8 Websites You Can Make Money with as a Freelancer

online websites to make money

Working as a freelancer comes with a lot of benefits. In essence, you get to choose what work you want to take on, where you want to work from, and who you want to work with without being tied down by inflexible office timings, unforgiving office politics, or distracting workplace chatter.

However, not having a steady job means that you’re spending a significant chunk of your time looking for clients. Traditionally, businesses used to hire freelancers for short-term projects only. But that trend is changing because companies are looking for leaner models.

So, here are some websites that you can earn money as a freelancer while building lasting relationships with clients.

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the best sites to get work as a freelancer. Since this is a talent-differentiated market, clients get allotted based on the quality of your work. Upwork invites freelancers in every field. However, to qualify for working with Upwork, your profile needs to be stellar because, as Upwork’s CEO Stephanie Kasriel said, Upwork receives about 10000 applications every day.

Selection is based on the work available for your combination of skills and types of work you’ve chosen. Upwork has also included several other prominent websites, such as ODesk. So, it’s invoicing system is just tracking the number of hours that have been spent on the project, and payment is made for hours worked.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer has been around since 2004 and is one of the most known websites for freelancers. Freelancer does not have any admission criteria as Upwork does. It is just a price war where the quality of your work and the price you’ve quoted give you work with clients.

However, given its low fees, it is possible to get repeat clients on Freelancers. The downside with this website is that it is highly commercialized. That means you can bid only on a select number of projects every day. The alternative is to subscribe to a premium version where you get a higher number of bids, and your profile gets highlighted. The price war can reduce your earnings and understate your worth.

3. Guru

Guru has an extensive network of freelancers and companies for jobs. Its website reads that it is interested in people looking for work in ‘technical, creative, or business projects.’ It offers its services in a lot of segments, including programming, legal, writing and translation, design and art, administrative and secretarial, sales and marketing, business and finance, engineering and architecture, and legal services, with each segment offering more than 100000 freelance services.

The downside is that you must still quote for each project, creating a price war. Guru boasts verified freelancers, and that a list of transaction data is provided to the clients at the time of applying for jobs. It also has a premium quote version that helps your profile stand out from those that don’t subscribe to the premium version.

4. People Per Hour

People Per Hour has an easy interface that promises verified freelancers who are reviewed and rated after each project. It has a fixed price offer that companies can browse for each project. Its website promises companies an intelligent AI that understands the company’s requirements through carefully crafted questions and invites freelancers with those skills.

Freelancers would then respond with their idea. Since the prices are fixed, the option of a price war is significantly reduced. Instead, companies get to choose from whose ideas are better suited for their work. People Per Hour also offers companies an option to come back to allot work to the same freelancer. People Per Hour has a significantly high rating on multiple platforms.

However, given the limited amount of work and the repeat clients, the amount of work for each new freelancer can become limited. PPH’s algorithm matches companies with freelancers that have the exact skills. So mentioning your skills that precisely requires some amount of careful thinking.

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5. Tuts Plus Jobs

Tuts + has a job board that offers freelancers with a lot of opportunities, whether they are looking for full-time, part-time, or just casual employment. Tuts+ is mostly for creative professionals. That means the job offers are mostly for people from programming, design, and art, including graphic designing and content development. It has a platform where users can learn about multiple skills through educational tutorials and apply for jobs that utilize those skills.

Searching for jobs depends a lot on the opportunities that are available. So, if jobs are not available in the criteria that you have chosen, you can always request to be notified when your specific jobs get posted. Tuts+ also has a premium subscription that provides better access to educational videos and job opportunities. However, the job board is now free for users

6. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is a bold platform that offers job postings as well as tips on how to develop your own blog. It offers tutorials and courses, blog posts for various niches, and podcasts that deal with various aspects apart from job postings.

ProBlogger is intended for content writers who are starting out and want to make a name for themselves before creating their blog. The downside to this is that the job postings need not be posted by companies looking for jobs only.

Because posting an ad and replying to those ads are free, several marketing agencies, third-party intermediaries, or consulting agencies looking to offer freelancers jobs can also post ads. They can have their own application process that works outside the platform, making it confusing and jumbled. Besides, ProBlogger only acts as an aggregator without vetting the companies that post the jobs or the freelancers that sign up on the platform.

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7. SmashingJobs

This is a personal haven for all designers and programmers. Several prominent names offer job postings here for various requirements. This website includes job offers for remote working, contractual hiring, or full-time employment, depending on the project that needs to be done. Given its crisp interface, job hunting on this platform is efficient and quick.

8. Fiverr

Fiverr’s tagline is ‘sell your services starting at $5.’ That is an apt statement because Fiverr has jobs for every industry you could imagine. The basic payment is $5, but depending on how reliable you are and how proven your skills are your quotations can be significantly higher as well.

On Fiverr, you don’t need expertise in any particular skill to find a job. The downside is that it is a price-differentiated market because the work doesn’t require significant talent investment. So, freelancers need to outbid each other to get the project. However, the tasks themselves might not require a considerable time investment. You can offer you services for anything you can think of.