Learn How to Become a Fortune Cookie Writer

fortune cookie writer

A fortune cookie writer writes short fortunes inside cookies and then sells them to companies for profit. He can be a freelance writer or work for a company. A lot of time, effort and study goes into those tiny little pieces of writing. They are usually twenty words or less. Know how to become a fortune cookie writer

As a writer, you may write several blogs, screen plays, or other materials. However, as a fortune cookie writer, you need to focus on this niche of writing short and imaginative lines. Most people don’t believe that these fortunes will come true. However, they still find it fun to read. As a freelancer, you get paid more than if you were employed under any organization

Regardless of the kind of writer you are, you’ll naturally perform analysis, compile information, and review drafts of your work.

Fortune Cookie Writer Job Description

  • A fortune cookie writer must have excellent communication and writing skills. They should write original and creative messages. So they need to be good at conveying their creativity across in very few words
  • Fortune cookies are used for promotions and marketing. The more creative the cookies, the more amused people will be
  • A cookie writer writes the fortunes in those cookies and then sells them to the firms for an income.
  • Because most of the fortune cookie writers are self-employed writers, they work from home. This is suitable for them so they can have their own setting that will help them best think and write.
  • You need a degree to become a writer. The training required is usually imparted by a senior fortune cookie writer. Apprentices or juniors learn how to write from them before embarking on their own journey.
  • They must have a good sense of humor and great creativity to write those lines so that the patrons of that establishment could enjoy the experience of eating those cookies

Fortune Cookie Writer Remuneration

Those employed full time by fortune cookie companies can earn generous salaries. But freelancers are generally paid more because they are paid on the basis of a project or on an hourly basis. As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the average salary for a fortune cookie writer in 20028 was between $40000-$80000, however, it can vary based on your knowledge and abilities.

The lowest paid ones made less than $28,020 while the highest paid earned more than $100000. The  catch is that they earn less than other writers because the process of writing for them is less complex. Working as a fortune cookie writer has a lot of advantages.

Those working by a company often get extra benefits to their salaries like health benefits, fixed payment cycle and perhaps 401k. Freelance fortune cookie writers get the advantage of choosing work and work as much or as less as they want.

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Job Outlook

If you’re a fortune cookie writer and you enjoy writing, taking this odd job as your career can be an amazing job for you. Despite the drawbacks of less pay and the continuous requirement of coming up with quirky one-liners, fortune cookie writing is still part of writing.

With flexible working conditions and the capability to reach masses with originality, fortune cookie writing can be the best method to improve your skills and a doorway to extra writing roles. As per the BLS, the job outlook for writers over-all is optimistic, with a 20 percent upsurge in job opportunities expected between 2009 and 2020.

Employment growth for such writers is anticipated to be 12% between 2018 and 2025 as per the BLS. Writers with the capability to work in a digital medium would had the best opportunities. (1)


The fortune cookie writing job has been in existence for more than a century, which means coming up with unique and imaginative lines has been an old task. The time taken to become a cookie writer depends upon your learning background and your interpersonal writing skills. Fortune cookie creators have a continuous demand for new fortunes to be printed, to stop reusing old ones. Of course, hundreds of fortunes are alternated all through the year to combine all sorts of messages from love and fortune to health and well-being