7 Work from Home Jobs for Introverts/Loners

Jobs for Introverts_Loners

Loners tend to spend more time on their own than with others. We all have a loner in our life. Loners or introverts are not mean, stingy, or grumpy. They can be the kindest and most helpful people on the planet, yet will not find interest in socializing and interacting.  It’s not like they dislike people. In fact, loners typically have a higher standard for their friendship and often have a small group of friends who are more like “kith and kin”.

On the other hand, they have less need for peer acceptance than others do.

Therefore, finding a job for a loner could be a long process as they make a conscious decision to get plenty of time for themselves.

That’s why it is easier for introverts to find solace in freelancing or at “home job” options. We have written this blog for all those creative introverts who are looking for work from home options.

Find Out if You a Loner

Loners choose the living room over the ballroom. They prefer solitude. Some people are born loners while some are forced. Loners tend to close people out due to an internal factor, such as anxiety and depression or an external factor, such experiences as kids or lack of friends while growing up. Some get lonely over time. Loneliness is bad. It is a signal that something is wrong psychologically. If an outgoing person suddenly turns into a loner – that may be a problem.

However, there are loners/ introverts who are happy about being alone. They thrive in solitude. They are smarter, and more loyal to their friends and family. Eventually, employers have realized that hiring a loner is actually a money-minting decision since they have some great personality traits, they tend to benefit a business in several ways.

Personality Traits of Loners that will Help You Find the Right Job

        Loners Value Time

Time is the best friend for a loner. So, if you are an introvert, you value it and manage it most efficiently. You will never be late, never waste the time of your peers, submit projects and assignments on time, and never let another waste your time too.  This makes you stick to your work unwaveringly. You also do not give false commitment and will not tolerate the same from others. Suitable job example – Software and web development.

        Loners are Intuitive

Self-awareness is very important for success. Since you like to spend time alone, you do not ignore your thoughts and emotions and learn to embrace what you feel. You are completely self-aware and this allows you to understand people around you better. You also can easily navigate through discouraging and depressive thoughts for you are their own champions. Suitable job example – Customer support.

        Loners are Strong-Willed and Level Headed

You can easily maneuver any tough situation. You don’t require motivation from peers to do what you want, therefore, you have an extremely strong will. You are also level headed since you reflect a lot when alone. In tough situations, instead of getting caught in them, you tend to take a break, spend time introspecting, and recharge. You generally find solutions to your problem in solitude. Suitable job example – Writing and creative work.

        Loners are Open-Minded and Open for Challenges

Just because you are shy and introverted, doesn’t mean you are judgemental and rigid with your ideas. It is just the opposite. You are quite open about letting others’ ideas and thoughts in and up for new challenges and change. You like exploring stuff and are quite adventurous. This makes you good at taking more responsibilities at work and helping peers find new solutions. Suitable job example – Social media management.

        Loners are Loyal and Trustworthy

Loners know the value of people because they actually do not crave for the company of too many people. If they actually like someone, they stick to them come what may. Loyalty, devotion, and encouraging are amazing qualities that loner/introverts possess.

        Loners are aware of their Weaknesses and Strengths

Since you are so self-sufficient, you can easily talk about your weaknesses and strengths without any qualms. You know there is always room for improvement. So, you are good at weighing a task before saying yes. You are also guided by intuition, so most often end up giving the right solution or recommendation for a problem. Suitable job example – Social media management, email support, etc.

High-paying jobs for introverts with no experience

Although most work cultures prefer extroverted and sociable people, there are high paying careers for introverts that welcome loners or introverts. Some employers look for the quality of work and productivity over interpersonal skills.  Loners, however, feel more comfortable by working from home, devoid of social interactions. Here’s included a list of work from home jobs for introverts/loners:


Writing ranks the number one career for loners who want to work from home. You can write from any place and time zone with a laptop and an internet connection. Writing will help you express better. Since you are driven and self-motivated, you can create and meet deadlines without going haphazard. As loners are born researchers and learners, writing gives you both. You can start small as a freelance writer and expand your horizons with time. Content writing, journalism, blogging, scriptwriting, authoring, translating, technical writing, and copywriting are creative careers for introverts that you can explore.


Loners are excellent listeners and one of their ways of contributing to a conversation is by listening. You can easily read thoughts and dissect muffled words. In the world of transcriptions, listening is literally the most expensive skill. Transcription jobs require listening to audios continuously while typing what is being said. It is fun, yet difficult, but a well-paying job.

At present, two widely known professions in this field are general and legal transcriptionists. Although medical transcription has a strong foothold in the market, due to the automation of technology, this career line is diminishing.

You can take online courses on transcription and start right away.

Web Development

Today, most web developers and designers are either freelancers or work from home. You can choose to be either or both. Loners have strong attention to detail and they are extremely focused. They are also creative and innovative. All of these great qualities can make you phenomenal web designers and web developers. Web developers write codes that are used to create apps and websites. This work doesn’t require high communication level, but good coding knowledge and work ethics. You may be needed to earn the required qualifications or certifications to become a web developer.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is again part of the content writing but it is more complex where sound technical knowledge is obligatory. A technical writer explains complex technical information in the form of manuals and guidelines so that it is easier for a normal person to understand. It requires concentration, diligence, eye for detail, and technical understanding. In order to enter this profession, you may have to obtain a degree in engineering or computer science and gain experience in a company depending upon the job application requirement.

Social Media Management

Social media management is growing rapidly as a service. It is what you see every day on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles and hit the ‘like’ button. However, it is a broad subject and a very interesting one. You can do this job online, from home, and earn a profitable income. You can choose to either work with a company or establish as a freelance social media manager. However, before you start working from home, you have to gain some sort of in-house experience with a digital marketing company. The salary for social media managers is great. However, it will vary based on your background in social media and your previous experience.

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding are very important parts of the modern health care industry. As the name suggests, it involves the reimbursement cycle that ensures that health care providers are paid for their services from the customers and insurance providers. In order to enter this profession, you must go through training and then join as an entry-level candidate. Initially, you will work in the presence of a supervisor to learn the nuances of medical coding and billing before taking this job from a remote location.

Email Support

Being an introvert or a loner, you would know that you often find it difficult to pick up the phone for making and receiving calls. However, you also know that you are great at providing advice and support because of your non-chaotic mind and good listening skills. This denotes you are practically an asset for any customer service team.  You can take up a job as an email agent or chat support executive. Both these jobs do not require phone conversations or social interactions, which may prove to be an ideal environment for you.

Apart from the aforementioned work from home jobs, you can also choose to be a translator, software developer, bookkeeper, data scientist, video/audio editor, or start a drop shipping business. If you did find this article useful, do share it.