11 Top Jobs for Disabled People (Suitable Professions for Physically Disabled)

Jobs for Disabled People

People with various disabilities find it very difficult to carry on with their day-to-day routines, let alone find a job and earn a living. Physical disability means a person cannot carry out all the regular physical and normal works. That doesn’t imply that disability can pull you down. If you are disabled in a particular way, you can channel your capable skills for the right job. After passing of various acts in different countries, like the American with Disabilities Act, no employer can turn down a qualified candidate based on his disability. In fact, they are not even allowed to ask about the candidate’s condition. Although employment for people with disabilities has improved significantly with changes in legislation, it is still not up to the mark, where disabled people would be able to find a role in every other company.

However, the good news is, there are several jobs where you can excel. If you are a specially-abled person, you should never lose hope in career prospect. There are many jobs that can utilize your talent. Therefore, you must find your talent and harbor it.

If you need a head start, you are on the right page. We are going to share some great jobs for people with disabilities.

11 Different Types of Jobs for People with Disabilities

Below is a list of jobs that disabled people can choose as per their interests and capabilities. Remember that many jobs can be performed regardless of whether you can move, speak, hear, walk or not.


The job of an accountant needs brain and clear cognizance, and hence physical disability can be overlooked. An accountant usually examines financial records for companies, such as balance sheet, financial statements, profit, and loss account, and prepares records and file tax returns. Either you can choose to be a freelance accountant and work with different companies in the comfort of your home, or you can look for full-time jobs in firms. You can also opt for both if you have the time. Taxe-filing is an interesting element now in accounting. If you are able to gain considerable knowledge in the area, you can also act as a tax consultant and file tax on the internet.

Financial Analyst

An accountant with in-depth knowledge about finance accountancy can become a financial analyst. Your job, as a financial analyst, will involve analyzing the capabilities of financial instruments of a company or client for investment and come to conclusion whether the business or individual will be stable, solvent, or profitable. Market research and analysis is a must. Financial analysis has become an important business element to ascertain success and growth. With experience, you can earn quite a sumptuous income.


Writing is the job of the brain. So, if your disability hasn’t affected your hands, eyes, and brain, this is the perfect career for you. The writing job spectrum is unfathomably large and growing. You have to communicate with your clients and readers with words. If you have the talent, you can grow into a bestselling author too. However, entry-level jobs include content writing, blog writing, copywriting, editing, proofreading, academic writing, etc. You can gain specialty in a particular niche, such as media, politics, entertainment, education, and health, and write for magazines, newspapers, web, etc. If you have the required education, you can be a technical writer too.

Telemarketer or Sales Rep

It is always not necessary that you have to reach out to prospective clients at their homes or offices. You can convert a lead into a business through phone conversations too. Most outsourcing companies have a marketing team who call overseas customers, market the product and services, and make sales closure. If you have the required qualifications, you can be a telesales executive at an outsourcing company or any company that involves telemarketing. As you go higher in the position, your income will increase, and let us not forget about the incentives and perks of sales conversions this career brings.

Pharmacist Technician

Pharmacist technicians help pharmacists dispense prescription medicines to customers and health care providers. They collect information needed to fill a prescription for the customer, measure the quantity and dosage of the prescription, label and pack the medicines, and regulate inventory and notify pharmacists when supply is due. They also accept payments, enter customer information, tend to customer phone calls, and help customers speak to the pharmacist in case of an emergency. You will be doing all of these works or some of these depending upon your physical capabilities. You will be working under pharmacists. The profession has seen serious growth in recent times and also have a track record for hiring job candidates who have a disability.

Professional Counsellor

Professional counselors assist students and people with disabilities in their career. They assess candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, evaluate their educational performances, and then suggest a few career options based on it.  If you choose this career, you will have to help people in deciding a suitable career by providing them with appropriate information about different careers, such as growth rate, salary, demand, job roles, etc. To be precise, becoming a career counselor for the disabled is the right choice for you as you will know what shortcomings most of you face at work better than normal people.


Because of the advent of so many online jobs, you can build a career right from your home, with just a laptop and an internet connection. Freelancing is the new thing. And you sure can use it to your advantage by choosing a profession that lets you be your own boss. For instance, the writing field is a freelance career that is flourishing. Apart from it, you can try virtual teaching, web designing, music recording and editing, accounting, data entry, blogging, and social media marketing. In fact, you can be self-employed in any field you wish to go.  Also, being your own boss has quite a few perks, including several employers at a time, a wide range of resources, flexible timing, and salary as per your need.


We are witnessing many online institutions taking birth for students looking for flexible education options. You can be a teacher in one of these online tutoring institutes. If you are good at any particular subject, such as accountancy, mathematics, C++, Tally, language, etc., you can join as a teacher. Apart from the required skill and knowledge, you will need a computer with at least 3 GB RAM and high-speed internet. You can also prepare question papers and workbooks for students studying at distance-education institutes and charge for it. This is a flexible option and your salary will depend upon your knowledge and the number of hours you devote. Even if you are visually impaired you can use voiced based tutoring facility to help students.

Computer System Analyst

IT professions are shining currently. They are not only making great careers but also are earning huge incomes. Therefore, finding a job as a computer systems analyst is not going to be tough because of two reasons – one, this is one of the trendings and in-demand tech jobs and two, IT companies are readily hiring people with disabilities as long as they have the required skills. In order to enter this profession, you must develop your skill in any one of the programming languages. Many online courses offer certifications in programming languages and software development, which lets you learn the required skills without needing to travel.

Management Consultant

Management consultants help organizations solve problems that affect an organization’s growth. As a management consultant, you will provide necessary insights, devise strategies, improve the financial status, and use your problem-solving abilities and logical views to solve complex problems. You will develop long-term development strategies for improving permanent problems or recurring problems. You will guide the senior level as well as junior level staff and managers. To be successful in this career, you must apply research, analyze internal data, talk with people, and prepare and present reports. You must be a visionary and a born leader to inspire and guide people. Most companies prefer hiring disabled professionals as management consultants because they feel people who have themselves overcome tough challenges in life can help the organization with a better managerial strategy.


Podcasts are a series of digital audio files that are streamed on different websites, which you can download and listen to. You can be a podcaster and create your own audio channels on a chosen topic. Podcasting is becoming popular because it allows listeners to select their own podcast, just like how we choose a blog topic, whenever they like and listen whenever they want, at whichever place they wish. If you like talking and want to share or discuss amazing things with the podcast listeners, you should definitely try podcasting and earn a sumptuous income. Podcasting will not cost you much as well. It is like launching your own channel, like on YouTube, uploading audio files, and attracting customers with your content. As more subscribers join, your income opportunities will broaden.


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