Top 10 Work From Home Tech Jobs


If you didn’t know, a freelance career is the next big thing in 2018, where freedom, proficiency and job flexibility will be playing their cards right.

Almost any career today can be pursued from home, even IT jobs, yes!!

So, if you got the drive in a career in technology but don’t have the drive to drive down to an office and work, then check out these 10 top tech jobs that you can work from home.

Remote Working Is All We Can Talk About Now

If there were an industry that could officially declare, “Freelance” or “Work from Home”, then it would be the IT realm. Have a robust computer and a lightning fast internet connection? Ta da!!! There you go; you’re going to an office.

IT jobs can be done from anywhere in the world and are no longer bound to a chair and table in a traditional office.

First of all, get over the taboo about freelancing career; the myth that says, ‘freelancers are not skilled, and they don’t earn enough.’

Today most top-notch tech companies, when asked what embodies a tech-driven work environment, they say Fast Paced, Creative Minds, Innovation, Collaboration and Most Important! VIRTUAL!

Many home-based IT jobs require strong technical skills; however, there are also entry-level jobs or technical support jobs that you can pursue as a freelancer.

Just so you know, IT freelance jobs are not anymore about Telemarketing and Data Entry… the following list of lucrative employment proves more.

Top IT Jobs That You Can Work from Home

1. Web Developer

As a professional web developer, you would be to design and create websites and web apps using languages like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and code in HTML and CSS.

Web developers should be active in programming languages and coding process. They should have a creative streak in them and a certain amount of intellectually and cognitive skills.

As a freelance web developer, you should also know how to test a site and how to provide server and web-based solutions.

Web developers are in constant demand due to the ever-growing popularity of digital marketing.

2.Computer Programmer

A computer programmer has to write and review codes, analyze and examine computer and server related issues and resolve disputes that users face, and administer trials and experiments of new software, programs, apps and codes.

Working as a computer programmer also involves writing codes.

A peaceful environment boosts our confidence level and improves our concentration, which you can achieve only at the comforts of your home.

3.Web Designer

Web Designing is an artwork, which is done virtually. Those who have a keen interest in turning words into ads, shaping photos into animations and turning ideas into virtual reality through graphics, UX, UI, Photoshop, and Typography, a freelance web design work is just meant for them.

To be a freelance web designer, you need to have superior skills in the areas mentioned above. Even if you are a full-time employee, this job can be done from home as well.

4. IT Project Manager

It is a senior level job where freelance IT project managers are required to coordinate work with teams, evaluate their performances, solve end user’s problems, resolve project development issues and guide groups to achieve their goals proficiently.

So, if you have the required years of experience in project development, have the whiz of planning, leading and controlling, then you may consider pursuing a career as IT Project Manager.

5. IT Consultant

As an IT consultant, you need to cover some skills in the technology field. IT consultancy is one of the most reputed and high salaried profession that you can work from home, where consultants are beckoned for several IT advises.

In this job, you will have to talk to clients directly, recommend them IT services, advise them on their organisational IT goals, plan strategies and programs, and solve server and essential project development problems.

If you have a gamut of IT knowledge, love problem solving, expert in cognitive skills and have excellent interpersonal skills while adept with the nuances of multiplying assets; then this freelance IT Job is for you.

6.Quality Assurance Tester

If you have an eye for details, have a dynamic cognitive and analytical power, and are great in communication, apart from having the groundwork in technology, you could work as a remote Quality Assurance Tester.

Every IT project needs to pass through Quality Assurance to meet client’s requirement and set standards. So you may not run out of a job as a freelancer tester.

This job includes designing, reporting and performing system and software tests in the design and development phase.

7. Software Engineer

The work of a software engineer is similar to that of a web developer. Like web development, software engineering is the development of computer software or systems. Again, this does not require much of communication or physical presence. A set of instructions from client or company and specific software tools will be enough for your job work.

It is a great paying job, and the main work is creating sustaining technologies to run organizations and companies. Sometimes you will have to work remotely with teams. So, active team management skill will be a bonus.

8. System Administrator

The role of a system administrator is as qualifying and vital as the role of engineers and developers. Besides creating and developing sites, apps and software, companies need people who can acquire, install, maintain and upgrade system, servers, connections, backup and other hardware and accessories.

Well, you as a tech pro will also need a system admin at some point to maintain and upgrade your system.

It is not a complete desk job or work from home job but is a freelance job nonetheless. As a system admin, your work will be to help companies choose best systems, hardware, and accessories, install and integrate them and ensure they run efficiently.

9. Online Educator

Yes, you can be an online tutor if you are a specialist in particular technical skills. Thanks to the empowerment of online courses, e-books and video learning, the scope of online educators has increased significantly.

You can teach almost any subject through the internet and get paid remarkably well, especially if you have a background in education.

As an online educator, you can also work as a freelance course creator, study material strategist, write e-books and design test papers as well.

10. Technical Writer

Speaking of education and online tutoring, Technical Writing is another excellent Freelance IT Job Opportunity. Technical writing is an ability to explain complex concepts or ideas in simple words and create clear instructions to problem-solving.

Your work may include creating online help, developing equipment manuals or technical documentation, as well as setting step by step instructions for system and software problem-solving. You should be proficient in communication and writing skills. You should also be an expert in illustration, research, and proofreading and editing.

So if you are still hesitant in switching your career today, these top 10 IT jobs that you can work from home hopefully gave you useful insights.

Whatever you choose to decide, make sure you know your skills, you enhance your skills, and you are willing to give your 100% in the profession.