5 Best Freelance YouTube Marketing Jobs Online in 2018

5 Best Freelance YouTube Marketing Jobs Online in 2018

YouTube informs the world through its 300 hours of videos updated every minute. Therefore, a job in this popular content sharing website could be nothing lesser than a dream.

Did you know over 95% of the global population watch YouTube videos in 75 languages, every day? Now, isn’t that simply great? So, imagine what could be your rate of growth if through YouTube jobs you get to connect with people across the world and build a sustainable clientele in a matter of few minutes?

YouTube Is the Voice for Creative Businesses and Freelancers

YouTube gives the power to share your story… any story; be it business or personal, you can upload anything there. This paves way forimmense job opportunities for freelancers, and business scopes for start-ups and even established companies.

Needless to say, YouTube is the only platform where age groups between 16 and 65 years are active viewers.

This proves us that YouTube Marketing Jobs could be the next big thing in 2018.  Like any other digital marketing job, marketing jobs for YouTube could also be considered as freelance working opportunity where any creative or YouTube marketing expert will be awarded this year.

If you are a freelancer, and are looking for good marketing jobs online, here are 5 Best Freelance YouTube Marketing Jobs of 2018 that you can pursue.

1. YouTube Technical Consultant

YouTube technical consultants work closely with YouTube products, engineering and content teams to address companies and brands’ complex and pressing YouTube challenges.

Although, this is one of the reputed jobs and the pay scale is quite high, the work needs certain amount of expertise and prior experience in the YouTube Marketing and digital marketing field.

As a freelance consultant, your job would be managing technical engagements with media companies and you should be responsible for the sustenance of success and satisfaction of companies’ portfolio.

As a freelance consultant, you will get opportunities to lead projects and teams for various YouTube marketing objectives and actions that require collaborations. You will also be the instrument in improving existing operations, generating new solutions, bridging product gaps and taking new initiatives for conception and deployment of projects.

You will also be held responsible for improvement of product feature offerings by providing partner feedback to teams including advertising and content management team.

2. YouTube Video Animation

YouTube Animation or self-made cartoon video is a low cost alternative to HD videos, which can be mastered by any web user who has a creative knack.

Animated videos are illustrations and are great story tellers. Unlike real videos where you have a stage, set and actors, animation videos include music, characters, sceneries and sound effects.

Anyone can make them if you know to use the right tools. There is several software available in the market through which you can create cartoons and animation videos. The expensive ones even allow cartooning human beings.

So as a freelancer you can be an expert YouTube Video Animator. You can either buy a professional cartoon making software or use one of the many online animation makers to satisfy your client’s requirements.

However, you may not get all the features that make an excellent animation video in the online free versions.

Today many businesses and brands, in order to cut their revenue cost, prefer to post animated ads on YouTube instead of shooting a video with actors.

3. YouTube Lead Generation

Although there are several ways to distribute videos on Social Media channels but the power of YouTube to get your videos in front of the niche audience and increase your business revenue is incomparable.

Today many brands launch YouTube videos to generate client leads. Well, this definitely is not an easy task. So instead of doing this work in-house, most companies outsource the lead generation work to freelancers and digital marketing companies.

If you know the tactics and strategies, and prior knowledge of SEO to generate lead from YouTube, you can do this work from any part of the country.

Your job role would be generating leads with right keywords using a reliable YouTube SEO tool. Additionally, you should also provide valuable insights to your clients about the right video quality that is needed for an effective lead generation in YouTube.

Adding call to action, clickable landing pages and subscribing buttons are few of the supplementary requirements for lead generation in YouTube marketing.

4. YouTube Video Creation

Video production is not an easy and inexpensive job. A short video for a YouTube channel or website may cost several thousand if you look up for a professional company for the work. But then one cannot just say no to it knowing its benefit for the business in the long run.

Therefore, companies today prefer to choose a freelancer over a professional company for the job, a freelancer who is equally adept with the technicalities.

As a freelancer you can be a professional YouTube video maker and monetise your passion with a short term course or an online course that will help get you there.

As a video creator your job role will range from editing videos in YouTube, create ads for YouTube viewers and shoot videos that talk about client’s business in a crisp and promotional manner.

YouTube videos are completely different from normal commercial videos, so you should learn the practicalities and marketing strategies to build one for your client.

However, once you have established the know-how, your work would be much easier and stress free.

5. Video Channel Manager

The work of a channel manager is to regulate the online distribution with ease from one place. Uploading ads and videos on YouTube is not the only thing that will make your channel popular.

Companies need efficient YouTube channel managers to carry out all the aspects of a popular YouTube channel.

Fortunately this is also a job of a freelancer as it is an online marketing job which requires only a laptop. A freelance manager of YouTube channel focuses on raising the visibility and credibility of the channel.

YouTube video channel managers work independently without needing the guidance of superiors. Your job role will include uploading videos on YouTube and maintaining a video release schedule. You should also stay up to date with the changes made on YouTube platform.

Content writing abilities and content background checking should be an added skill for the job role.

A freelance YouTube Channel Manager should research keywords and optimise descriptions, titles and tags on YouTube channel of the brand or company.

Google AdWords and SEO knowledge, and managing assets and copyrights for the videos are also must for the job.

So here are the best 5 YouTube marketing jobs that as a freelancer you can pursue for a career. All of the above jobs require only one thing in common, prior experience in social media marketing.

For that, you can either work as an intern or work full time with a corporate before plunging in to the freelance business.