How to Become a Professional Wrestler

professional wrestler

There are a lot of individuals who wish to become professional wrestlers. In fact, it’s easier to get in the NBA as compared to getting signed on with the WWE.  Though, if you are serious about becoming a specialized wrestler, you can make it work with persistence and hard work. Know how to become a professional wrestler.

First you will have to join a wrestling institute and learn to become a professional wrestler. Once you are ready to participate in competitions, you can move to Florida and join shows to network with WWE coaches and start training to stay in top physical condition.

Like professional wrestling celebrities you will also have to train hours with intensity, rigorous and quick training each day, accordingly needing a higher level of body maintenance. While professional wrestling requires a flair for entertainment, it’s more important to be physically fit.

Professional wrestler coaches use their information of the regulations in combination with their personal experience coaching or playing the sport to train participants and plan game strategies.  Breaking into professional wrestling can be tough, but by training hard and networking, you can get your foot in the door.

Wrestler Job Description

Between promotional events, gym time, wrestling matches, and real life character development, wrestlers have a hectic schedule. As a professional Wrestler, you will have to be an Athlete. It’s the love of the sport that should attract you to this occupation. If you want to be a professional wrestler, you have to be strong. Build and maintain your muscle mass by eating a lot of protein.

To become a professional wrestler you need to get in shape, develop your theatre skills, and boost your presentation skills. Whether the responsibility is with an Olympic school level or middle school team, a wrestler should adhere to the rules and code of conduct of this sport. Even though wrestling is a separate sport it can eventually lead to improved performance levels so get hands-on training on how to become a pro wrestler.

Steps to become a Wrestler

  1. First, be over eighteen and have graduated high school. No one will take you seriously otherwise. To become a professional WWE wrestler, you need to go through training as an actor and wrestler.  Though there is no certification needed, many WWE wrestlers have their GED and high school diploma, and others have a college degree. As a professional wrestler you can perform numerous times a week in a year. You would wish to make both cardiovascular and muscle durability. As a professional you can expect joining a gym and working with a coach.
  2. Improve your performance and public speaking: As a qualified wrestler, you would have to play a person and will be needed to speak to live crowds. There is even an alternative option where you can take classes at any college.
  3. Register in a wrestling school: check for reputable schools run by famous trainers. Look at the bios of recognized pro wrestlers and learn even how to become a sumo wrestler by checking their website.
  4. Join a regional campaign: Several wrestling schools have contacts to lesser promotions that would give you a chance to fight in front of live audiences. Men and women of various sizes, shapes, and backgrounds have all lived their wrestling dreams. And you can too if you’re willing to put in the right kind of work.
  5. Pay your subscriptions: At the first, you will work a lot for least wages. You would not make a lot of money. Don’t lose hopes, always put ahead your best performance and not complain about getting less money or your lack of experience.
  6. Keep your resume professional, free of mistakes and ensure that it sells you as a great professional.

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 Professional Wrestler Salary

Have you ever wondered how much a professional WWE wrestler makes? WWE wrestlers make a lot of money only after they gain a huge amount of experience. In fact, as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on average, a WWE wrestler and sumo wrestler salary is $200,000 a year, as compared to the best wrestlers making $1 million a year. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has predicted the normal job growth of 7% for wrestlers in 2016-2024. Professional WWE wrestlers who are making huge salaries are normal as they are involved with acting works outside of WWE, which increases their acceptance in the WWE industry.(1)


There are many people who want to become professional wrestlers. The journey is long and often thankless. Chances are high you’ll have to bounce back from injuries and disappointment. Keep yourself in peak physical condition by lifting weights, doing cardio, and participating in wrestling matches. To participate in matches, join a wrestling gym or wrestling club. And you can too if you are willing to put in the correct type of work. If you wish to become a professional wrestler just for the salary, then you are not in the correct business.