Perfect Way to Find Freelance Blogger Jobs

Find Freelance Blogger Jobs

Freelance blogging is a booming career, thanks to the increasing popularity of digital marketing services. Blogging is one part of content marketing, and content writing is a significant part of digital marketing. You can even call it a foundational aspect of internet advertising. Finding freelance blogger jobs will not be a problem for you if you have a good command over the English language and have a creative streak within you. However, there are different kinds of freelance blogging, such as technical blogging, DIYs, personal blogging, ghost blogging, etc.

You have to find your niche before you decide to establish a full-fledged career. The good part about it is that you can start a work from home blogging business and earn much more than a full-time employee. 

If you are new to the writing world, then this article will act as a guide on how to get started in freelance writing.

What Does a Freelance Blogger Do?

Freelance bloggers do a lot of writing for themselves and of course, for companies. Professional freelance bloggers’ primary job duty is to conceptualize, write, edit, proofread, and promote the content of a personal blog or a company’s products and services on the internet. Few popular blogging categories include technology, travel, food, fashion, media & entertainment, weddings, photography, lifestyle, beauty, music, DIYs, and general health.

Freelance Bloggers’ Salary

Established freelance bloggers generally charge per project, per hour, or per word wise. They have variable rates, depending upon the niche and complexity of the blog. However, the average salary of freelance bloggers is between $15 and $25 in the USA.

Job Description of Freelance Bloggers

As a blogger, your core duties will remain the same, even if it is for personal blogs or corporate blogs. Here is a standard job description and prerequisites of a blogger:

  • Come up with unique but trending post ideas
  • Research for each post before writing
  • Develop the structure of a blogs
  • Write blogs in an engaging and clear manner
  • Edit and proofread blogs
  • Find, edit, and include relevant photos in the blog
  • Implement Search Engine Optimization requirements (compulsory)
  • Follow correct grammar, voice, and tone
  • Promote blogs on social media platforms to garner traffic
  • Interact with readers by exchanging comments and feedbacks
  • Collaborate with digital marketing experts to discuss content ideas and pitches 
  • Work as a team from a remote location

SEO in Blogging

SEO is a vital aspect of content writing and blogging. At present, SEO is not an option but a must application. So, if you gain knowledge about basic SEO techniques, you will stand a better chance of earning a higher income through work from home blogging. SEO basics include keyword placement, keywords, backlinks, link building, Meta tag, Meta description, and different content marketing strategies. 

That being said, it is okay to not know about SEO. You will learn the ins and outs of blogging and SEO as you write more and practice more. 

What You Need to Be a Freelance Blogger – The Key Prerequisites 

If you are a personal blogger, writing for your website, then you are the king, and you set the rules, However, for landing in freelance blogger jobs in good companies, make sure you fulfill the following prerequisites:

Grammatically Correct English: Have excellent command over the English language. Although tools like Grammarly will help you refine your content technically, they aren’t 100% accurate when it comes to using urban or colloquial tones. So work on your English writing skills. 

Perfect Organizational Skill: Develop exceptional organizational skills to meet deadlines, market your skills, talk to potential clients, do the actual work, and the accounts, all at the same time.

Know about the Niche: If you are asked to write for health, you should know quite a few things about the niche to prove your employer/client that you are capable of pulling-together an excellent health-based article. So, learn a little more, and some more about the niche(s) you want to specialize in.

  • Excellent Communication Skills: Blogging is all about sharing ideas, thoughts, and skills correctly with readers and potential clients. You will be needed to frequently communicate with different people in different ways, including emails, social media DMs, over calls, and texts. Therefore, communication skill becomes even more critical when you are doing it, freelance.
  • Be Flexible and Adapting to Change: As a freelance blogger, you will probably be writing for different clients, on different subjects, and various readers. Therefore, to keep your content engaging, and to take out the monotony, you must be adaptable and flexible to writing blogs in different tones and styles. 
  • Research and Analytical Skills: A writer, in general, has to create readable and easily understandable content by interpreting different raw data. 

You must also have the ability to interpret other data, such as demographics, monthly visitors, number of clicks, number of return visitors, click-through rates, and time spent on browsing. A basic understanding of the statistics will help you form better content. 

However, as a beginner, you needn’t have to worry about analysis and interpretation because these things are expected from experienced bloggers or if they are planning to start their work from home blogging business.

Different Ways to Find Freelance Blogger Jobs:

Some of the popular ways to find freelance blogger job opportunities are:

  • Directly contact the HR of the company and cold pitch your skills
  • Find jobs on LinkedIn
  • Respond to job ads posted on Facebook groups,, Content, Problogger and at All Freelance Writing Job Boards
  • Follow Tweets of specific Freelance Writing Boards, like @WhoPaysWriters, @Write_Jobs, and @JJobs_tweets.
  • Ask for a reference from your friends and family
  • Write guest posts on popular and trending websites to gain credibility and organic followers
  • Launch your own freelance writing service website and start writing blogs 
  • Connect with other freelancers and bloggers
  • Establish connections with digital marketers

The scope of freelance blogging is enormous in 2020. If you love writing and know to create brilliant scripts, this job is definitely for you. What’s more, you do not require formal training for this career. The practice is all you need. 

Let us know in the comments below if you need further guidance in freelance blogging.