A Guide on How to Become a Water Slide Tester

water slide tester

Water Slide Testers check to see if the water slides in hostels, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks are safe. This is an amazing job because of the responsibilities involved. You might work as a water slide tester for a hotel chain or a big travel firm and you spend a lot of time testing slides for amusement parks or hotels. Primarily, water slide testers take a lot of trips down the slide, checking water usage, speed of movement, enjoyability, risk factor and scare factor.

This job needs applicants to travel all over the world as your company opens similar resorts, but that’s just an additional perk. One of the worst parts of his job is testing the slides and waterfalls in cold weather, which could lead to health problems. However, seeing the slide you’ve tested giving fun and enthusiasm to families on holiday everywhere is a worthy payoff.

Water Slide Tester Education

You do not require a degree to make a profession in water slide testing. You just have to be 18 years of age or above to be eligible to apply for a job as a water slide tester. To become a water slide tester, you have to be enthusiastic, courageous, and sharp-eyed.

You require exceptional perception and enquiry skills as only then you will be competent to spot security hazards such as turns that are a little unsafe. You also have to be strong-hearted and with a strong physique to handle the pressure at the time of the water ride.

To maintain your physique, you have to do consistent exercise and maintain a diet. Water slide testers also need to know swimming. They should maintain a team spirit because they need to coordinate with the management and staff, as well as the design team.

Water Slide Tester Salary

Most individuals feel that this is an easy job and anybody can make easy money out of this profession. That couldn’t be further from the truth. To become a water slide tester you must have strong will-power and physique. This job has a lot of health hazards so you must regularly check your health.

Sometimes you might get injuries during the water sliding testing jobs. This job can only run on your passion and dedication towards it. Being a water slide tester you can earn anything between$29,325 – $53,432 a year. Besides fixed components all of the overseas travel expenses will be covered if any contract is signed. But, water slide testers are generally not full time jobs.

Career Outlook

Nowadays, more and more adventure parks and hotels that are built have a water park section. However, before introducing this section for public use, they test the slides for safety. It is for this reason that the popularity for this career is increasing. It is a perfect career option for college-going students as they have flexible hours to follow their degree and do a job on the side. Fun jobs that pay a decent wage are not easy to come by but water slide tester is one of them.

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Water Slide Tester Job description

Firstly as a Water slide tester you must have some basic skills such as observation, a stable and a cool mind, risk-taking to ride, be active on social media, be energetic and active. Apart from that, water slide tester responsibilities may include:

  • Check and take a note of safety hazards, and report directly to the management
  • Test the ride and rate it for various parameters
  • Identify the age restrictions for the ride
  • You will be responsible to check the safety measures like speed, distance, height, and time for the ride
  • Identify the entertainment quotient of the ride
  • Advertise the rides through magazines and websites as an expert in the field and as someone who’s tested it.(1)


Your job is just not a business; it is something beyond that. Being a water slide tester is a unique and fun job. It is a remarkable job opportunity. Remember that you should be giving your 100 percent dedication and commitment if you want to be recognized.