How to Become an Freelance Aesthetician

How to Become a Freelance Aesthetician

Aestheticians are professionals who hold expertise in the maintenance and improvement of the skin. The general purview of the work of an aesthetician is restricted to the epidermis. These individuals have specialization in a number of treatments such as microcurrent, microdermabrasion, cosmetic electrotherapy treatments, LED treatments, mechanical massage, ultrasound massage, massage therapy, and others…

Undergo aesthetician training on treatments such as light chemical peels, electrology, laser hair removal, permanent make-up application, and eyelash extensions. While a license to work as an aesthetician may not be required in all countries, they are, particularly needed in the US—you must obtain a license in the state where you work.

Apart from a license, there are a couple of other regulatory requirements that vary from one country to another. Thus, all the above discussion highlights the relevance of these professionals in the beauty and makeup industry.

How to Become an Aesthetician

The job of a medical aesthetician is an important one, especially now when people are becoming conscious of the importance of healthy and beautiful skin. You can, therefore, make a good career as an aesthetician, and one really convenient way to start is as a freelancer, but to do that, you must keep in mind a few pointers.

Here are four factors which are involved in the making of a successful freelance aesthetician:

Aesthetician Job Description

An aesthetician must be thoroughly acquainted with the nature and properties of the epidermis, methods to make it healthy and beautiful, various equipment involved in a number of skin treatments, etc., and therefore, formal and practical education is absolutely important. In your resume or portfolio of skills, employers will pay keen attention to these two things and select or disapprove of you accordingly. Thus, make no mistake and work hard.

Here Are Job Requirements to Become a Freelance Aesthetician

  • Formal education can be completed through cosmetology schools, technical institutes or community colleges. These institutes offer a myriad of certificate courses—which usually last for one to two semesters—and the number of hours invested in each course depends on a host of factors. A certificate course is designed to cover necessary aspects of safety and health and various types of services involved such as self-tanning, make-up application, and body polishing.
  • Alternatively, there is an option to obtain an associate’s degree in the field of cosmetology, focussing majorly on aesthetics. The courses typically include topics such as hair removal, skin disorders, nutrition, the utility of instruments, etc. Many of these courses mandate training or internships at salons as a pre-condition for obtaining
  • To add to the resume, go for business courses to explore more self-employment opportunities. It is recommended you take business courses, which help aestheticians a great deal in opening their salons, freelancing their services and whatnot. The idea is to sell your services, and these courses will sharpen your mind for that.
  • In a number of countries, candidates are required to go through a license The examination includes a written as well as a physical examination in which the candidates must demonstrate their knowledge of safety and sanitation, the ability to perform basic tasks, etc. There are countries that stipulate minimum age requirements so it is necessary you research a lot before applying. The licenses may be subject to renewal depending on the policy of the country.
  • To continue expanding the knowledge base, attend classes, seminars, and workshops. Continuing education courses usually cover courses such as chemical peeling, product promotion, sales, aromatherapy, etc. Also, keep acquiring experience by working at a number of settings and with established aestheticians.
  • Once you are done with all these, it is time to submit an application for a job.

Skills Needed To Become A Freelance Aesthetician

  • Precision: You cannot be easy and carefree about the job. For example, when performing a skin treatment, say a laser hair removal treatment, you must keep in mind how and when it is to be done. There is no room for mediocrity in the job of an aesthetician.
  • Familiarity with an array of services: Apart from typical aesthetician-related services, you should be well-acquainted with other services such as make-up application, pedicures, waxing, spa treatments, etc. which you may offer to clients as bonus services and give a boost to their satisfaction and confidence.
  • Creativity: Aestheticians must be able to go beyond textbook trends and come up with distinct styles to ensure their demand and positive popularity among clients. You should have a knack for knowing what treatment suits best to a particular client and must be able to envision how a client will look after the treatment. You won’t be able to sell your services if you lack the power of imagination.
  • Communication skills: Interpersonal skills are absolutely important in your job. You must be able to communicate with clients throughout the treatment and help them relax their mind and body—something which is essential for effective treatment.
  • Business Attitude: You must be business-oriented towards your profession. Keep thinking about ways to improve services, cut costs without undermining the quality of services, and other things. Take customer’s queries, recommendations, and complaints seriously!

Work Opportunities For Freelance Aesthetician

There are plentiful job opportunities available to freelance aestheticians such as day spas, hotel spas, hair salons, cruise line spas, department spas, and medical spas. If you are not comfortable with being a service provider, you can work as a representative for any skincare career line marketed to medical offices, department stores, and spas, or you can take up the academic route and start teaching aspiring aestheticians. If you wish to work independently, you can offer on-call services to customers.

It is important you keep a track on these jobs, and therefore, it is recommended that you make the best use of freelance websites such as and These websites allow users the creation of a customized profile account and submission of applications; they also send regular emails to notify about the latest job openings. (1)

Aesthetician Salary

A lot of factors play a key role in determining the pay scale of a freelance aesthetician such as the status of the workplace, background of the client, type of treatment needed, the experience of the aesthetician, etc. For example, an experienced aesthetician will usually get handsome pay for the services offered, especially for expensive skin treatments such as chemical peeling or facelift.