13 Great Jobs for Shy People

Jobs for Shy People

Most shy people literally struggle at work. Not because they are incompetent or a failure but because they are under-confident, socially awkward, and not charismatic. Even if they tend to be creative, they struggle hard to make effortless conversation with anyone at work. Therefore, most shy people get annoyed and find themselves asking, “what are the right jobs for shy people?”

The answer to this question is – since you are shy, you should not look for jobs that involve too many people or require you to deal with too many people. You should rather pick jobs that have limited social interactions. The good news is that there are the best careers for shy people and jobs that require minimal human interaction. Some jobs are greatly recommended for shy people. Let’s see what they are.

But before you move forward, consider these huge problems:

What if

…you are not shy, and deep down you like social interaction?

Then the jobs listed below will fetch you no purpose. For instance, you may love acting but you are just shy. You may like the camera but you have a layer of insecurities that make you feel nervous and awkward. These insecurities could form due to several reasons. In order to do what you like and what you want to do, you must remove the layer, instead of avoiding jobs that entail social contact.

you do not have bad social skills?

There are many shy people in our circle and they are in fact quite socially intelligent. They are intuitive of others’ behaviors and understand people better than extroverts because of their discerning skill. They just feel nervous, that’s all. We also know introverts who are forced to work in jobs that do not need social interactions, such as programming, coding, accounting, and yet have failed at them. So, do not assume that just because you are shy, you must go for technical jobs alone. Once you overcome shyness, you may actually give birth to a happy-go-lucky rabbit.

your shyness can be defeated?

Shyness is not a mental disorder. It is just a behavioral issue, which can be taken care of by exposing yourself to various social situations. You must not avoid them but just go with the flow. And sooner than later, you will conquer your fears and help your brain accustomed to these regular sessions of communication.

you convince yourself otherwise?

Shy people naturally avoid jobs that require social interactions because it is scary. They do not like dealing with others. But this doesn’t solve their problem at all. You will end up not knowing what is good for you and what is not if you run from situations. And Shyness is one such situational behavior and can be conquered. And the major way to do it is by avoiding traditional jobs and selecting a career that explores your skills and challenges you.

13 Great Jobs for Shy people

All of the following jobs require little or no human interaction. We will also rate the social interaction skills required for these jobs between 0 and 10. Remember that you can still choose a career that you wish and not any from the given list.

1.     System and Network Administrator

As a system and network administrator, your job entails installing internet systems and software into the organization IT structure, configuring and supporting local area network, wide area network, and the entire connectivity of the company’s network system.  It requires below average (3.9) social skills.

2.     Biochemist

Biochemists can work in school, college, university laboratories, and if they have gained enough experience, then in big research laboratories as well. Your work will entail studying the chemical composition of living cells and organisms, such as the activity level of a particular enzyme. A job similar to this is biophysicist, who studies the physical principles of organisms, and their electrical and mechanical energy. Very low social skills (2.5) is required for these jobs.

3.     Web Administrator

The job is pretty interesting and quite in demand. You will perform quality testing and assurance of web applications and web sites, and manage the overall web environment’s design, development, and maintenance operations. You may have to interact with your clients once in a while. Social skill level required for this job is 3.2.

4.     Writer

You can choose any niche and become a writer. In the beginning, you will have to put in a lot of effort, but once you gain experience, you will master the race. You can choose to be a technical writer, blogger, web content writer, copywriter, scriptwriter, songwriter, author, novelist, etc. Social engagement level requires for this job is 3.5.

5.     Database Architect

It is a great career where you will be dedicating your efforts to designing strategies for enterprise database systems, and regulating operations, programming, and database security. You must gain the required qualification and certification to get into the field. Normal social skill level required is (4.0).

6.     Actuary

Actuaries work for the insurance industry and if you opt this profession, your primary task would be to analyze statistical data, such as mortality rate, sickness, accident ratio, disability, retirement rates, and other probabilities to predict risks and liabilities for insurance departments, which they will use to prepare for strategizing future benefits. Average social skill is required for this job (3.4).

7.  Dog Trainer

If you love animals, then this is just the right job for you to harness your shyness. Your work will involve handling pets, training them, petting them, taking them for a walk, and babysitting them. You can also work as a dog sitter and dog walker, both of which do not particularly require any human interactions, except for a few initial communications with the pet owners. However, you will have to obtain a certificate in order to train dogs and get a public insurance policy to protect the public, lest the animals cause trouble under your supervision. Social skill level required for this job is 3.9.

8.     Economist

Go for this career only if you are really focused on the subject because it can get a tad bit dry if you are more of a creative person. As an economist, you will conduct research, prepare reports, and strategize and implement solutions to address various economic problems, in relation to the manufacture and distribution of goods and services, or any fiscal policy. Social skill level required for this job is 3.5.

9.     Truck Driver

Driving often involves concentration and focus on the road. If you choose this job, you might pass a whole day without talking more than a few dozen words. As a truck driver, you will most likely drive intercity and interstate. The journeys will be long and solo, occasionally accompanied by a known companion. Although this job is a blue-collared one, it is a good profession for shy people who have limited or incomplete educational qualification. Social skill level required for this job is 2.5.

10. Photographer

Photography can be done solo or with an extra person. You can work with your clients one on one or if you are a wildlife photographer or a food photographer, you need not have to communicate at all, unless it is a requirement. Photography is becoming popular because of social media. So there are good chances of securing a position that pays well. Social skill level required for this profession is 3.5.

11. Janitor

The job of a janitor is particularly not a high paying career for shy people. It is neither one of the most reputable jobs; however, it gives the shyest people the needed job satisfaction and peace of mine. Most janitors work after the building is closed for work, which means they will not have to communicate with people, their biggest fear. Generally, their work involves cleaning the building space and walkways. Social communication level for this job is 2.

12.Web Designer

Web designing is a very good profession for people who are shy. The job of web designers is simple – they need to develop great looking and highly functioning web pages. It requires nil social interaction. You will be given a set of instructions, customer requirement, a timeframe, and a budget. With these parameters, you have to develop a website. Web designers are one of the most demanding professionals and therefore, their salaries are pretty high. Social skill level required for this job is 3.

13.Lab Technician

You can apply for a job as a lab technician. The profession covers a vast sector and therefore, qualification and experience required vary from industry to industry. You can be a medical lab assistant in a research and diagnostic center, a physics lab in charge, a chemical lab in charge, a microbiological lab technician and so on. Your work will entail research and findings, and creating reports. This career lets you work on your own either by establishing your own lab or by working under someone. Social skills required for this job is 3.5.

Hope this blog gives you enough clarity and wisdom to select your career. For any doubts and clarifications, do leave us a comment below.