10 Countries That Are Ideal For Freelancers

countries that Are ideal for freelancerss

Freelancers can work from anywhere, but the place from which they work make a difference in a number of ways. In the map of the world, you will find countries which are good, okay, and bad for freelancing—and in this article, we are going to talk about the ones which are good.

If you are a freelancer and want to settle in a country for your business, then we have prepared a list for you to refer. The list contains all those countries which are known for their freelance-friendly features such as low living costs, encouraging governmental measures, high-speed Internet, and others.

We ask you to take a look at 10 of such countries and decide for yourself where you want to move.

1. South Korea

We will start with one of the fastest developing countries in Asia, which has become a hub for businesses.

South Korea offers attractive work opportunities to freelancers, but its benefits include more than just that. This country offers the fastest Internet in the world, with an average download speed of 33.5 MB per second. Moreover, it offers easier access to credit, a cozy city life, and access to the peculiarities of South Korean culture.

2. Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful option for those who are looking for countries with low living cost. It is a country with an efficient health care system, low cost of transportation and telecommunications, friendly natives, and what not. Another benefit is the country’s low crime rate, which is not usually the case with its neighboring countries.

Here you can exploit these cheaply but qualitatively available services for the purposes of establishing a successful freelance business.

3. Portugal

Portugal is a very popular destination for freelancers for a variety of reasons. It offers all those things which make the lives of freelancers comfortable and with fewer worries. Some of them include affordable travel, easier access to credit facilities, fast Internet speed, and a comfortable lifestyle.

What adds to the whole freelancing experience over here is the fact that it is incredibly picturesque. So, now you know where to head to realize your business aspirations!

4. Ukraine

Ukraine’s entry may surprise a few of our readers, but there are strong reasons behind its inclusive in the list. Here in Ukraine, a freelancer can find cheap property deals and an efficient transportation system. Moreover, the telecommunication and electricity expenditure is not high.

Apart from all this, Ukraine is highly beneficial for long-term freelancers, as many healthcare benefits are extended to residents. So, one of the key concerns of freelancers is also sufficiently dealt with in this country.

5. UAE

It is true that UAE offers amazing business opportunities to people provided they exploit them right. UAE is a country where the State does not impose income tax—something which must have brightened up your eyes already.

As a freelancer, you can exploit business-friendly policies the State runs in UAE and increase your income potential to high levels.

6. Hong Kong

The rate with which Hong Kong has developed is incredible, and one can avail the benefits of its development with fewer problems. This is, particularly, true for freelancers.

Hong Kong outperforms a number of countries on this list with respect to key parameters such as income tax, transportation, housing, and Internet speed. The culture over here is business-driven, and thus, we can expect to grow our business greatly.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand is a great destination for those freelancers—which I believe is the case with everyone—who hate running through tedious administrative and business procedures. Here, the State has relaxed a lot of these procedures, and one can commence any business in a relatively easy manner.

Another feature of this country is its Internet speed. It offers some of the highest Internet speeds in the world, which is, of course, an undeniably attractive feature to any freelancer.

8. The USA

While there is no denying that the USA is not cheap, there are a couple of factors which has helped it secure its place in this list. Some of these factors include a well-connected network of transportation, access to free Wi-Fi at a number of locations, and a friendly-culture towards freelancing.

Being the most developed country in the world, the USA has a lot to offer. Once you settle down in this country, you will be a part of a bigger and stronger business world.

9. Spain

Spain treats its freelancers with great hospitability and touristic comfort. As a freelancer, you will find it quite convenient to settle down in this country and enjoy its range of benefits such as easy access to credit, a highly-connected network of transportation, free Wi-Fi spots at numerous locations, and what not.

10. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is more than just its scenic locations—it is also a great destination for running a business. For freelancers, Bulgaria has become an increasingly interesting location for establishing and operating their businesses Due to its low-income tax rates, many freelancers move to this country.

Another feature, which might not interest many but still deserves mention, is the availability of cheap coffee. If you are one of those coffee-loving freelancers, then you know you will not be disappointed.

The country in which a freelancer operates matters a great deal. There are a lot of factors which affect the operability of a freelancer such as tax rate, healthcare benefits, telecommunication, transportation, lifestyle, etc. Thus, you must know what your country has to offer to freelancers before deciding to commence business.

In this article, we tried to enumerate, not in any specific order, the best countries where life as a freelancer is convenient, profitable, and peaceful. These countries perform high on the human development index and are known for their business-friendly policies.

With this article, we wanted to help freelancers make wise decisions and we wish to help as much as possible. For that, we want our readers to share their opinions and share this article with the world so that the discourse is inclusive and diverse.