed that the employment of church pastors could grow eight percent from 2016-2026. Salaries and jobs tend to be significantly affected by experience and the average income of the population being served. As of 2019, reported that church pastors earned a median salary of $48,815 per annum.(1)