8+ Websites to Learn Coding for Free

websites to learn coding for free

If you’re new to the world of coding and programming, the number of languages and software can be daunting for you if you don’t have a clear idea about the purpose of each language and software. In some cases, if you want to learn just for the sake of learning, you will face a tough time trying to identify how to begin your journey.

In that case, it makes sense to use all the free resources you have to learn to code. After you’ve done that, you’ll get an idea about what you like and what you don’t.

This can be an efficient method before you invest your money into learning something online. After you’ve spent some time learning, you can channel your passion towards developing your coding skills better by taking up courses.

So here are some of the best websites to learn coding when you’re starting out. These have been categorized based on their purpose

General Coding Platforms:

1. Codecademy

This deserves to be at the top of the list. Ever new and aspiring coder starts off with this platform. It is interactive because you learn a little and code a little. It offers HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and Angular Js, among others.

2. Freecodecamp

It offers courses on a fixed curriculum of about 800 hours and then allows you to work on projects for various non-profit organizations and NGOs. This is a great way to have hands-on experience while having some achievements on your resume. They offer certifications in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, React, and Dev tools among others

3. Coursera

Coursera is the natural upgrade from the two platforms above. They have a vast library of courses taught by professionals and university professors. Most courses are free, but you have to pay for a certificate indicating course completion. Coursera verified certificates are accepted by most companies. Sometimes, paying for the certificate also gives you access to premium content.

4. edX

EdX is an open-source platform that’s maintained by MIT and Harvard. It offers more than 107 courses in computer software development, teaching various courses. This is a great platform to learn free coding in Java, Python, Angular, Node, and React among many others

5. Khan Academy

It’s website reads, ‘you can learn anything.’ And true to their word, their course material offers a host of services on computer science as well.

6. MIT Open Courseware

MIT has moved all its classes online, where anyone can get access to the material without having to create an account. You can just browse through the subjects, pick and course, and start reviewing.

7. Udacity

Udacity offers courses in several disciplines as well as ‘nanodegrees’ in specific niches. Course material is free, but the nanodegrees require a small fee

8. SoloLearn

This platform is different because it offers coding lessons on mobile platforms. You can learn how to code on-the-go. It’s small lessons, interactive platform, and achievement-based rewards are great for learning how to code. It is free and great to learn how to code.

9. Udemy

Udemy offers a lot of paid and free courses. However, courses here can be created by anyone, so it is best to read the reviews before subscribing to any course.

10. Microsoft Virtual Academy

MVA learning path offers curated courses through tutorials, online videos, assessments, and demos, among others. It also has access to free e-books, community forum support, and downloadable resources.

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1. LearnCode.academy

This site features videos about various aspects of web development and many other languages. It also offers videos on the tools that developers use or are trending currently

2. The New Boston

This is a popular site with over 2 million subscribers. It offers more than 4000 videos on various topics, including programming, game design, and web development topics.

3. Derek Banas

This combines the overview of each language into a single concise video per language. This is useful for people who want an overview of the languages before diving into the actual course or curriculum

4. Programming Knowledge

This channel is perfect for absolute beginners. Playlists cover each aspect of languages without the need for any prior coding experience.

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1. Software How

It offers a lot of useful information and resources for the common problems that people encounter in tech.

2. David Walsh

This blog writes about the various demos and tutorials required for coding. Even though there are others who write on this blog, it helps with its easy content and simple how-tos for various tools

3. Site Point

This blog has a lot of writers that cover a lot of topics across languages and software. They also have several paid courses, books, and certifications on Learnable, for which they are the parent website. Their newer collections are constantly updated with the relevant information for people to learn coding.

Tuts Plus

They have several tutorials and videos across a host of subjects. Tuts + is a website that caters to the creative people, so their videos focus on development and design aspect apart from programming.

1. CSS-Tricks

This blog originally started out as a comprehensive compendium for CSS. However, now it has expanded into more than just CSS and talks about various other elements as well.


1. Python.org

This is an interactive platform that provides a hands-on experience where you can write your own code while learning from the tutorials.

2. A Byte of Python

This is a free book that offers tutorials and information on how to learn python. This is downloadable for free as a PDF or can be purchased a hard copy.

UI/UX Design

1. The Encyclopaedia of Human-Computer Interaction

This is an in-depth 52-chapter look at UI/UX and its design. It covers everything that you need to know about designing interactive products

2. UXPin

This features a lot of free e-books and guides that cover prototyping, mockups, usability testing among others

3. UX Beginner

They have free weekly training where you can get free resources for UI/UX resources, blog articles, and lists, and podcasts for designing.


These free platforms are a great way to begin coding. However, free resources can only go so far. The purpose of using these resources is to let you know if this is something you’d enjoy doing in the long run. There are several paid platforms that get you access to premium content, which help you learn coding the way you need to better hone your skills.