8 Stimulating Jobs for People Who Like to Travel (Careers for People who like to Travel)


Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

If you are a wanderer, adventurer, and lover of freedom, a desk job or a cubicle job that involves 9 to 6 shift will probably put you in depression. When most regular people are fine with two weeks of vacation reprieve from work, you need a job that lets you travel, not just one or two times a year, but as a part of your job profile. People who love to explore can never get bored with a job that is on the wheels; in fact, such jobs keep them rejuvenated and entertained. When you get a chance to build your career by exploring the world, why not take it?

But, you may not be sure about where to start and what kind of jobs are available for the travelers. Do not worry, for we have put together high-paying jobs for people who like to travel.

Travelling Jobs is Definitely Glorious

According to a recent study led by the Bureau of Statistics Labour, trends indicates that more and more organizations are facilitating remote working scenarios, which open ways to hundreds of career options in travelling. However, understand that travel jobs do not mean a job that allows working from home or another city. That exists, but it is known a flexible job structure. Travel jobs typically are jobs that require you to travel to different cities or countries as part of your job duties. For instance, sales managers often travel to client places to close a deal. However, people who like to travel are quite adventurous and are not the types who can be comforted with traditional jobs. So, we have here a few great jobs that you can explore and adventure.

8 Best Travel Jobs for People who Love Travelling

Flight Attendant

The first job listed is flight attendant, for many obvious reasons. This is one of the best jobs that allow traveling around the world, absolutely free. In order to be a flight attendant, you need specific skills, body statistics, and emotional quotient. The requirement, however, varies among different airlines, like national and international. Skills, such as knowing to speak more than two national languages and a foreign language, having previous experience in customer service, and CPR training will add brownie points to your resume.

When you begin the journey as a flight attendant, you will fly only to local ports. Only after gaining significant experience, will you be assigned to serve customers traveling overseas. If you want to travel far and wide, choose an airline which operates lots of flights from your home city. Jet lag and long working hours on feet are two major disadvantages of being a flight attendant. You may also have to and work random hours for emergency and situational fill-ins. On the brighter side, you will get to travel to beautiful places, earn free or discounted flights for you and your family, and explore new places in-between trips.

Tourist Guide

You will love this job if you are outgoing, love making friends and talking to people. The job of a tourist guide perhaps may seem easy to you, but it is one of the toughest traveling jobs. You must know how to keep your tourists engaged and interested with valuable information, without boring them or intruding their privacy. Your job will entail traveling to different destinations and showing travel enthusiasts around the place. You must have accurate and vast knowledge about the location, right from the best cuisines and places to eat to shopping centers and regional attractions. To get into this profession, you must possess good communication and presentation skills, must have a pleasant disposition, know how to manage conflicts and crisis, and be a leader.

Travel Agent

Travel companies, if not all but few established ones, are gaining back their lost popularity and reputation, thanks to their expertise in the industry. People who look up the web for online booking find it hard to differentiate between recommendations of seasoned travelers and one-time casual visitors. On the other hand, when they go via travel agents, they know that they are getting the best recommendations for hotel, food, stay, and places to visit.

You need to have a passion for serving others with best traveling experience. In order to have an exceptional travel agent career, you must not think of profit. You can enter in this field with little or no educational qualification. Strong command over the local language and English, and interpersonal skills are valued more in this industry.

Cruise Ship Staff

You will have an enthralling experience if you work on cruise ships. It is one of the best jobs for people who like to travel, as it has a reputation and a quite satisfying remuneration. Your main job will involve interacting with guests cruising in your ship, serving them, and entertaining them, all of these while you get to see the world. What’s more? Food is free, stay is free, and even amenities are free. Cruise ships offer almost every service imaginable -from singers, janitors to technicians and doctors, anyone can get a job in cruise ships. Therefore, you can be a cashier, a server, a singer, a theatre artist and even a portrait artist in the ship.

It is a dream job for people who like to wander. However, it also requires hard work, dedication, and survival capacity on waters. Although working for long hours is mandatory, you will also be provided free time to explore the cities through the ship routes.

Volunteering at WWOOF

WWOOF is a global movement that links “volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experience based on trust”.  As a WWOOFer (volunteer), you will travel the world, live alongside your host and help with basic and everyday farming activities. You will host visitors to your country and from abroad if and when you become a host farm. WWOOF, referring to World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, offers traveling world traveling in an ethical and thoughtful manner. It also involves payment. Although it may not pay you a luxurious income, this job does give you the chance to live a meaningful life.

Import and Export Business

You can start an import-export business, and travel the world. You can export fish, food, gold, consumer durables, or any good that is unique and famous in your company. However, you must possess a business mind and a never-give-up attitude.

International Aid Worker

Making a difference in society or/and for the people you meet while touring is a great endeavor. If you wish to have a career along the same lines, then you should try working with international travel companies such as Red Cross or USAID, or be a Peace Corps Volunteer. As a volunteer in these organizations, you will visit different countries that need your assistance during wars (such as Syria), famine, drought, and/or after a natural disaster, such as Tsunami aftermath. Though may not earn six figures income, working in this field will provide you housing, the needed experience you want for your resume, and student loan deferment, if you are still a student.

You may have to gain necessary qualifications to enter in this field, such as a master’s degree in social work or degree in either health, agriculture, international relations or social service. The job may be quite emotionally and physically overwhelming, as you will spend long hours, day and night, in remote locations without proper access to food, water, and all other day-to-day amenities. On the other hand, the service you provide can make a huge difference for the people you help, and there is nothing more satisfying than witnessing development caused by you.


A job as a consultant may take you places around your country and across the seas. Consultants are hired to offer insights and recommendations on various complex problems in business, technology, economic crisis, and industry. The only skill required is vast knowledge about your chosen field, which is supported by strong research. Since you will work in partnerships, traveling is integral. You can choose to be a financial consultant, an astrologer, a technical consultant, skill-based consultant, and a wedding planner.

English Teacher

Companies in non-English speaking countries hire English instructors and teachers from other countries. In order to enter this field, good command over written and spoken English, an outgoing nature, a pleasant personality, and leadership traits are compulsory. For better opportunities, you can earn CELTA, IELTS, or TESOL credentials.

If you find your true career from any of the jobs above, do let us know in the comments below.