A Great Guide on Concierge Jobs

A Great Guide on Concierge Jobs

The concierge jobs is a very fascinating and entertaining profession. Concierges are the first point of contact between visitors/guests and a firm/hotel. Right from answering questions and providing information through coordinating travel plans and events to following orders, a concierge does many tasks that do not include in their job description. While it may look simple from the surface, the concierge’s responsibilities are quite strict and meticulous.

If you wish to work in the hospitality industry, then you could pursue this line of profession and make a commendable living out of it.

To give you a head start, this blog will talk about different concierge jobs, the roles, and responsibilities of concierge, job description, and salary.

What Does a Concierge Do?

Concierge work in the hospitality industry typically, but you can also find a job in the healthcare industry, real estate industry, aviation industry, and industries where greeting and meeting is a primary responsibility.

As we said earlier, concierges engage with visitors and guests on behalf of the firm and make them comfortable and well-received, and their stay well-planned.

The primary prerequisite of becoming a concierge is a warm and friendly nature. If communication and personality are your strengths, then this might be the perfect job for you.

On a typical working day, you will be in the first house and act as the first point of contact with the arriving guests. You must be friendly, approachable, humble, helpful, and informative.

Having an amiable, composed, and energetic personality will prove advantageous in your career.

A Concierge’s responsibilities revolve around the following lines:

  • Greet and welcome guests and visitors
  • Provide information
  • Make reservations and appointments
  • Book transportation for guests
  • Help guests plan their travel itinerary
  • Make suggestions for entertainment
  • Arrange for entertainment and dining and other events
  • Book tours and event tickets
  • Deliver personal information and messages to guests
  • Answer calls
  • Run errands for guests
  • Help guests during time of crisis
  • Plan meeting, conferences, and events, and schedule visits

While these were the critical job duties, you may also have to fulfill guests’ whims and fancies and take care of demands that are hard to meet. You have to, however, find ways to meet those demands or negotiate to achieve win-win solutions/terms amicably.

Quick thinking, problem-solving, leadership skills, conflict resolving, and time management are some refined qualities that will help you get through this profession smoothly.

Just like any other profession in the hospitality industry, this job also demands long-working hours, emergency calls, and rotational shifts. The VIP concierge job description may also require you to work during the weekends and public holidays.

How Much Does a Concierge Make

The answer entirely depends upon the type of industry you choose. Your salary will also depend upon whether you select to work full-time, part-time, or freelance. While an average wage of a concierge in the United States is $34,116 per annum, you can also earn between $13 and $25 per hour.

Job Descriptions of Concierges

Job Requirements:

The best part about this career is it doesn’t require any particular qualification or licensure to get into. Although a degree in hospitality management and business management will act as a cherry-on-top of the cake, you can also enter this field with a necessary management degree, English language, and any other educational background.

To improve your chances of securing a job in a reputed firm quickly, you can pursue allied diploma courses in personality development, communication, and organizational and interpersonal skills.

Just like education, you don’t particularly need any working experience in the industry to find a concierge job. However, you can work in part-time employment in human service sectors, such as a hotel receptionist, tours & travel guide, valet, restaurant manager, personal assistant, and secretary, to build your resume.

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Concierge Jobs Description

There are different types of concierge jobs, and each has unique sets of job descriptions and responsibilities. Understanding each will help you decide the kind of career line you would want to pursue.

Hotel Concierge Job Description and Duties

Apart from welcoming customers and guests at the entrance, the following duties include in hotel concierge’s job description:

  • Have extensive knowledge of the nearby locations, venues, businesses, and tourist places
  • Confirm reservation
  • Assist and inform guests about their stay
  • Provide guests with personalized services, activities, and facilities
  • Arrange for tours, excursions, transportation, and personal parties
  • Answer phone calls, direct and redirect messages
  • Act proactively on the complains and provide appropriate solutions

VIP Concierge Job Description and Duties

As a VIP Concierge, you will most probably provide signature services to VIP guests, including essential clients from abroad, media & entertainment celebrities, athletes, and politicians. Right from picking them up from the airport, through ensuring they are adequately provided, to taking them around the city and fulfilling their requests, you would be responsible for their comfort and experience.

You may have to acquire specific knowledge, such as:

  • Information about the nearby casinos
  • Places meant for VIPs
  • Working at VIP special events and promotions
  • Retrieve information for clients
  • Answer phone calls
  • Provide superior hospitality
  • Provide security staff
  • Rerun their meetings and events
  • Work as VIPs personal assistant

Residential Concierge Job Description

As a residential concierge, you will work as a personal assistant for the residents. That doesn’t mean you will work as a security guard or spot boy. But your role will be similar to that of a property manager’s and have duties like the reserve dinner table, book cab, order food, manage social gathering, invite guests on behalf of residents, and communicate on the phone.

Excellent communication, strong ethics, and a good understanding of the local area are essential qualifications for this job.

Residential concierges are generally appointed in multi-storied buildings or residential colonies where 50 or more families reside.

As a concierge(1), you will help enhance your company’s reputation and the guests’ quality of living experience in several ways. This could be a gratifying and well-paying job if you are okay with long working hours and weekend shifts.