9 Interesting Freelance Jobs For College Students/Graduates

9 Interesting Freelance Jobs For College Graduates Students

Freelancing jobs are the next big thing in 2019. In fact, it is already the most interesting way to make a living, especially when you are a college graduate. Working when you are studying in college is a good means to put your academic skills to use. It is also a great way to offset the high costs of colleges and universities.

Thanks to the advent of internet technology and digital marketing, the network has come up with interesting freelance jobs for college students, which may also turn beneficial after graduation.

If You Didn’t Know, The Competition Is Fierce…

It’s a rat race and if you have to get ahead of others in career, you must start ahead of others. College students can take up freelance or part-time jobs to fulfill their career goals. An early start to your career will help you determine the type of job that interests you and make the right decision when the time comes to head into the corporate world.

Freelance jobs also assist you to refine your academic and interpersonal skills.What’s more, you get to earn extra pocket money and support your parents in paying bills.

Lots of companies today are hiring freelance professionals to fulfill their organizational demands. Most of these jobs can be done online in your spare time without hampering your studies and educational activities.

Here is a list of part-time jobs for college students that simple, easy to pursue and compliments your career. Let’s have a look

9 Interesting Freelance Jobs For College Graduates

1. Content Writer/ Blogger

  • Content or article writing is one of most demanding freelance jobs If you have a flair and passion for writing you can easily be a part-time writer.
  • Categories of content writing include website content, web articles, blogs, resume writing, story and script writing, content editing and proofreading, press releases, advertisement writing, product/brand reviews and academic writing.
  • In content writing jobs, payments are either fixed as per word or per project wise or set at standard hourly rates.
  • Basic requirement for this job is good research skills, good command over English and a good sense of humor.

2. Online Tutoring

  • If you are quite adept in a specific school subject, you could sign up to be an online teacher.
  • Online tutoring requires you to talk with students via chat or video messaging and help them with their homework, studies, practical subjects and examination preparations.
  • Online educational institutes or tutoring websites hire freelance teachers to educate their enrolled students.
  • However, there are certain prerequisites for this job, including:
  • You need to attend a series of tests to help web institutes determine your competency.
  • You should have a minimal amount of college education (decided by the organization)
  • You should have basic problem-solving
  • The pay scale of online tutoring is paid by the hour, or per subject, per session or per day.

3. Data Entry

  • Data entry is a very simple home based job that does not require any qualification.
  • It is basically copying content from one format and pasting it online or in another form (e.g.: from spreadsheet to website).
  • Ad posting, link posting, captcha entry and similar repetitive work are types of data entry jobs.
  • Your client will give you a brief training on the project and then you are good to go.
  • The job doesn’t pay a lot as it doesn’t require major skill except for basic computer and internet knowledge.

4. Virtual Assistant

  • Virtual assistant is an interesting freelance job for students where you get to do the work of an office secretary but virtually.
  • The job description includes scheduling appointments, customer care, managing emails, making and attending calls and sending letters.
  • You can work with multiple clients at the same time to earn more.
  • This is not a flexible job as you would be required to work for specified number of hours, every day.
  • Required qualifications include computer handling skills, command over language, email etiquettes and an enthusiastic nature.

5. Event Coordinator

  • Event coordinator is a great job role for students who want to pursue a career in media management and PR industry.
  • The job requires creative and interpersonal skills as you would be coordinating various events of your clients.
  • This is not an online or home based job and you may have to travel during event promotions.
  • However, it is one of the highest paying freelance jobs for students.
  • Some of the areas where you can work as event coordinator include weddings, birthday parties, fashion show, school or college fest etc.

6. Photo And Logo Designer

  • Logo designing for websites and companies is a great way to use your Photoshop and similar software handling skills.
  • If you are a creative thinker and have flair in graphic arts, then you can make gigs for your clients.
  • The demand for such experts is unfathomable since the scope of designing is wide.
  • Logos and photos are essential for all business endeavors; hence you will never run out of ajob.
  • The price for this job is fixed as per project or as per complexity of the design.

7. Freelance Photographer

  • Freelance photographers have set a motivating trend in the media industry (sure you have heard about the wedding and candid photographers?).
  • The job description includes clicking professional and candid photos for various events such as a wedding, birthdays, fashion shows, corporate events and other business and family occasions.
  • However, this is not a desk job, you may have to travel and you will have to prepare a portfolio of your clicked pictures to appeal your clients.
  • The pay scale is superb; one of the highest paying jobs in the market and if you strike the right chord, you can end up making it a permanent career choice.
  • Rates differ depending upon the location, a number of shoot days and occasion.

8. Transcriptionist

  • Job of a transcriptionist is to listening to audio and video files and typing out the content.
  • It’s a flexible work and is usually broken down into legal, medical and general categories. However, the former two will require prior knowledge in transcription industry.
  • Although it sounds easy, it requires commendable listening skills as some of the audio files may have technical words, alien languages and broken clips.
  • It’s a repetitive work but the rates are great, especially if you are transcribing a medical file or unique language.
  • Rates are fixed on per hour or per file.

9. Choreographer Or Dance Instructor

  • Every school, college, and family has dance celebrations. If you know those Bollywood numbers or have flair in salsa and jiving, you can be an established dance instructor.
  • The job work requires to being a skilled dancer. That’s all and you are good to go.
  • Price is fixed on per song or per performance or on an hourly
  • You can also take evening classes for children or be a dancing instructor such as Zumba for fitness.

Freelancing means finding a role you are good at and that interests you. If you are a college student and planning to take up a part-time job then make sure that your passion for work and your college activities don’t collide. If this article helped you, do share with your friends and other job seekers.