How to Become a Freelance Model Scout

How to Become a Freelance Model Scout

Scouting is not an easy thing to do; it is not a task which one can casually perform without keeping in mind certain criteria in mind. The criteria may be anything, from the kind of talent you are looking for, the body type of the sought individuals, and whatnot. Know how to become a freelance model scout.

What more, one cannot simply pick and choose; there is so much to be done afterward, which usually involves meticulous research and regular follow-up with the selected individuals and agencies. Thus, scouting is a professional activity one can only perform when in possession of certain qualifications, skills, and experience.

Scouting is an umbrella term, and there are so many options to choose from. We, for the matter of discussion, will focus on model scouting. Model scouting is among the most important activities in the modeling industry, and, in fact, a lot of modeling agencies rely on model scouts. Therefore, there are a plethora of opportunities for models scouts out there, but there are a number of things one must keep in mind before actually starting out as a scout.

In this article, we shall discuss elaborately the question as to how to become a freelance model out. Here are four points you must keep in mind:

Educational Qualifications 

Quite frankly, one need not have any specific educational qualification to become a model scout. Nevertheless, there a couple of things still worth consideration, and to know more on these, read below:

  • Generally, the minimum educational qualification required is the completion of 10+2 from a recognized school in India; however, lately, employers in the freelancing community have started looking out for freelancers with some or other higher education.
  • While one can have a Bachelor’s in any field, and still become a model scout, it is recommended that a bachelor’s in business and marketing should be preferred. One can go for BBA, or any certificate course in a related field.
  • Educational qualifications will not suffice unless you have practical experience in scouting. There are a number of talent scouting agencies in the country and beyond where one can seek an internship and gather sufficient scouting skills necessary to kick start career. While one can find more scouting agencies abroad than in India; however, this does not mean there is an acute scarcity in our country. A good amount of research will help you locate agencies—which are usually located in metropolitan cities—and intern there.

Skills Necessary to Become a Freelance Model Scout

Model scouting is not an easy job, and hence, requires a considerable number of skills. Some of the skills have been mentioned below, and you must hone them to assure yourself a shimmering career.

  • Knowledge of agencies: Model scouts need to keep themselves updated with agencies’ profiles in their region, hotspots (places where there is a high likelihood of finding the kind of model looking for), parties, fashion show contests, etc. In order to make big, you, as a model scout, must know everything—from favorite designers fashion zones to modeling agencies. Everything should be on your radar.
  • Observational skills: When you are out there scouting, you can find potential models anywhere—from public places to parties. Throughout scouting, you are required to observe discreetly. Poor scouts often behave like paparazzi—something which will be dreadful for your career and personal image.
  • Communication skills: Communication skills will help a great deal in scouting talents. For example, when you think you have found a potential model, then your communication skills will come into play. You will most likely approach the person, and try to strike a conversation relating to modeling. It is your task to convince them into the freelance modeling business, and therefore, communication skills matter monumentally.
  • Focus on a particular type: Before scouting, keep in mind a particular type. There are different kinds of modeling, and you must be pretty specific as to what kind of model you are looking for. For example, male models, child models, swimsuit models, etc. To put it simply, there should an objective and direction in model scouting without which your hard work will not make sense to the agencies at all, and you will, then, end up disappointed.
  • Knowledge of contract law: Elementary knowledge of contract law is recommended. This is important because when you introduce models to agencies, you will, in most cases, end up signing contracts, and therefore, it is imperative you know basics of contract law so that you are able to enforce your rights if a situation so desires.

Work Opportunities for Freelance Model Scouts

  • You can work with modeling agencies. It is often that modeling agencies hire freelance model scouts to reduce their workload, and these scouts are paid handsomely. You can find out about these agencies in magazines or online.
  • You may work independently, but, for that, you need to have a track record.
  • It is much convenient to find freelance jobs online owing to the increase in the number of freelance websites. These websites are becoming increasingly popular among freelancers since they save time, resources, and provide easier and better access to opportunities. Create a profile on any one or more of those websites, upload your resume and submit applications. Pay proper attention to the proposal which is usually submitted along with the application—the proposal states the reason why the applicant is suitable for the job applied. Examples of these websites are,,, etc.

Pay Rate Of Freelance Model Scouts

Factors such as educational qualifications, experience, the status of the agency, etc will heavily influence the pay rate of a freelance model scout. If you are working for a top modeling agency as huge and rich as Victoria Secrets, you may earn an unimaginable amount of money; some even earn in lacs. (1) If you are starting afresh in the model scouting industry, then you may not have much choice in the determination of the pay rate; however, if you have impressive skills, then you may enjoy greater negotiation powers. But, as I noted above, the pay rate is depended on a myriad of factors, and therefore, research is to be done before specifying the pay rate.