9 Trending Low Stress High Paying Jobs

_Low Stress High Paying Jobs

Don’t Ignore your Mental Health

Your job should give you happiness, and not isolate you. Your work should make you cheerful, not grumpy and agitated. Even if you love the job, the environment may not be good and vice-versa. What you need is finding a balance between your work and life, and if the balance is not achieved, you will end up in long-lasting mental stress. Ignoring your health issues will not resolve the problem; neither by taking the dog out for a walk nor by seeing a therapist.

Of course, professional support will give you the needed temporary relief, once you hit a bump again at work, you will come back to the same depressive state. And, the last thing you need is an irreversible breakdown.

You have to take a long hard look at what you are doing, what is giving you stress, and the kind of change that will take the stress away. Change cannot be swift. You must calculate and measure it because you need the money for survival too.

9 Best High Paying Low-Stress Jobs


If you love number game, and like the idea of risk management and evaluation, you may want to take up the job of an actuary. Actuaries use statistical techniques and mathematical skills to determine the probability of a risk undertaken and its financial consequences. Insurance companies appoint actuaries who advise on financial management, by looking at numbers, finding correlations, drawing conclusions, and reporting your findings. Your job is to help your clients analyze risk and minimize costs. Apart from insurance companies, you can find a position in any investment firm, such as banks and financial investors. You can become an actuary with just a bachelor’s degree.

Civil Engineer

The work of a civil engineer is making the infrastructure beautiful, sturdy, and worth the investment. You will work for clients or contractors to build and erect buildings, such as malls, skyscrapers, bridges, buildings, etc., and maintain and develop different civilian infrastructures, such as roads, railways, airports, flood defenses, storage, dams, reservoirs, waste management, and energy requirements. You will be the modern world problem solvers and fixers. You must know in and out of civil engineering to solve complicated problems using state-of-the-art strategies. Climatic changes, natural disasters, population growth, and global warming are a few factors you must consider before planning strategies for building development. You can either work in a contracting side or work as a consultant where you will design solutions. You need a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering to enter this career.


Microbiology is an interesting job profile for it lets keen people study microorganisms under a microscope and observe their reproduction, habitation, reaction, action, activity, and impact on the environment. You must have a master’s degree in microbiology in order to get into this profession. The job is interesting because you will get a chance to know the real world of living things, the tiny organisms that are impossible to see with naked eyes, like fungi, bacteria, viruses, algae, and parasites. Most of these organisms are harmful to the living beings and environment but they all have a specific function and purpose to fulfill. Therefore, you must identify these purposes and study their behavior to determine their impact on the human race.

You will find a job in research labs, hospitals, colleges, universities, government, and other food science and nutrition-oriented laboratories.

Art Director

To be an art director, you need to be an artist and have a creative streak in you. This is not just an impressive job but also a well-paying one. Art direction covers a huge spectrum of organizations, such as graphic designing, advertising and branding, media marketing, movies, theatre, publishing houses, web designing, television, and video games.

You must study art direction in your bachelor’s degree and must have substantial work experience to get into this field. You will lead teams and creators on specific projects and will be held responsible for the visual style and appearance of production, advertisement, newspaper, magazine, TV shows, and movies.

Technical Writer

You must have excellent command over the English language, both written and oral, and unparalleled knowledge of the topic you intend to write in order to become a technical writer.Technical content mainly entails writing articles for magazines, organization’s website, manuals, instruction guides, and technical manuals. You must have a thorough understanding of the subject because you have to write in simple language so that normal people can understand the complexities of the language. You will be working with technical experts to ensure all the materials provided are accurate and error free. Apart from language skills and writing skills, you must also possess good interpersonal skills for smooth communication.


Orthodontists are one of the highest paying medical professionals in the medical realm. They are dentists with three years of additional degree in diagnosis, prevention, and correction of a denture and structural problems. Right from correcting a smile and fitting clips to correcting speech defects due to teeth and jaw problems, called malocclusions and irregular occultation, everything will be part of your job duties.  However, you will not undertake any surgery. All of your work will include non-surgical procedures.

Dentistry is a huge field, and orthodontists have a huge scope that enables them to specialize in many areas, such as general practice, accidents, by birth defects, periodontitis procedures, and so on.


The name might be uncommon to you, but it is a great low-stress job that pays well for people who like the outdoors and unconventional work setting. However, this highly skilled technical job requires a master’s degree. As the name suggests, you will be working with different water bodies, testing their volume, their flow in and out of the body, their density, and their flow through the earth’s crust. Your primary job role would be collecting data in the field and determining the forecast of water supplies in the near future, water bodies’ impact on soil conservation, erosion, drought, and pollution. To generate a report, you will collect the samples of water and the soil around the water bodies for analysis and research.

Your opinion and research work will support different water-based infrastructural projects, such as building dams, reservoirs, irrigation schemes, wastewater treatment, and hydroelectric plants.

Software Developer

Needless to say, the IT industry is booming and therefore, there is an extremely high demand for qualified IT professionals, especially those who have some unique skill set. The job of a software developer is very satisfying. You will convert your customers’ requirements into a robust, fully functional software platform, that could be anything between a simple mobile application to an extremely complex microservice architecture. You will be a computer creative genius, which implies you must have in-depth knowledge of computer science and specialization certification in a particular area of software development, such as JAVA, SAP, ASP.NET, etc.

Since you will be building applications, you can charge a good amount for each project based on your qualifications and skills. Your job will include coding, designing, development, testing, running, and delivering software applications for your clients. You must be creative in your thinking for software development is not only strictly science but also involves art and design.


Why ice is melting on Mt. Everest at a rapid speed? Why the Tsunami hit us? Why global warming? The answers to these questions are given by geoscientists after thousands of various researches and studies. Geoscientists work at the forefront of trying to unravel some of the earth’s most challenging problems.  They are believed to be the caretakers of the earth’s natural resources and environments.

Therefore, they are one of the expensive people to preserve. You cannot enter this profession with a mere bachelor’s degree. You must study hard, obtain a master’s degree, and gain enough work experience as an environmental scientist to become a geoscientist.

Your job role will include investigating soil, water, oceans, atmosphere, plants, and animals to determine potential environmental impact and its best course of action. The answers found are used to solve various problems faced by the human race relating to resource management, public safety, and environmental protection.

Waste management, water management, natural resources, the impact of volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, and other natural calamities are also studied. This is indeed a fascinating and rewarding stress free jobs and a high paying job.

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