Top 10 Freelance Websites that are Amazing!

Top 10 Freelance Websites that are Amazing

With the advent of the Internet, things have become less complicated, and the same applies to the freelance industry. The freelance industry has gone online.

Once a struggling industry, it has now become a strongly growing forum for clients and freelancers. There is greater accountability, better access to jobs, and more opportunities for everyone.

The primary reason contributing to the growth of this industry is the rise in the number of freelance websites that have made general freelance tasks simpler. These websites provide users an adequate forum to communicate and connect with one another without wasting too much time and physical strength.

Freelance websites are abundant in the virtual space, and therefore, it becomes all the more important to know which ones are the best for your career. In this article, we will tell you ten such freelance websites that offer a comprehensive freelancing space to everyone.

So, without further ado, here are the top ten freelance websites that are totally amazing!

1. Upwork

Upwork is among the most popular freelance websites in the world, with a user base of 1.3 million clients. Previously known as oDesk, Upwork provides offers for every kind of freelancer and client. It addresses issues of the hiring and the working parties, works out solutions for short-term and long-term projects, allows expert-level as well as entry-level deliberations to guide users.

Upwork has everything—that is what makes it the best in the industry!

2. Elance

Elance has a highly secured environment for both the clients and employers to engage with each other. It has removed a number of hassles from its operational mechanism and incorporated a number of features as the installation of a secure payment system ensuring that freelancers are paid for every hour they work.

Now, Elance has teamed up with Upwork, making the network of freelancers and clients even stronger and bigger.

3. Freelancer

The strongest entry in the list is Freelancer. It is a notable mention as it houses millions of projects and furthers competition through its various features such as contests which serve as platforms for freelancers to compete with one another.

Freelancer is an excellent forum for those who are competitive and want to get the best of the opportunities. Titled more towards professional freelancers, the website offers a secure payment system, highly informative profile set-ups, and whatnot.

The website may be slightly difficult to use at first, but once you get used to it, things will become better and better.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is commonly known for providing a convenient space for trading in miscellaneous things. However, the website serves more purposes than we know.

Freelancing is one of the areas in which the website is growing strong with time. It is a great source of highly-paid freelance jobs. One can conveniently browse through offers depending upon their choices. For example, you get to customize your search to particular cities or limit your search to “work from home” category.

Craigslist is not as popular as other freelance websites in terms of freelancing, but it is worth the time you spend.

5. iFreelance

iFreelance is a strong community of freelancers and clients. It is not as famous as websites such as Freelancer, but its features are not inferior to any website.

The website provides a simple and convenient forum for clients and freelancers and caters to the needs of all kinds of freelancers such as editors, writers, coders, voice-artists, etc.

The one feature that makes the website stand out from others in competition is its feature allowing the freelancers to keep cent percent of their earnings. Is it not a wonderful feature?

6. Guru

We cannot miss out on Guru if there is a list of top performing freelance websites.

Guru is one of the easiest freelance websites out there. With an interactive interface, the website allows newbies and professionals to look out for jobs without encountering many hassles.

The website offers loads of features including the options to showcase your previous work experiences, daily job-matching updates, etc. The website operates the Guru Work Room allowing the users the convenience to manage all their projects.

Guru is arguably the most popular freelance website after Freelancer so you can rely on its reputation!

7. 99designs

If you love designing and want to establish or grow your career in the field of designing, then 99designs is the place for you.

It is a highly interactive freelance website that features a plethora of work opportunities for freelance designers. It also hosts a number of contests for designers to compete with the best in the world, and as they submit their designs for the competition, they get to receive feedback from the clients.

99designs is an excellent platform to improve your skills through regular feedback and client-freelancer engagement. It is a superb way for designers to earn handsomely!

8. Freelance Writing Gigs

Content writing is in huge demand, and if you are a content writer or want to begin freelancing in this area, then you should check out this website.

Freelance Writing Gigs offers an immense number of opportunities for freelance writers—editors, bloggers, writers, publishers and whatnot. With an excellent interface and simple profile requirements, you can get access to some of the most lucrative content writing projects in the world.

9. Toptal

Toptal stands out in a number of aspects, and that is why it has made it to our list.

The website is a competitive platform where only the most talented can survive and make money. You cannot simply become a freelancer on the website; you will have to pass the screening test conducted by the website, and once you have passed the test, you will get access to amazing projects with really awesome clients.

If you do not believe us, you will be surprised to know that companies such as Zendesk, JPMorgan and Airbnb hire freelancers from this website. There are no-low contests and fair compensation is awarded.

The Toptal community is huge and highly professional, and hence, once you become a part of it, you will establish many important connections and grab lucrative projects.

10. Worknhire

Worknhire is largely famous in India subcontinent but deserves international attention.

The website features an extremely simple interface, profile requirements, regular updates on work opportunities, prior approval of projects submitted on the website and many other things.

In order to apply for a job, all you need to do is to submit a proposal and bid (optional). You can maintain correspondence on the website so worries!

Choose the right freelance website for your successful career freelance industry.