10 Best Jobs for Stay At Home Moms in 2019 (Postpartum Friendly Jobs)

jobs for stay at home moms

Parenthood or rather motherhood is one of the most glorious life experiences.

Although baby babbles, toothless grins, mushy smiles, and first-time walks are priceless moments, if you were an ambitious, independent woman, getting back to work or starting a job again must be a constant itch. But, you may be torn between leaving your child in the care of someone else and finding your freedom and way to contribute to your family again. Infants are cute but also demanding. You have to be patient around them and therefore, a full time, overindulging career cannot be a choice for you, at least not until the baby has grown or you have a governess to take care of him/her.

Since you already have a good foundation, it will not be difficult to find a job postpartum. In fact, there are plenty of career options for new moms. We have gathered here a handful of jobs or career choices women after babies can consider taking up. Let us explore what they are.

10 Best Jobs for Moms

Chef or anything Food

If you are constantly guest visiting your home just to taste your sumptuous mud-pies, then you really should consider becoming a home-based chef or cook. You can start small, such as baking cookies for a small gathering, delivering food for tea parties or home-cooked executive lunches, and then, once you have found a pace and when your kid grows a little bigger, you can consider full-time permanent business. When you mix passion with work, the business always thrives. Some alternative includes small catering service, home-based bakery, kiosk, and/or food vlogging/ blogging.

Freelance Writing

Writing is one of the best career options for new moms or mothers who prefer to work from home. The writing field is booming in all possible senses. With the evolution in the digital world, words have found a new meaning in business, be it in the form of blogs, ads, website content, brochures, manuals, or social media contents. If you have a creative mind, love writing or at least find it interesting and are good at English, you must think of taking up writing as a career. It is a freelance, flexible career, which you can work from home. The salary is mostly based on per word or per hour wise.

Start a Blog

Bloggers earn crazy these days. Just reminding you, this is a blog site. It is one of the most flexible jobs for new moms. The earning potential is unlimited. Unlike freelance writing, blogging will be something you will do it for yourself, out of a passion, for a particular subject or topic. What’s more? You will have the freedom to set your time for work. Although blogging will take a lot of time and effort initially without immediate rewards you, if you are motivated enough and there is literally no other option, this is the best way to make money. Things you need: a creative streak, a blog site, a subject, industry, or topic your blog will talk about, few ideas and strong command over the English language. Once your articles start receiving the attention of your target readers, there is no looking back. With ads and link building, you will earn excessively well. So, what can we blog about, you may want to know. A food blog, travel, blog, health, education, latest news, fashion, DIY, TIPs, education, and gadgets are few all-time trending topics for start-up bloggers. If you have a unique subject in mind and want to inform people about it, make sure you can create hundreds of categories out of it to keep your loyal readers engaged.


Bookkeeping does not require previous job experience but a decent knowledge of accountancy and mathematics. Bookkeeping is one of the best small business ideas for homebound moms. As a bookkeeper, you will record financial transactions for small business owners. There are bookkeeping tools available in the market, such as QuickBooks that will make your work considerably easy and worth it. Your work will be recording error-free everyday transactions of an individual or business, such as sales, payments, loans, receipts, rent, salary, etc. Although the work is simple, it does require focus and eye for detail. Bookkeeping is also one of the well-paying professions currently.

Fitness Trainer

We all know having a baby takes a toll on our physical bodies due to hormonal changes. Some women end up putting a lot of postnatal weight. If you are a fitness enthusiast and have already started planning to lose those extra pounds, why don’t you train others to do the same? You can become a freelance fitness trainer and help people set their fitness regime. You can actually start the business right in your home with three or more customers. Basically, you will need a few fitness certifications in different workout methods, such as body combat, yoga, functional training, Pilates, kickboxing, etc. Then, you have to plan your schedule accordingly and create fitness routines for your customers. Fitness training is a high-paying business option at present where you have the scope to charge your client hundreds of dollar per hour or session.


A nutritionist career, just like a fitness trainer career, is rewarding and popular jobs that women can take up after delivery. The job, however, requires education on food and nutrition and a certificate to practice the profession legally. As a nutritionist, you will provide diet and nutrition advice to your customers based on their health condition, physical activities, and daily work schedule. Patients, elderly people, people wanting to lose weight, people with heart, kidney, liver complications, pregnant women, and postnatal women are types of customers you will come across and advise in this profession. You can work from home without any qualms. Consultation fee from nutritionists is great. You can also choose to be an online consultant and broaden your customer base by serving people across the country.

Proofreader and Editor

Proofreading is correcting word documents on the basis of typographical, grammar, and sentence structure errors. In here, you will be provided with an already typed document. You have to make sure whether the grammar is right, the sentence formation is correct, and the content structure and alignment is perfect as per the set rules and regulations. On the other hand, editors check the books, manuals, important documents, web content, etc. to see if the content is written as per the topic at hand, if the flow is correct, if the grammar is perfect, and if the write-up is easily understandable. Proofreading and editing go hand in hand. You can choose to do both or specialize in either one of the professions. The price is usually charged per content or page wise.


If you have good listening and interpretation skills, then this could be something you should look out for. You must have the patience to sit for hours and have the eye of details. The work of a transcriptionist may look basic, but it is complicated and important in many different fields. You will be provided with audio files, which you have to listen and type down what you hear in clear, understandable language. The audio files can be of any language of your preference. You can charge an hourly wise or per project basis for the transcription assignments. This is a freelance job that not only keeps you occupied but also pays you well. You may have to go through a minimal course to become a certified transcriptionist.

Virtual Receptionist/ Assistant

You must know what the job of a receptionist/assistant is – answer calls, send emails, fix appointments, connect to the right person, provide information, record entry and exit of visitors, and loads of other administration work. You will be doing most of it but virtually.  You will take charge of coordinating with customers, answering calls, and do web chats for a variety of business organizations alongside a close-knitted team from across the world. The work is not exactly flexible. You must at least be available four hours every day, five days a week.  Content creation, bookkeeping, social media handling, email management, and graphic designing will be some common job works of virtual assistants. Both roles do not require extensive qualifications, but basic management ethics, communication skills, and an ability to manage time are a must.

Life Coach

Life coaching is more of an art and skill than a professional job. It requires so many varieties of skills, right from understanding people, judging behavior, empathy, sympathy, and active listening to problem-solving, error checking, behavioral assessment, and leadership qualities. If you love helping people in overcoming their emotional and mental problems relating to personal and work life with guidance and counseling, this is the right job for you. How much you can make totally depends upon you and your market. You can earn from $40 per hour to $300 per hour. It also depends upon your coaching model, whether it is a group coaching or one on one.

Hope the above careers gave you a new direction in finding yourself in your second innings. Keep checking this section for more news and updates.