How to be a Freelance Social Media Manager

Freelance Social Media manager

Social Media has affected the way advertising and marketing are practiced online. There are many examples of products that are more visible and have in turn become more appreciated by people on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

There are many reasons why people opt for a career in social media. Apart from the fact that there is good money to be earned, there is also the pull of learning a totally novel and new style of digitization.

Social Media Managers usually earn top-drawer salaries and are greatly appreciated for their strategic inputs, and are often called the voice of digital marketing and advertising campaigns. There is a lot of respect and intrigue surrounding their function, but the fact remains that in today’s day and age a good Social Media Manager can boost an organization’s visibility and customer recall by creating effective online branding and advertising strategy.

Freelance Social Media Manager Jobs

Social Media Management is an emerging career. However, the kind of growth this particular skill set has witnessed over the recent years is phenomenal. Of the many other duties that will constitute your life as a Social Media coordinator job description includes:

  • Managing an organization’s social media presence
  • Monitoring this presence using various analytical tools
  • Answering social media queries, as per company standards
  • Generating promotional and advertising content for the organization
  • Brainstorming on new ideas and analyzing the merits and fallbacks of an idea
  • Keeping up with the latest online trends and molding posts according to it
  • Monitoring changes in public perception and meeting promotional goals
  • Advertising on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Freelance Social Media Manager Skills

There is no doubt that one needs to be skillful to be able to perform any task to the utmost. It holds true even for Social Media Management. It may be a field in its nascent age and best practices evolve each day. Some specific skills, which will hold you in good stead as a social media manager, include:

  • Writing: Social media managers must know how to write effective copy in many styles. Knowledge of writing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is desirable.
  • Research skills: Social media managers must keep up to date with online and social media trends.
  • Problem-solving skills: Social media managers must be able to solve, communicate with and relay organizational messages on various platforms.
  • Organizational skills: You must be organized to be able to communicate effectively with customers, to be able to set up and execute social media strategies.
  • Online Interpersonal skills: Social media managers are the link between an organization and the public. Thus, you must be friendly and approachable online.
  • Technical Skills: Social media managers mostly work on computers. Understanding technological aspects, SEO internet access and being technologically aware are necessary skills for a social media manager.

You can develop and hone these skills through various platforms. Many instructional websites offer online courses on social media management. Comply Socially, Udemy, Hootsuite, Lynda, and Allison offer many online courses where you can learn the basics of and even hone your already established skills in Social media management.

Being Successful As A Freelance Social Media Manager

Social Media Management is one of the careers of the 21st century. The social media revolution has ascertained and safely established that the field will only become popular with time. Let us look at ways to increase your chances.

There are many bumps and minor hiccups that most freelancers face, with no colleagues to moan too, or to share lunches with and the instability caused by the absence of a weekly cheque. However, one can become successful, or indeed set off down the path to success, by following certain tips, as;

  • Creating an eye-catching website, and promoting a daily blog
  • Sticking to your schedule
  • Operating under strict deadlines
  • Being open to learning
  • Customizing social sites
  • Marketing yourself

Tools For Freelancers

Freelance Social Media Manager Pay Scale

Social Media Managers earn handsome salaries and are usually quite well off. They are the face of online marketing and communication between end customers and organizations. Thus, their remuneration depends on many factors and is usually rewarded for good outreach and sometimes punished for a lack of one. You may view it as you wish, but the fact remains that if you are good with your work, there is enough money to be earned.

As with other freelance opportunities, there are essentially two types of engagements offered, the fixed-price model and the hourly payment model. Therefore, what can you earn as a freelance social media manager?

Estimated budgets for fixed-price engagements usually fall in the ranges of $20-500, with budgets sometimes even exceeding $1000, while hourly models pay anywhere from $4- 50 an hour, depending on the size of the organization or the scope of work expected. The average pay for a social media manager is around $19 an hour.

Finding Work

It is not tough to find work as a freelance social media manager for hire. It is among the top emerging careers and there are many organizations who are still waking up to the advantages of having a good social media strategy in place. Many websites and online forums offer work for social media managers around the globe.

As with other freelance initiatives, the first agenda you must have is to create a Facebook page and market the services you offer. Furthermore, invite your friends, family, and acquaintances to like the page.

Apart from advertising your services online, the other options you can consider include websites like Elance, Guru, Peopleperhour, Odesk, and Freelancer, which offer many jobs for Social media managers online. Elance currently offers more jobs on this skill than the others do, but that might change soon.


There is an abundance of learning resources for people like you, who wish to become social media managers. Many websites feature paid and free courses on social media management; you can learn the basics and even the specifics of this newly formed career.

Some of the website resources on offer, include popular websites like Comply Socially, Udemy, Hootsuite, Lynda, and Allison, which offer both free and paid varieties of courses on social media management.

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