15+ Smart Digital Marketing Apps for Freelancers this Year

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Digital marketing is pretty much a trending career choice for freelancers. And why it shouldn’t be? The field is big, interesting and unique, and requires an extravagant amount of creativity and passion. It is the most prominent marketing strategy that almost all businesses apply these days for growth and productivity.

However, being a freelance digital marketer means working your way around several new things simultaneously such as SEO, setting social marketing strategies, advertising strategies, mobile applications and other digital marketing initiatives. And, freelance digital marketing also involves working with a variety of productivity tools for boosting and streamlining performances.

The good part is…

There’s no shortages of tools for digital media marketers, but you should know which app is correct for the right kind of client or job.  So, for your benefit, we have listed here 15+ digital marketing apps for freelancers this year.

15+ Digital Marketing App Strategy For Freelancers In 2018

For Design And Development

  1. Palleton; Colour Scheme Designer– A perfect tool to find hundreds of complementary and contrasting colours. Use them for website backgrounds, images, call to action buttons. Fonts and headings.
  2. Urivalet; Check Server Headers – Having a technical glitch in your SEO approach? Use this app for SEO and development purpose when redesigning sites or planning strategies to drive traffic in client’s website. Its suits well with 301,302 and other kinds of redirects.
  3. Quickdiff; Web Code and Text Comparison– If you are one of those marketers who also performs code or text changes in websites, then this app will save your time from troubleshoots by quickly spotting the differences in two sets of codes and texts.
  4. Themeforest; WordPress Themes and Website Templates – If you need ideas for WordPress and website development or aren’t sure how to start a website from scratch, use Themeforest, a market place for WordPress and other CMS themes.
    Their prices begin at $20. If you face any technical issues and bugs during implementation, you can contact the developers for quick assistance as well. It is for those who don’t mind an easy way out from developing websites.
  5. Domainr; Free Domain SearchThe first step of creating a new website for a new brand is finding a domain name that is not already taken. The app comes with a quick and easy search engine which finds unique and interesting domain names for your website development project.
  6. Pexels; Free Stock PhotosThe app has currently over 40,000 free high resolution stock photos that are nicely tagged and easily searchable. They are licensed under CCOs. You can use these HD pics to create products, designs, stories, apps and websites.

For Market Research

  1. gov; Bureau of Labour Statistics – This freelance digital marketing app lets us to ascertain the market and its economy across all industries. The data provided is extremely useful when targeting the right audience and creating niche oriented campaigns.

For SEO, Keyword Research And Blogging

  1. Tweakyourbiz; Title Generator– Are you already out of blog topic ideas. Use this sitefor inspiration and generate hundreds of blog ideas for your specific target topic or keyword.
  2. Seerinteractive; SEO toolbox – This digital marketing tool is particularly helpful when you are creating SEO based projects. One of the specific features of the app is scrapping content from URLs and helping you to perform competitive content analysis.
  3. GoogleAdwords; Keywords Search – Although you may come across thousands of keyword research tools for free, this one app however provides accurate and up-to-date keyword search volume for your content development and SEO projects. Give this app sometime to get a hang of it.
  4. Moz; SERP Feature Graph – Use the app to see daily changes in search results types to understand in which area you could help your client rank their website, based on the result type that is unique and different from the traditional text based SERP.
  5. Keywordtool; Google Keywords Generator – Not able to find a good topic or keyword for your blog? Get help of this app, which totally relies on Google’s Suggest API, to find topics or keywords for your blogs and articles.
  6. Mergewords; Keywords Merge Tool – Use this app when you want to generate a list of keywords by applying two to three keywords or words in general. This is also helpful when you want to modify an existing keyword by adding plurals or geo specific words to see the outcome.

For Social Media

  1. BuzzSumo; Social Media Content Sharing – This app lets freelance digital marketers to see most shared content or trending content (topic based) that is performing best on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
  2. Sharedcount; Social URL Analytics – If you want to know the social engagement count that each of your competitors receives then this app is for you. Enter a list of URLs from a domain and get the numbers. This app can also be used as a client reporting tool where you can show your clients which new blog or article or landing page has received most interactions across all social media sites.

For Website Analytics

  1. Google Analytics – One of the most skilled tools for digital marketers that every freelancer should ace in. This is a free analytics platform that lets you to keep a track on data like web conversions, visitors on website, number of clicks you received and other extremely advanced intelligence.
  2. Hubspot; Inbound Lead Generation and Marketing – It provides valuable marketing and sales insights for clients to understand website traffic and lead generation.

For Marketing And Outsourcing

  1. Upwork; Hire Freelancers – For digital marketing freelancers who are looking for assistance in building web apps, logo designs or website, join Upworkand associate with professional and skilled freelancers across the globe.
  2. 99Designs;Logis, Graphic and Web Design – A perfect destination for all your graphic design projects. Marketers looking for visual style guide, t-shirt designs, logo designs and pretty much anything that requires graphic skills can seek this app for building unique graphics.
  3. Fiverr;Very Cheap Access to Skilled People – Fiverr is the marketplace where you can find people willing to help you with small tasks like jingles, voice over, content writing, animations, video editing and other deliverables at a cheaper price.