9 Blogs On Freelancing You Should Check Out

9 Blogs On Freelancing You Should Check Out

The importance of freelancing can never be overstated. People have started leaving their regular jobs to pursue a career in freelancing, and believe us, most of them are doing incredible.

The engagement one gets in the freelance industry is different in many ways: it is flexible, more amenable to adjustments, offers a quick flow of money, and provides diverse work opportunities. However, one cannot immediately start freelancing without finding out what it entails.

For the assistance of both newbies and experienced, there are many blogs on the Internet which have amassed huge readership and have contributed to the growth and development of the freelance community. However, due to the huge number of these blogs, we have shortlisted some really good and authentic advice-giving blogs which every freelancer should follow.

Read below to find out 9 such blogs which can save freelancers from many troubles.

1. Millo

Millo is excellent at giving real-time advice and does not try putting freelancers in a dream like freelance world. They highlight both the good and bad aspects of the industry and offer actionable advice on how to handle both of them. Here at Millo, you can find everything: from tips to discoveries.

If this is not motivating enough, you should know that the founder of Millo, Preston Lee, was featured in a post about highest earning freelance business owners at CreativeLive. So, you should know that you are being delivered content from those who are thoroughly involved in the freelance business.

2. Paul Jarvis

One of the people best suited to give advice on how to manage freelance careers is Paul Jarvis. This man started his freelance business in the 90s and has survived all the odds which affect almost every freelancer out there. He has been there and has won his fights so his advice comes from the kind of experience one would naturally appreciate.

His blog is insightful, bringing to highlight the necessities of freelancing, and how the industry is not always as pleasant as one says. His adviceis actionable and is not written in abstract. Follow his blog to prepare yourself for anything that comes your way.

3. Fizzle

Fizzle is another bog on the list which is impactful and highly informative. Although some of its portions are exclusively reserved for the paid premium community, the team working at Fizzle offers ample free material to non-paying users such as free weekly podcasts and publication of a blog post every week.

The areas covered in the blog are diverse: tips, hacks, misconceptions, myths and inputs from experienced freelancers.

If you are willing to pay a bit, then you should definitely give its premium service a try—it is said to be quite a good deal and has amassed positive feedback from subscribers.

4. The Freelance Report

The team at Millo runs another blog, quite a famous one, The Freelance Report. The blog filters out the content available on the Internet and publishes only the ones which make sense. The articles posted undergo quality-check a number of times before they are published. Hence, the popularity of the Freelance Report amongst freelancers.

Many freelancers do not have enough time to go through every article extensively and therefore, they read this blog. The Freelance report publishes top content every week allowing users to read what is presently important and prevent wastage of time.

5. Double Your Freelancing

Operated by a skilled freelancer and businessman, Brennan Dunn, Double Your Freelancing is amongst the most popular blogs out there. What adds to its massive popularity is the fact that it is run by a man who has had more than 7 years of experience in the industry.

The blog posts offer interesting insights into ways to double your income, fetch better and high paying clients and ensure stability in a thriving freelance career. Getting advice from such a person is quite a resource, and if his advice is sincerely implemented, then people can expect much better performance from themselves.

6. Flaunt My Design

All the creative freelancers out there should definitely sign up for Flaunt My Design.

Tomas Fransson, the founder, does an exemplary job in explaining marketing to creative freelancers by offering some experienced advice in the form of informative, well-curated blog posts.

The blog concentrates on the success stories of various creative businesspersons and covers articles on particular marketing tactics and discloses minute details about various methods a freelancer can employ to market his skills in the highly competitive freelance industry,

7. Help Scout Blog

Understanding your customer or client is very important to ensure stability in one’s freelancing career. To know the basics of this, you should check out Help Scout Blog. The blog offers amazing services involving in-depth blog posts on the psychology of various customers and clients and how to deal with it.

Help Scout Blog is one of the most peculiar blogs and has amassed huge readership for its content. Sign up for it and you can remain updated with articles exploring intriguing aspects of freelancing.

8. Crew Blog

Crew Blog is spot-on in giving advice on how to smartly manage your freelance industry. The areas covered are diverse including ways to handle bad and overly bossy clients and how to eliminate unwanted stress from your professional life. The blog focuses on the importance of understanding the psychology of clients for ensuring maximum output and better relations.

Check out this blog to explore what your client thinks every time he assigns you a project.

9. Work Made For Hire

Work Made For Hire is not updated as regularly as compared to others on the list, but it offers par excellent articles on various aspects of freelancing. It usually offers insights into the less attractive areas of freelancing which are often overlooked such as contract negotiation and acceptance of pay rates way below than the standard market rates.

The blog was created Katie Lane, who is a consultant specializing in providing assistance to freelancers in legal matters. Her posts help readers to know the nitty-gritty of contract negotiation and how to make wise decisions while taking up jobs.