Here’s how much twitch streamers make per sub

twitch streamers salary

If you like to play the game and do visit to watch Twitch streamers, then you must be curious to know how much do Twitch streamers earn. Typically, Twitch is a video game streaming platform where you will see many game streamers doing commentary and going live. You may have noticed YouTubers doing commentary on videos. In Twitch, It works similarly, but there are extra features where Streamers make easy money. In this article, we will get you through how much money do Twitch Streamers make per sub, per ad, per bit, sponsorship, donations, affiliate, and merchandise.

How Do Professional Twitch Streamers Make  Money?

The majority of streamers who make a livable income do so through multiple means. These include subscriptions, donations, ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandising. Most sponsors are happy to work with streamers who have about 100 concurrent viewers per broadcast.


Most streamers generate the primary income from Twitch through subscription. Twitch offers the option to either subscribe to or follow a channel. Following channel aid, you get notified whenever a streamer is about to stream by just clicking the bell and heart icon.

On the other end, a click on the subscribe button deposits some cash to the streamer’s account.

Now, we know you might be tempted to ask, “how much can Twitch streamers earn per sub?” Of course, subscriptions on Twitch are paid plans that offer in 3 tiers. The 1st tier goes for $4.99 a month, while the 2nd tier is $9.99 per month.

The top-most and final level goes for $25.99 a month. As a Twitch streamer, you make a minimum of half of the subscription charges, whereas, with the high-end subscribers, streamers can get up to 75% of the subscription charge.

The number of subscribers to a channel can predominantly determine the amount of money a streamer can make. However, not every streamer can earn some money through subscription. Twitch has limited it to Twitch partners and affiliates only.

For non-affiliates, streamers need to apply to be members of the affiliate program to earn some income through subscription.

Can You Earn a Living Streaming on Twitch?

It is possible to make a living through streaming even if you don’t make it to the top one percent of streamers. Building a community and channel requires a lot of effort, time, and self-promotion. The primary thing you need to do is reach affiliate status on Twitch so that you can receive donations, subscriptions, and bits.

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How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make Per Sub?

Twitch shares revenue on subscription. By default, you will receive 50% of the subscription amount paid by the user. The subscription also depends upon how reputed you are on Twitch. The percentage can increase as per the number of subscriptions increases.

Viewers get 3 plans to subscribe for $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99. If the viewer took a higher subscription, you would get a good portion of the revenue. So, on average, if you are making $3000 per 1000 subs, you will be earning $3.00 per sub. The more subscriptions you bring from your account, the higher the revenue you will generate through your Twitch account. Generally, each Twitch channel earns between $2500 to $3100 per 1000 subs. You can do your math and have clarity.

How Long Does it Take to Begin Earning on Twitch?

Many streamers can reach Affiliate status within their 1st month with promotion and proper planning. It typically takes a while to get to a place where you can cut back your work hours or quit your regular job altogether. With hard work, confidence, dedication, and a great personality, you can make it.

Earning money from Twitch is not all that tough, and at the same time, it is not a cakewalk either. It takes ambition, patience, creativity, and consistency. It is difficult to answer how much money Twitch streamers earn in actual figures unless you know it from the streamers themselves.