10 Easy Jobs for Women over 50

Jobs for Women over 50

A common misconception that often clouds older people’s minds is that after a certain age it is too late to make a changing career at 50 without a degree. It is also noted that half of the American women above the age of 50 go through unemployment. Even though finding a new career or a new job at this age has its own challenges, many hiring managers value the experience and provide Jobs for older women and that is why several jobs are available for 50+ women now.

You just have to know what they are. We are going to share easy career options for women after 50. I hope you find one for you too.

Remember that you have many assets that you can bring to a job role, including depth of experience, maturity, unique and specialized knowledge, and of course, wisdom.

Great and Easy Jobs for Women over 50

Financial Advisor

Growing wealth is one of the biggest purposes of life for humankind. And if someone is ready to give you the best advice that has been brewed with years of experience, then it is of great importance. That is why financial advisors exist on this planet. If you have a degree in finance and previous work experiences in the financial sector, such as a bank or any other financial institute, you will definitely thrive as a financial advisor after 50.

If you have a sales and customer service experience alongside, you will find it easy to get and retain customers. The best part of this job is its freelance nature, which means you can be a self-employed financial advisor and work with different organizations at a time.

Administrative Services Manager

This is an ideal position if you had previous experience in business administration and management. Your job role will include coordinating and managing the support services of an organization, such as supervise administration process, monitor database, guide admin personnel, strategize and set administration goals and other important tasks in the field. You may not require a specific degree or career path for this job position, but you should possess good interpersonal skills and evident leadership qualities to guide and lead. If a person was in a managerial position previously, this could make a great career for women after 50.

Jobs along the same line include paralegal, travel agent, program coordinator, administrative assistant, HR manager, and education administrator.


The job of a driver is simple and easy that does not require extensive qualifications or experience. You need to know to drive safely, must know the city map, and must be punctual. You can be a bus driver and transport people from point A to point B. The best place to apply for a driving job hobby for women over 50 is at schools. You would drive students to school, home, and around the city or town during field visits and excursions.

For driving buses and other public transportations, you must have a commercial driving license and a clean driving record. Driving students around are safer when compared to driving taxis and adults. Driving also offers flexible working hours. So, if you have a busy schedule, this could be an ideal career. You can choose to be a truck driver or trailer driver, but most women don’t prefer driving those heavy vehicles.


Teaching is one of the most preferred professions by women after age 50. Women have a natural inclination towards children. Your motherly love is always high at this age. So you would do your best to educate students as a teacher and give your hundred percent at work. You might already have raised children of your own, either your kids or someone from the family. So, you can opt to be a high school teacher in a particular subject you have experience in.

You will get lots of perks in this career, such as school vacations, summer vacations, talking and educating young minds, and freedom of speech. However, you must have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, whichever is required, previous job experience, and state-issued certification in order to become a high school teacher.


Working in a library is quite a great idea if you love reading. It does not require physical agility or exclusive mental strength. All you have to do is lend books, record the transaction in the computer, and store books back into shelves. You will occasionally order books when something new arrives in the market and do the usual bookkeeping and simple accounting works. There is a reward in this job – free books and free reads. You can make yourself happy and someone else too at the same time.

Student Counsellor

Counseling about a career or education needs experience, wisdom, empathy, and adequate knowledge. As an experienced matron, you have it all in you. When an elderly woman talks to the younger generation, the impact made is stronger than the impacts caused by middle-aged people. The job requires in-depth knowledge about different careers and jobs, including salary, demand, growth, hiring companies, and alternatives. You must be strong in communication skills in order to motivate students in the right direction using the right mode of communication.


Years of experience and working in different places may have made your English vocabulary strong. Therefore, if you have learned a foreign language or if your mother tongue is anything other than English, you can earn fairly well by working as a translator. Translators are high in demand in organizations where foreign language may be a barrier for communication.

German, Hindi, French, Japanese, and Chinese are a few languages that require translators. You can find jobs for translators online and earn a decent income. There is another important area in this field – document translating. For this job, you must be strong in understanding the language in writing. This is totally a work from home option with a flexible working schedule. Depending upon your specialization, your salary will vary.


The nursing profession is continuing to grow because of the advent of modern health care amenities, state-of-the-art technology, and the rise in the life expectancy of human beings. It is one of the viable and lucrative female-dominating careers and a perfect job for women above the age of 50. You can be a registered nurse (RN) or a nurse practitioner. However, you must earn a license to become a nurse. The license can be obtained through community college in your area or a hospital run program.

However, you must gain a specific number of hours of work as a nurse before obtaining the license.  This job opens several doors of opportunities if you earn advanced degrees and certifications, including Doctor of Nursing Practice and Masters of Science in Nursing.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists are finally getting deserving of importance today. So finding a job in this field even if you are over 50 will not be difficult. As an occupational therapist, your primary job would be treating the injured, sick, and physically disabled people through therapeutic treatments to improve their quality of life. You will inspire patients to live a healthier lifestyle by improving their mental health. Your main goal would be to improve the client’s ability to perform activities of daily life (ADL).

This is another female dominating the healthcare profession. If you do not have the required job experience or educational qualification, you can enter this field with an associate degree in occupational therapy from an accredited college.

Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you will have the independence to choose your own line of job and have control over your earnings. You can also choose your client and work as and when required.

This career offers several specialization options, such as blogging, website writing, SEO content specialist, e-magazine articles, copywriting, educational materials, health manuals, technical writing, and marketing collateral. For women above 50, this could be an ideal job with loads of perks, such as work when you want, as long as you want, and wherever you wish to work from. Depending upon your selected subject or specialization, your salary will vary.

Few Best Ways to Start Your Career Again

Despite the experience and skill, you still have to try hard to convince managers to hire you. So, here are a few tips for you:(1)

  • Make sure your everyday schedule is considered before applying for a job.
  • Highlight your experience in your CV or online job profile.
  • Make sure each of your skills is well presented.
  •  While looking for job lists, place particular attention to transferable skills, such as managerial, leadership, administration, communication, etc. that are useful in almost any career.
  • Develop new skills that are not very complicated.
  • Network with other professionals on different job-related forums.
  • If this is not strictly money-making, we suggest you follow your passion.