How to Become a Freelance Beautician

How to Become a Freelance Beautician

Everyday life can be boring at times, and you might need some therapy to get out of the boredom state and live life the way it should be. People find relaxation in different things, but many find comfort in getting beauty treatments.

Beauty treatments are often considered ways of giving yourself a makeover and help in grooming one’s personality—and trust me, this is not an only girls’ thing.

In the contemporary world, beauty treatments are becoming popular, and attributed to this popularity is the rise in the number of beauticians. Today, you find beauticians doing the cutting, washing and styling hair; adding colors and doing highlights, facials and nail services; and every other thing you could think of.

So, we can safely say that the career of beauticians is on the rise and now these professionals have found an innovative way of improving their career and earning prospects—freelancing.

The freelance industry is huge and astonishingly accommodating. Here you will find opportunities for every kind of work you could think of; so naturally, freelance beauticians are not unusual.

Freelance beauticians have been making quite some money due to the flexibility of freelance industry and the infinite expanse of the Internet. However, it is not simple enough to become a freelance beautician.

In order to become a freelance beautician, you need to make yourself aware of certain important things. Well, lucky you, we are going to talk about the same in this article. So, read along to find out how to become a successful freelance beautician.

1. Educational Requirements For Becoming A Freelance Beautician

Just because you are a freelancer does not mean you will be exempted from standard educational requirements. The job of a beautician is often undermined, but it is as important and complex as any other job you may think of—because you never undermine the worth of work.

So, if you want to become a freelance beautician, you need to fulfill a couple of educational requirements.

  • The general educational requirement nearly everywhere is successful completion of 10+2 from a recognized school or any other equivalent.
  • In many countries, there are courses conducted by both community colleges and vocational schools, and the general time duration for the completion of these courses varies from nine months to a year, depending upon the nature and curriculum of the beautician course.
  • The curriculum of these courses includes training on haircuts, facials, manicures, pedicures, coloring; as well as other theoretical and practical aspects concerning health and safety matters.
  • In case of beauticians wanting to run a business in the future may have to take up management courses. If you own a salon and apply for a project on the freelance websites, the clients may want you to show up some of your business certificates to prove you have got the acumen you claim you do.
  • A number of countries require beauticians to write an exam for getting a beautician license from the state to practice. While this does not really happen in India, this is prevalent in western societies.
  • It is recommended you undertake training programmes under the guidance of an established beautician in order to hone your knowledge and skills and also gain a certificate which shall be a star addition to your portfolio. Plus, work experience is considered highly valuable in the freelance industry.

2. Skills Needed To Become A Freelance Beautician

Merely earning certificates will not automatically make you a good beautician. In order to become a successful beautician, you need to have some skills without which you really cannot sell your art in such a competitive world.

Thus, we have compiled a range of skills every beautician vying for a satisfying freelance career must possess.

  • Passionate about hair and beauty: You need to be passionate about beauty and hair otherwise you will never bother yourself about learning and improving yourself. If the beautician does not dedicate his time to his profession, there is no point in trying. Passion will drive you to keep yourself abreast of latest trends, experiment with techniques and styles, and come up with better business ideas.
  • Trustworthy: Beauticians can do magic to your body, but at the same time, lousy ones can ruin whatever you have. Nervous customers will be a normal routine, and you must endeavor to instill a feeling of comfort and trust. A client will only hire you if he is assured that you will be faithful to your profession and to him.
  • Curious: Yes, without a curious mental frame, your career will most likely witness average growth. People love it when beauticians offer them new ideas, and one can only have novel ideas if there is a strong sense of curiosity and want for experimentation. Creativity is a natural outcome of curiosity—so work hard to nurture your intriguing self.
  • A good listener: The rule is to listen carefully to what the customer has to say. Every customer wants different things, and many times, they come up with tasks which may be a little difficult to understand. Ask them repeatedly until you properly understand in order to avoid any beauty mishap. Hence, listening skill helps a great deal.

3. Work Opportunities Available

There is no dearth of work opportunities in the freelance community provided you take advantage of tools available for your assistance—here we are talking about the freelance websites.

You search the web and will come across numerous websites that offer users a convenient environment to take up freelance jobs.

These websites have many tools to ease your job search: the creation of account; upload of the portfolio; customisation of search results; newsfeeds and what not. Examples of these websites are,,, and

4. Freelance Beautician Salary

The pay rates will vary and much of this variation depends on an array of factors such as experience, educational qualifications, previous projects and others.

So, if you are starting afresh, your pay rate might not be shiny enough; however, with a strong record of projects, you can have a greater say in determining your pay rate.

In order to keep yourself abreast of prevalent pay rate in the market, join blogs and community forums where discussions will guide you extensively on this and other matters.