VCP6-DC certification

Overview of the Certification

VMware is an industry leader when it comes to data virtualization. Certifications offered by VMware are a must for every professional working in data centers and for those who support virtual environments. VMware certifications are based on its proprietary and self-generated technology – the vSphere. This means that VMware changes its certification as technology changes. However, in a bid to keep its certifications updated, it may often lag the new virtualization technology releases.

While v6 certifications have been incredibly influencing in the market, VMware is slowly phasing them out as new exams appear for the 7th version. VMware Data Center Virtualization certifications revolve around skills that involve vSphere 6 and vSphere 6.5. The VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP6.5-DCV) and VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV) are popular certifications aimed at candidates who have at least six months of experience working VMware proprietary technologies. 

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Is This Certification Right for You?

Irrespective of the Version, a VCP-DCV is a professional who has expertise in designing, installing, executing, implementing, and managing vSphere environments. VCP-DCV certification is designed for IT professionals who administer and troubleshoot vSphere v6 infrastructures. The idea is to leverage best practices to design and implement a scalable and reliable virtualization platform for organizations. This is VMware’s most popular certification across the world. Having this certification validates that you understand

  • VMware vSphere Architectures and Technologies
  • VMware Products and Solutions
  • Installing, setting up, and configuring a VMware vSphere Solution
  • Optimizing the performance of the setup Solution
  • Managing administrative and other operations-related tasks in the Solution. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for this Certification? 

Individuals who are new to VMware Data Center Virtualization need to complete the vSphere 6 Foundation course and pass the exam, 2V0-620, or the vSphere 6.5 Foundation course and the exam, 2V0-602. In addition to these exams, VCP6-DCV candidates must pass VM Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Exam, 2V0-621. The ultimate certification here is the VMware Certified Design Expert 6 – Data Center Virtualization, VCDX6-DCV. This certification is aimed at architects. Candidates must hold current VCIX6-DCV or VCIX6.5-DCV badge, create a vSphere-based project and defend it before a panel of VCDX-holders(1).

What is the Process of Certification?

There are two ways that you can get certified. The first way assumes that you’re new to the entire technology. It assumes that you don’t have a complete understanding of VMware Data Center Virtualization Technology. If that is the case, then the path that you have to follow is

  • VMware recommends that you need at least 6 months of experience building scalable and reliable solutions using vSphere. So the first step is for you to gain experience working with vSphere 6
  • VMware offers 9 different training courses for people to familiarize themselves with vSphere and the various other certifications that VMware offers. You need to complete at least one of those training courses offered at an authorized commercial training center. 
  • You have to write the vSphere 6 Foundation Exam and clear it 
  • After you’ve cleared your vSphere 6 Foundation exam, you will be eligible for VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Exam.

The second assumes that you have previous experience working with vSphere and building Solutions using vSphere architectural principles. This might be through previous certifications, including vSphere 5.x training but not VMware Certified Professional yet. This is not valid for professionals with an expired VMware Certified Professional certification. In that case, the path that you have to follow is

  • Attend one of VMware vSphere: What’s New [V5.5 to V6] or VMware vSphere: What’s New [V5.5 to V6.5] training courses 
  • Complete the vSphere 6 Foundation exam of the vSphere 6.5 Foundation Exam. 
  • Complete VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Exam.

If you notice, in both cases, the aspect of writing the foundation exam and attempting VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Exam remained constant. That’s because VMware tried to adapt to changing technologies. Once a particular exam is in demand, professionals are expected to migrate to the new certifications. So, for people with old certifications, they need to understand what’s new and attempt the exam. 

What is the VCP6-DCV Exam Cost?

The exam code that is given to this certification is 2V0-621. The associated certification is called VCP6-DCV. The recommended training for this certification is vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6]. The price of the exam is $250. The duration of the exam is 120 minutes. There are 85 questions in total for this exam. The passing score is 300. The format of the exam is single choice questions and multiple-choice questions. The exam is conducted in English and Japanese, in a proctored manner. 

The exam topics, according to VMware website are

  • Section 1: Configure and Administer vSphere 6.x Security 
  • Section 2: Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere 6.x Networking 
  • Section 3: Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere 6.x Storage 
  • Section 4: Upgrade a vSphere Deployment to 6.x 
  • Section 5: Administer and Manage vSphere 6.x Resources 
  • Section 6: Backup and Recover a vSphere Deployment 
  • Section 7: Troubleshoot a vSphere Deployment 
  • Section 8: Deploy and Consolidate vSphere Data Center 
  • Section 9: Configure and Administer vSphere Availability Solutions 
  • Section 10: Administer and Manage vSphere Virtual Machines 

If you fail the exam, then you must wait at least 7 days before you can take the exam. Once you pass the exam, then you can’t attempt it again until the new major release. But each time you appear for the exam you have to pay the exam fee. 

As of February 2019, VMware removed a recertification policy and certification validity. Now, according to it, people can get certified when it is most viable for them. 

Where to Get the Online Resources for VCP6-DCV Certification?

Several websites offer certification for the exam. Websites like Plural, Udemy, Great Learning offer courses on how to pass the exam. Several blogs also offer advice on preparing. VMware website also offers practice guides and other resources to help you clear the exam.