7 Best Websites for Freelance Start-Ups in 2018

7 Best Websites for Freelance Start-Ups in 2018

Last year, we had witnessed more number of students and professionals opting for freelance jobs. In the US the estimated number of self-employed people in the beginning of 2017 was 15.5 Million and this year the numbers have actually doubled.

Freelancing has become incredibly popular; in fact several people useit as a supplementary job to their regular income. By 2020, 40% of the nation’s workforce would be freelancers. However, as the freelance gig is attracting more participants each day, finding out projects is becoming a challenge for freelancers, especially for those start-ups, who are naïve yet skilled.

To make your work and search to find good job opportunities easier, we have complied 7 Best Websites for Freelance Start –Ups in 2018.

There Are Several Incredible Resources That Can Turn Your Passion In To A Freelance Career!!

The surge of professionals turning freelancers is quite palpable because freelancing directly represents ‘’freedom, flexibility and autonomy’’.

Today, most coffee shops are abounding with freelancers, working on their laptops and sipping coffee; while on the other hand percentage of office workers have turned staggeringly low.

The good news is there are quite a lot of best freelancing sites that help freelance start- ups to showcase their skills to a large number of prospective clients.

These websites will help you with an income in 2018, whether you want to earn an extra pocket money or trying for full time freelance or even if you are looking for a job that shall use your hobby.

Let’s check them out

Best Freelance Websites For Start – Ups In 2018

1. Upwork

Upwork is the largest networking site for freelancers and start-ups. In 2014, Elance and oDesk, two established freelance networks merged together to form Upwork.

Today we have more than 10 million registered users and around 4 million jobs per year. Upwork has almost 4.5 clients for different industry that has something to offer for every professional, be it writers, painters, photographers, architects or litigators.

Upwork provides long term and short term projects where freelancers can work per hour or work per project, depending upon the requirements.

The site’s easy navigation and user experience rich features include direct chat, payment protection plans and time trackers. These exclusive aspects help communication and association easy and secured.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great site for freelancers and start-ups as well as established companies to network and build business association. Fiverr is supported by great entrepreneurs who are constantly on the lookout for skilled freelancers for short term projects.

The website is for job seekers who want a fair compensation for their skills. You get interesting jobs that would keep you upbeat all the time. Services range from Digital Marketing, Designing, Writing, Music, Programming and other IT and Non IT categories.

3. Toptal

Are you an engineer or a digital designer looking to boost your freelance career? Well then Toptal is the point of contact for you. This is an elite business network that connects entrepreneurs and experts from more than 100 countries.

And they work very efficiently, if we may add. Toptal takes the cream of talent pool that is the top 3% from multiple categories. So if you are accepted, you automatically are placed amongst the best experts and communities.

Post that, the job offers and business opportunities are flow in abundance. Toptal lets you choose between full time, part-time and freelance work on contractual basis or hourly basis.

For the benefit of the freelancers, the site also continuously screens the best clients and top paying companies for you so that you have continuous row of interesting projects and best clients to share your skills with.

Some of the Toptal highlight companies are Morgan, JP, AirBnB and IDEO.

4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a job networking site for freelancers who have skills related to IT and web such as software developers, web developers, testers, coders, digital designers, SEO specialists and IT marketers.

The website has a premium version as well as a free version. In the free version you browse and search for specific jobs, get new job notification directly in your inbox and add connections. You can also send up to 15 work proposals for free before you become a premium member.

One of the prominent features of the job site is a tool called WorkStreamthat simplifies your business and transaction aspect of your freelance career including payment organization, communication with clients and work and project management.

5. LinkedIn Profinder

LinkedIn is undisputedly one of the most favoured go-to job and business networking sites for job related articles, business connections and gaining start-up knowledge. LinkedIn on today’s date has more than 450 million users from over 200 countries.

However, their recent addition, a foray to the freelancing economy has stirred the attention of many freelance start-ups and job seekers. By quietly launching the LinkedIn Profinder, LinkedIn is helping freelancers get what they deserve.

The site has listed several companies that hire freelancer professionals and amateurs. The superfast link was possible because of LinkedIn’s enormous amount of user data, making freelancers connect with strong leads based upon keyword searches and followed companies.

LinkedIn Profinder is open for freelance start-ups in countless fields.

6. 99Designs

If you are a designer and have got lost in the dynamic freelance network, then login to 99Designs. 99Designs comes with a twisted yet remarkable approach.  As their name suggests, the site is only for designing professionals or exclusively for designers where jobs are offered in the form of a Contest.

So this is a place for any designer – fashion, logo, t-shirt, website, products, brochures, business cards, pamphlets and many more. But the site works differently on CONTEST basis.

Here companies are asked to crowd source their projects in which the project budget, requirement, instructions and deadline are mentioned. Designers are asked to submit work based on the requirement.

At the end of each week, the best design is chosen by the company and the designer is compensated in full. This site is exceptionally good for designers who are looking to test their skills.

7. Freelance Writer Gigs

As the name suggests, this site is for all those bloggers, writers, authors, poets and story tellers.  Freelancer Writer Gigs is a job hunt site where writers and bloggers can find several freelance, full time and part time jobs for different industries.

Today, content writing is 90% owned by freelancers. And it is also a very soaring business marketing strategy companies are focusing on. So, we are sure, demand for content writers is just going to expand this year.

And what better place than Freelancer Writer Gigs to find your perfect client. This site offers writers to test their skills in different genres including technical, academic, finance and even recipes and fashion.

Are you an expert programmer who needs a month’s holiday and work at the same time or an amateur photographer sorting through inspiration, whoever you are, wherever you are, these 7 Best Websites For Freelance Start –Ups in 2018 will let you land on the perfect job.