11 Best Jobs for Animal Lovers that are Unusual

Jobs for Animal Lovers

Our lifestyle today is very hectic and stressful. Finding the right job, thus, becomes very important for mental stimulation.  It is also important to find a job that is not only fulfilling emotionally but that also takes care of your expenses and future. If you are one of those people who have an infinite affection towards animals and enjoy spending time with them more than spending time with fellow human beings, you must consider searching for a job for animal lovers.

Now you may wonder what job options you have other than veterinarian or marine biologist that give you an opportunity to work with animals. In reality, there are several careers that let you work with different animals apart from cats and dogs. Here is a list of best jobs for animal lovers. These jobs not only are interesting and mindful, but they are also well paying. However, the salary and job role totally depends upon the country you are from.

11 Best Careers for Animals Lovers

Animal Caretaker

The profession requires you to improve the well-being of different animals in a variety of environments, including homes, pet stores, zoos, veterinary hospitals, kennels, and animal shelters. Working as an animal caretaker involves bathing the animals, feeding them, treating them for minor injuries, trimming their fur, clipping their nails, grooming them, taking them for walks, and looking for signs of illness. You may also expect to clean their cages, change the sheets, and repair their abode.

Animal Trainer

Jobs working with animals isn’t far-fetched. Animal training itself has a diverse career option. For instance, you can be a dog trainer, a traveling circus animal trainer if you love moving around the world, train dolphins and seals that perform in swimming pools for spectators, or you can work at zoos or state and national parks. Dog trainers are hired quite commonly to teach obedience and manners to pets, such as potty training, barking training, collecting newspaper and small things, staying off furniture, etc.

If you have the required qualifications, skill, and experience, you can find a job in the police force to train dogs to perform tasks in assisting the police. As a police dog trainer, you will train the animals on how to sniff out drugs, cell phones, bombing materials, and human beings by sniffing their used clothes. You would also train animals to be a guide for handicapped citizens.

Dog trainers are usually paid well based on their place of recruitment.

Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is a very fun and friendly job, which you can take it up as part-time, freelance or full-time. The job requires you to pet the animal and look after it when the owner is away from home. Your job duties will be similar to taking care of babies – feeding them, cleaning their kennels or cage, making sure they have their medications, taking them for walks, entertaining them, but most importantly, loving them and playing with them.

Wildlife Photography

This is a beautiful career and a very interesting one. If you love animals, and not just the domestic ones, but also the ones that are wild and free, and if you also love photography, wildlife photography is the perfect chance for you to capture two beauties – the nature and the animals. Most of your career will be spent on traveling and being close to nature and wild animals. You will be required to spend an ample amount of time observing animal movements and their habits and capture the perfect click.  Jungles and forests and national parks will be your work environment. You must have an acute knowledge of cameras, lenses, photography terminology, usage of light, editing, and other photography tools and techniques. A degree in wildlife photography will give your resume an extra edge.

Veterinary Doctor

Treating animals in sickness and health is a very kind and consoling job. What better way to show your love for animals than taking care of them when they most need human attention and affection. If you choose this career, your job will involve diagnosing illnesses, prescribing medicines, providing vaccinations and first aid, and if you have the qualifications, then performing surgeries on them. You can either specialize in a particular type of animal, such as dog or cats, wild animals, aquatic animals, reptiles, etc. or become a general veterinary. You must, however, gain needed degrees, certifications, and license to become a vet or animal doctor.


Insects play a significant role in preserving humankind and not all people who are animal lovers, love being around millions of insects. However, since they make the largest impact in the environment, we are always on the lookout for scientists who study these insects, examine their habits and way of living, their positive and negative impacts, and report and record the findings. If you choose to be an entomologist, rest assured, you will be greatly paid and highly respected. Entomologists Are Zoologists of insects who are hired by museums, universities, zoos, labs, government, and other private companies. You will spend your days by observing various insects, such as grasshoppers, bees, crawlers, roaches, flies, spiders, bugs, moths, and other uncommon ones. Traveling may or may not be a requirement.

Forensic Entomologist

An alternative profession that you can pursue along the same lines is a forensic entomologist. Forensic entomologists are scientists and researchers who solve murders by examining critters of insects. It may seem nothing to a normal person, but a forensic entomologist can find an interesting clue in a larva that can take FBI or CBI closer to finding the end of a case. However, you must have the stomach to bear the sites of rotten dead bodies because your work will begin at morgues most often.  Insects that find their way inside dead bodies are collected as evidence and sent to forensic entomologists. The type of insect that you find in dead bodies can tell more about the murder than a witness can. You can easily find the time of death and place of death. This is quite an interesting and growing field. And what’s more, you will be associated with the crime branch and get good payment for your result findings.


As the name suggests, you will be dealing with living things residing under the ocean. If you aren’t a water phobic and have no problem diving deep sea, you can pursue Marine Biology or Oceanography to enter this profession. This is a master level course. Your job will typically involve studying the physical and biological properties of the ocean, such as the motion of the water, the vegetation impact on seawater, freshwater, polar ice caps, etc. and documenting the findings in order to save the aquatic life. The government and various organizations employ oceanographers.

Wildlife Conservationist

Wildlife is being exploited so much that so many species are nearing extinction. Therefore, the role of wildlife conservationist is steadfastly gaining importance. Your primary job would be protecting the wildlife and forest, the home of many species, as a wildlife conservationist. You will maintain and regenerate forest wealth and resources and take all measures to preserve the wildlife and other plants and trees in the forest. You must study the demographics, the vegetation, animal behavior, and habitats, etc. to conserve the forest effectively. You must gain a master’s degree to enter in this field. Several sub-categories of wildlife conservation are available for specialization, such as Wood Science and Technology, Veterinary Science, Forest Management, Commercial Forestry, etc. Once you enter this field, you can choose from multiple job roles, including Wildlife Biologist, Habitat Restoration, etc.

Animal Scientist

Animal scientists dedicate their careers in conducting research in various animal-life areas, such as their genetics, growth, reproduction, breeding, nutrition, and survival. If you love researching and like animals equally, you should consider exploring this profession. Your research will help in generating better quality animal products like dairy, meat, and eggs. You can also take a specialization in any one of the sub-divisions, such as animal breeding, dairy science, poultry, etc. Several certification courses are available to support your career as an animal scientist. Knowledge will help you understand the concepts clearly.


Zoo Keeper

Zoo-keeping is an interesting career. As a zoo-keeper, you will spend all of your days in the zoo and ensure that the zoo is managed and maintained properly. You will have to ensure that the captive animals are taken good care of, including feeding the animals, grooming them, training them, entertaining them, consoling them, treating them when they are sick, supervising their activities, and cleaning their cages.

Right from watching out for sickness to consulting vets, you will be answering the questions of spectators and zoo visitors.

However, this job comes with a certain amount of risk. Since most animals are wild, you stand a chance of being attacked, scratched, kicked, and bitten. Of course, the rewards are great because the risks are too. Hence, if you want the rewards, this occupation will do good for you.

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