Career as an eBook Writer

How to Become an eBook Writer

eBooks are no different from the traditional paper books except in their medium of publication. So like any other type of book, the first step in writing an eBook is to decide, develop, and come up with an idea.

To become a successful eBook writer, you have to write about something you know. If you are already a successful blogger, then you have a ready-made audience for your writing, and all you have to do is to tie your eBook to your blog’s central idea or core topic.

As of 2014, 32% of adults in the US used tablet-like iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc. that is capable of reading eBooks, and in the last five years, the percentage has drastically increased.

Earlier, writing a book was destined only for those who were able to get a publishing contract or writing agent, which is difficult. But today, the internet has become a boon for anyone passionate about writing an eBook in any genre. If you are passionate about writing and have always wondered how to write and sell an eBook, this article will give you a better understanding of becoming an eBook writer.

How to Write an eBook

Ever wondered how to write an eBook and make money? It’s as simple as that. Anyone passionate about writing with excellent writing skills can become an eBook writer and sell their copies and earn more.

How to Become an ebook Writer in Steps?

Step 1: Come up with an idea and make sure to write a brief about the idea that has popped out from your mind. Writing a book of fiction will take more time than any other genre because you have to come up with plot points as well.

Step 2: Expand your idea by thinking about its different aspects. Drawing a web of concepts to do this would be helpful for you.

Step 3: Once the core idea is expanded, you must focus on collecting more information about your basic topic. Organize the details and rearrange if needed until it makes sense to you and has a flow.

Step 4: Start writing the book and never worry about the title, table of contents, chapters and any other stylish elements of the book as of now. Just start writing from the beginning or any chapter you wish to start with.

Step 5: Once you have written the book, let it sit for a couple of days so that you can come back to it with a critical eye for reviews. Proofread the book and look at the order of the chapters and check if they make sense to you.

Step 6:Once the body of the book is perfect, then add a title, introduction, or bibliography. Choose a suitable cover. If you are writing eBooks for a living, then remember that your book’s cover is what the potential buyers/readers notice first.

Step 7: Before publishing an eBook, send it to trusted friends and family who will give genuine feedback. Record the feedback and improve the eBook before you publish it.

Steps Involved in Publishing an eBook

Step 1: Write a great book that provides value to your reader both emotionally and practically. Make sure that your eBook makes your readers stay focused.

Step 2: By all means, hire a content editor/proofreader for your eBook don’t hesitate to do it, as even the most successful authors have professional editors to help them improve the quality of writing.

Step 3: Design, format, and convert your paper manuscript file in Word, PDF, etc. into an eBook that will look great on all the popular eReaders and tablets.

Step 4: Because your eBook cover is the most important marketing tool and attract sales and grabs all the first look attention to your eBook, hire a professional designer, and design a suitable cover.

Step 5: Publishing an eBook and distributing it worldwide through iBookstore, Amazon, Nook, etc. is one of the crucial steps.

Step 6: Your job doesn’t end with publishing an eBook. You need to promote your eBook and should let the readers all around the world know that your book exists.

How to Make Money With ebooks Online?

There are quite a few options available for an eBook writer to publish and sell their eBooks. You can create your website and sell your eBooks online. You have to make use of a simple shopping cart, and its all set. Potential readers will visit your site, place an order, and download your eBook. It’s pretty much automated, and you need to ensure that the site is running smoothly.

Have you ever thought about how to sell eBooks in the easiest way? Well, make use of a third-party platform like Amazon. Though Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing charges you a commission on your sales, their reach will fetch you more sales. Selling your eBook on Kindle is simple, sign up, and upload your eBook(1).

If you are releasing your eBook on the Amazon Kindle store and planning to compete with authors selling books for $10.00 or less, then you should go with a similar price image(2).

Bottom Line

Writing an eBook can take a long time or less than a day. You may face hurdles while writing an eBook and maybe on the verge of giving up, but remember you have a much better chance of accomplishing what many would-be eBook writers did not have and complete your eBook.