Interesting Jobs for People Who Hate People

People Who Hate People

You must earn to survive in this world. In order to earn, you must find a job. And in order to thrive in your job, you must communicate with your peers and managers. But what if you don’t like people and hate talking to them? Like it or not, ultimately, your job is to please your customers, i.e. people. So if you don’t like talking to people or literally hate mingling, what kind of jobs will suit you?

Some of us do not like face-to-face conversations. It’s not that we hate people, it is we cannot stand to have small talks. Most often, we are called anti-social, introverted, or loners. We are also deemed as rude, close-minded, cold people.

It is okay to not be a people person or hate people and still be a kind and humorous human. For introverts, the task of communicating with people is as treacherous as panic attacks, sweating, nauseating, and shivering. Dealing with annoying colleagues and bosses may not help you in focusing on your work. And you cannot even discuss this with anyone because if you go around telling others that you want jobs for people who hate people, you will be judged as aggressive and overreacting.

We know this worries you, and therefore, we have taken some time out to fish out the best possible jobs for people who hate people. Jobs that don’t deal with people, as less as possible, for they’re specially created for antisocial people that mainly involve computers, plants, nature, animals, and machines.

Interesting Careers for People Who Hate People


You should consider becoming a freelance writer. It is probably the best job for people who do not like communicating and interacting with others. Writing is an art, and doing it from home gives a person the needed time to reflect on their thoughts. However, you must be good at creating stuff with words. It is one of the most challenging but on-demand fields. You also need to have a good command over the English language. If you are successful at writing, you may not have to work everyday. The job prospects for a writer are broad and quite defining. You can be a technical writer, a translator, a book author, scriptwriter, editor, proofreader or an academic writer. Due to the advent of digital marketing, content writing is one of the high paying professions right now.


Blogging is yet another subdivision of writing occupation that requires creativity and innovation.Bloggers work full time or work on their own. It is a very rewarding career if you get fame and success. You can start your own food blog, technology blog, an entertainment blog, travel blog or any other blog site on the subject you are very passionate about. Initially, your growth rate will not be as prolific as it will be for other writers but there are a hundred ways to earn money as a blogger. It is a job that requires no face-to-face interaction, not even phone communication. In fact, you can finish most of your work via emails and other written communication.

Computer Programmer

Though interesting, the job of a computer programmer is not a cakewalk but it is one of the highest paying jobs in the IT industry. Your primary job would be defining and writing codes to develop simple to complex software applications for websites and mobile devices. You must earn a bachelor’s degree however to enter this profession. Depending upon your area of specialization, you may also require gaining additional certifications. Computer programming requires focus, concentration, an eye for detail, and analytical sense. When you work alone, all of the above traits will automatically gain power, making you an ideal candidate for the job.

Data Analyst

A data analyst’s job is to make sense of the numbers. Data analysis is the backbone of all projects, small or big. You will be analyzing large volumes of data available through primary and secondary formats to produce absolute or approximate figures. For this job, you will need strong mathematical skills, familiarity with MS Office, strong presentation skills, and different IT tools, such as Python, SAS, SQL, Query Languages, etc. Since it is one of the most robust functions of any organization, you must have an eye for detail and be a little more cautious when explaining your analysis to others. All these allow you to perform solo, an ideal work setting for people who hate people.


Housekeeping is not a bad job or a blue-collared job. We believe it is as tough as any other office job. You will be taking care of the house of your employer when they are off to work, right from doing the laundry, taking out the garbage, cleaning the house, cooking to taking care of the mail, dealing with groceries, and taking the pet for a walk. This work will keep you on your feet all day. However, you will be completely on your own, which means it’s a perfect job for introverts and anti-social. You can also open a cleaning business and start earning a decent income with little marketing efforts.


Photographyis considered one of the luxurious solo professions that require little or no experience, but just a passion for photography, knowledge about lenses, eye for beauty, and good editing skills. There are several websites online where you can update photos, with the right tags and descriptions, and if your pics are selected and they are downloaded, you get paid. There are several categories of photography, including humans, non-human things, food, travel, wildlife, scenery, abstract, etc. You can click and post your pics on social media platforms to gain popularity and attract new opportunities. If you grow big, you will need an assistant to handle your work. Apart from that, there is little requirement for human connection.


It is often found that loners, introverts, or basically people who hate mingling with people, tend to get attached to other living things like plants and animals. Taking care of plants and trees could be a great source of income for you. Trees are the most silent contributors to humankind. They work in silence and so will you when you work with them. Horticulturists are basically planted scientists; you need to know everything there is to know about plants, such as scientific names, soil, water and sunlight needed, production, survival, vegetation, disease, growth, harvest, and sales. You must have an educational background, most probably,a bachelor’s degree in science. Some job positions in this field also require advanced degrees.

Video Editors

The job of a video editor is giving the final touches to a video after the filming is done. This job requires concentration and focus. You must learn to know how to use video editing software and use them efficiently to trim, crop, cut, stabilize and accentuate videos of different formats. It is a very highly demanding job and if you are able to get into the movie industry, then there is no turning back. You can do this job part-time as well. Part-time professionals usually charge hourly and per project wise.

Corporate Accountant

Although they may occasionally interact with coworkers and bosses, in general, accountants are left to their own for they are always occupied with number game. You are going to need a degree to get into this field. The job may sound boring to some, but it is actually one of the most engaging, liberating, and independent jobs, which also pays well. The  career growth is also fabulous. An alternative career is bookkeeping, which may not pay you, as much as if you were you an accountant, it is simpler in comparison. You may have to learn how to use different bookkeeping software though.


Archivists are not librarians but their job is similar to one. Instead of libraries, archivists work in museums and records places, which are not open for public but only to the historians, researchers, economists, politicians, and people with suitable title and grants. Your job will entail processing, cataloging, and preserving records and documents. You will be so busy amidst a pile of books, papers, records, and notes that you will have little or no time to talk to people.  You can get into the field with little knowledge or basic qualification. However, in order to have access to important documents, you may have to gain a suitable experience.

Website Administrator

Website administrators are being outsourced crazily for their immense knowledge and skill, and also because they are high in demand. Larger companies are paying heavily to hire freelance web administrators for their projects.  Website admins generally manage small pieces of SEO, network security, content, or the entire functioning of a website on behalf of the company. You must acquire the necessary qualifications, experience, certifications, and skills to enter in this field. Requirements generally vary from company to company. If the project is big in size, you may have to team up with a bunch of experts to accomplish the task. All in all, this job doesn’t require too much social interaction. So, you are definitely good to go.

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