10 Tips For Designing A Perfect Freelancer Resume

Freelancer Resume

A resume is a vital document through which a freelancer tries to sell his skills to the people out there. Many people take for granted the relevance of a good resume and, as a consequence of which, they miss out on many good work opportunities which they might have otherwise fetched for themselves.

There is no one simple tip for a good resume. While the design of the resume may have variations, the content of any resume should be aim-oriented and informative. You can have a fancy resume with fancy borders and fonts, but unless the substance of your resume speaks nothing substantial of you and your skills, then there is no point embellishing your resume.

Now, you might wonder what you can do to make your resume the way it should be. Well, we are here for help. Just take due note of the ten tips we will mention in the following paragraphs, and your resume will have enough substance.

1. Avoid the Third Person

You should avoid writing your resume in the third person. Instead, give your resume a personal appeal by using the first person. Writing in the third person lacks impact which otherwise is present when you write in the first person.

Here is an example: Marie is an able leader and administrator. When you consider this example, you might feel a lack of self-assertion even though you know that it is Marie who has written this about herself. In fact, when you write in the third person, you keep on repeating the name of the resume holder which steals attention from the content of the resume.

2. Do Not Write Your Autobiography

A resume is about you, but it is not your autobiography. Many people go overboard with the task of writing resume, as they end up writing everything with such detail that anyone will lose interest after a while.

You should keep in mind that clients do not have all day to invest in your resume. They barely give a minute or two to every resume they receive (which is huge!), and therefore, it is advised that you keep it simple and to one-page possible. Of course, the one-page rule is not an absolute one, but ensure that you do not go beyond two pages.

3. Mind The Format

The appropriateness of the format of a resume can create a significant impact in the minds of the clients. There are certain things you need to keep in mind while formatting your resume.

You should never write the content in a resume in complete sentences. For example, write “Works as Sales Manager at Amazon” but not “I work as a Sales Manager at Amazon.” Similarly, you do not have to label your resume as “resume” on the top of the document. Also, use abridged sentences smartly.

4. Do Not Mess With Grammar

Let us say you have a beautiful resume, with the most beautiful set of skills any client would want; but, you did not run a grammar check. That will be your ‘Oops!’ moments, and trust us; it can cost you more than you can imagine.

Clients are usually intolerant towards grammatical mistakes in professional documents such as Resume. If your English is not good, get assistance from someone whose English is good. Even if you think that your English is brilliant, double check your resume. Get help from any of the grammar checking apps that can make your life easier.

5. Highlight The Importance of Your Accomplishments

What makes the task of making resume difficult is that you have to fit in all the necessary information in the limited space you have. But, you have no choice but to follow the protocol.

One of the areas which are quite tricky to highlight is accomplishments. Let us illustrate why we say so: You have applied for a job which requires you to write articles in bulk and your resume states “Have written bulk articles for ABC.”

Good enough, but how does it indicate that you will deliver quality too. Instead, you can write “Have written bulk articles for ABC for the inaugural operation of its website “XYZ””. When you write this, the client will know that you are such a person on whom the vital task of writing articles for providing initial content to a website about to be launched can be entrusted.

6. How Will The Do Client contact You?

You cannot forget putting in your contact details in your resume. You must include your phone number, email address, and link to any website which you own. Ensure that the contact details you provide are genuine because clients take such details seriously. You should also include your business address, but where your business address is also your home address, then there is no need to mention it.

7. Customize, Customize & Customize

Every time you apply for a job, and there are varied specifications in that job you should consider tailoring your resume. Personalizing your resume to address a particular job specifically, its terms and conditions, and how your skills can help the client in getting what he wants will lead to a good impression.

The thing about customizing your resume is that while it may consume your time it showcases you as a person who is sincere about the job applied to and that he wants to address the requirements of that job with respect to the skills and qualifications you possess.

8. Beautification Is A Good Idea

It is always preferred to have good content and attractively display that content. A good design cannot be a standalone determining factor of how amazing your resume is, but it is one of the most influential ones.

There are many templates available online that can help you design the appearance of your resume in an attractive way. Always choose the one that does not fill up too much space or overshadows the content in any way.

9. Keywords!

You should know how much SEO is becoming increasingly popular among online clients. Many of them use software that automatically screens submitted resumes on the basis of keywords they use. Always add commonly used job-related keywords throughout the content of your resume. However, ensure that your keywords are not just good in number; they are good in quality too.

10. A Personal Logo

You are a businessperson when you operate as a freelancer, so it is not a bad idea to have a logo for your business. Give your business a name and create a logo that is symbolic of your business activities, vision, and accomplishments. Add it to your resume and get brownie points.

Resume-making seems like an easy task, but it is one thing most people cannot get right. Whatever we have mentioned in this article are within the public domain and are no exceptional remedies. However, many people, still, do not take them seriously and end up losing work opportunities.

We want our readers to consider this article very seriously, and in case they have anything they would like to share on this, they are free to comment on their views. Also, give this article a ‘share’ and let others know what they should know.