How to Become a Freelance Data Entry Specialist

How to Become a Freelance Data Entry Specialist

They are also responsible for making sure that the data inputted into the system is accurate. These individuals are tech savvy and are updated with the latest trends in data entry technologies. All of the above discussion gives a clear image of the nature of the work data entry specialists do, and therefore, one can conclude that it takes more than just computer skills to become such a specialist.

The freelance community has accommodated enough opportunities for data entry specialists, and all you need to do is to follow the rules of the community and you may find yourself among highly paid and reputed professionals. These rules are basic requirements that individuals must fulfill before starting out their career as freelance data entry specialists.

Under this article, we shall discuss four major requirements to build a career as a highly paid and reputed data entry specialist in the freelancing community:

1. Educational Requirements To Become A Freelance Data Entry Specialist

There is a reason why data entry specialists are called so—they are highly competent in what they do. Thus, the threshold of educational qualification is fairly high, and apart from formal education, practical experience is equally important in this profession. So, read the following points carefully:

  • While the minimum qualification required is 10+2 from a recognized school in India, employers prefer candidates with at least a Bachelor’s degree in any field. Those with 10+2 qualification may end up doing clerical work, but those with at least a Bachelor’s can avail a greater number of lucrative work opportunities.
  • Talking about courses in data entry, there are only a few institutes which presently offer courses in it. The majority of these institutes offer diploma and certificate courses such as Diploma in Data Entry Operator course. The courses are designed to cater to the fundamentals in data entry operation such as concepts of hardware and networking, introduction to LAN, typing, the Internet, operating system, etc.
    These courses emphasize a great deal upon developing and improving computer skills of the individuals since these skills are principally involved in the data entry process. One can apply to certified courses offered by All Indian Information Technology Association (also known as AIITA) whose eligibility criterion is the completion of 10th or its equivalent.
  • More formal education is not sufficient to become a data entry specialist; it is important you undergo training at various institutes, whether paid or unpaid. Training is essential to hone skills through formal education. Most institutes offering internships to data entry operators pay stipend so you may earn a fair amount for the work done.
  • Gather adequate formal education and practical experience and accordingly, update your portfolio of skills.

2. Data Entry Skills Required

  • Good vision: Most of the data entry operation is done online, and therefore, you can expect to work on the computer for long hours. It is all the more important for you to maintain a healthy diet and pay keen attention to your eyes. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of working for extremely long hours, then you should specify the same beforehand in the proposal.
  • Communication skills: While many may wonder why communication skills are important, it is to be appreciated that data operators take orders regarding huge chunks of data, which are to be arranged in a specified manner. Therefore, if the operator is incapable of understanding the required arrangement and communicating his inputs on the data to the client, the job may not be correctly performed.
  • Computer skills: This goes without saying that computer skills are absolutely necessary to become a data entry specialist. You should be exemplary at all major utility tools in MS-Office, particularly PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. You should also be able to make use of the Internet and popular utility tools such as Google sheets, gdrive, etc which are regularly employed in data entry operations.
  • Typing skills: Data entry specialists have to collect and input a huge array of data in the system, and this warrants exceptional typing skills. One must be well-acquainted with modern keyboards and, at times, traditional typewriters. Although typewriters are becoming redundant, they are still employed in semi-rural and rural areas where modern technology has not penetrated much.
  • Organization: As noted above, there is always a general guideline as to the manner of arrangement of data, and this means that organizational skills are imperative in data entry operations. One cannot be whimsical about the arrangement and must carefully analyze the nature of data before deciding on an arrangement.

3. Work Opportunities For A Freelance Data Entry Specialist

In the present time, the Internet has turned out to be a strong force connecting people with one another—this is especially true about freelancing. There are a number of online websites which provide a common platform for freelancers and employers to come together and enter into professional engagements. These websites require the creation of a profile and upload a resume. Thereafter, the account-holder is regularly informed of latest job openings, and if there is an opportunity, you need to only submit an application along with a properly drafted proposal.  Examples of such websites are,, and

As a data entry specialist, you can find data entry work at companies such as Prime Technologies, Ahmedabad; International Data Entry Services, Paven Technologies, Runaware Software, Deccan Chronicle, Unisoft, Transoffshore, Noida, etc. Apart from companies, government bodies regularly post job openings for data operators but often require qualification of a certain examination.

4. Data Entry Specialist Salary

The pay scale of the data operator will depend upon a number of factors such as experience, place of work, qualifications, etc. Those working at governmental bodies usually enjoy better job security than those at private companies; however, this does not mean that the former employees earn more than the latter. A data entry operator usually earns in between Rs. 4500 and Rs. 5000; however, gradually the pay rate increases.