Why Freelancing Will Be Part of Everyone’s Career in 2018?

Why Freelancing Will Be Part of Everyones Career in 2018

Freelancing is definitely going to be the future of global workforce and a freelance career for job seekers and employers will be a right direction to be corporate ready. Plenty of surveys and market analysis points us to a different workforce, that freelancing jobs have augmented: that is much better and more productive than that of today’s.

It’s hard to believe right? But here are some figures…

  • A survey conducted by Vodafone in 2016 revealed that 6000 out of 8000 corporates have introduced new company policies that allow their employees to either work from home or enjoy flexible working hours.
  • Few of the top-notch companies who are part of this system include Oracle, Delloite, Hilton, and Amazon.
  • USA is the number one contributor to the global GDP through their freelancing opportunities, with more than 53 million Americans working as freelancers.
  • USA contributes approximately $ 1.4 trillion per annum to the economy.
  • India closely follows USA with over 15 million freelancers contributing around $400 million per year.

So, whether you are hiring or getting hired, a freelancing career will not only redefine work stability but will also play a key role in the fourth Industrial revolution.

Professionals who choose to freelance make this choice knowing that, as their own boss, they are in control of their destiny. Freelancers, therefore, think more proactively about market trends and refresh their skills more often than traditional employees, helping advance our economy”, explains Stephanie Kasriel, CEO of Upwork.

We have rounded off 5 reasons why freelancing will be a good choice for a career in the following years to come.

5 Reasons Why Freelancing Will Be Part of Everyone’s Career in 2018?

#1 Gig Economy or Freelancing Jobs Will Undermine the Traditional Economy of Full Time Workers

By 2020 the number of temporary workers, freelance consultants, part-time job seekers will exceed 30% of the global workforce.

Around 55 million people in the USA did some kind of home-based or freelance work in 2016. (That is almost 35% of the US workforce).

About 60 – 65% of large companies affirm that they will be significantly increasing their flexible working hour options.

80% of these companies are opting for freelance workers over full-time employees.

According to INTUIT 2020 Report, freelancing will not be looked down upon and traditional full-time employment will no longer be a status quo.

Additionally, freelancing jobs will not only affect the nation’s economy but will also have certain impacts on the country’s political affiliation as most freelancers seek voice and are open to cross party lines if candidates act in favor of freelance career.

In another survey conducted by Upwork, when freelancers were asked which term they preferred to finding work online, they happily agreed to Freelance Economy lead by 49%, with On Demand Economy at second position (25% preference), and  Sharing Economy (13%) and Gig Economy (10%) at third and fourth position respectively.

#2 Freelancing Job Offers will Help Companies Reduce Labour Spend and Inefficiency

Since technological advancements and artificial intelligence have taken a new shift, it has become imperative for corporates to maintain agile, skilled and highly motivated workforce all the time to compete with the digital disruption.

Companies to beat the accelerating unpredictable consumer behaviours are looking for team players who quickly execute dynamic and unforeseen plans in real time.

However, it is also noticed that 50% of skills are wasted as people use only 50% of their time in full time work environment.

Freelancing jobs let company hire talented workforce and pay them for those 50% of their valuable productivity.

It is exactly like how Amazon turned their unutilized 50% of their cloud networking and storage into something that they could sell off.

#3 Automation’s Potential Impacts Will Lead a World Full of Freelancers Conquering

Freelancers, who are paid for their work (even the minutes and hours count), are more concerned about automation’s potential impacts as they are constantly upbeat to face the challenges of future by learning new skills and networking.

Freelancers or temporary workers are proactive in preparing themselves, with double the number of professionals enrolling in skill-based training programs and other technical certifications when compared to non-freelancers.

This particular factor will see a rise in employers seeking trained and talented freelancers over inefficient full time workers.

Moreover, in a survey, 54% of the full time employers in the USA said they weren’t confident that the work they do now will exist in 10 years. So why not choose multiple jobs and work as a freelancer?

One of the biggest benefits of freelancing is that in the near future, freelancers will have more choices with regards to dental, health, and retirement benefits and plans because unlike in the case of full time employees who pay more for their company provided health insurance policies, freelancers are on the hook for their plans and policies.

#4 Now The World’s is At Our Finger Tips – Internet Has Made Freelance Jobs Search Easy and Reliable

With Google’s constant efforts to make its search engine user helpful, Freelancers are finding more work online. (The margin has increased by 5% from 2016).

And not only Google but other gregarious social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have considerably helped to settle down anxious job seekers with many home based jobs.

Moreover, there are several cloud based platforms that efficiently connect freelancers with clients.  Today every business gets full access to every available worker; the only thing that separates both is the ‘Search’ and ‘Filter’ option.

#5 The Millennial Generation – The Largest and Modern Tribe Seek Freedom and Flexibility

Now this says it all. The millennials, born in the 21st century, all have grown up with smartphones by their side. Their internet connection is 4G and they know the nuances of networking, social life, and gadget adaptability.

Their fast phase life that craves immediate results, novelty, and constant connection, although could be a problem in their personal space, has turned out to be a boon in the Freelance Industry where such people are welcomed broadly.

College graduates today may engage on a full time basis or on a six month project or an hour program, their choices are limitless and the best part is, unlike traditional employers, they aren’t ashamed of going freelance.

For them working in a company for a decade may seem a punishment and is something they will not opt for.

So, if you are an early stage startup or a college graduate, a homemaker or even a failed businessman… you have the best opportunity in line in 2018 – Freelance Career. Go for it and open to the idea of flexibility and adaptability.

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