10 Secrets Behind A Successful Freelance Filmmaker

film maker for freelancers

Filmmaking is more than just fine skills in video editing. It is about having a vision and giving it material in the form of a story. It is the way you send across a message through your story, decides whether you are a good filmmaker or not.

There is no easy way to freelance as a filmmaker. However, there are a handful of things which you must keep in mind that can give you enough confidence to start. In this article, we will discuss ten things which can end up making you a successful freelance filmmaker.

1. Know That You Want To Become A Filmmaker

It is easy to say that you want to become a filmmaker, but it is difficult to actually become one. Many of us get fantasized by the seemingly exciting world of filmmaking, but while so fantasizing, we end up ignoring things the real challenges of the filmmaking world.

The first and foremost thing we would like you to do is to sit back and think carefully whether you really want to become a filmmaker; more importantly, if you wish to become a freelance filmmaker. The decisiveness should come from within, and unless you have that, we ask you to wait.

2. Get On The Freelance Websites

You need to ensure that your presence is felt across various freelance and social media websites. It is essential to sell your skills to people, and these websites will offer you just the right platforms to do that.

There are plenty of websites to start with such as Freelancer.com, Guru.com, and Upwork.com which offer customized services to freelancers and clients to engage in business effectively wherever they are.

In addition to these freelance websites, you must make accounts on mainstream social networking websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. These websites have started introducing services which cater to the business interests of their online community.

3. Be Armed With Content

If you want to sell your filmmaking skills, you need to have content to prove that you have them. You should know this very well that there is no linear path to success in the freelance world. If you are not careful, you will end up having repeated spells of unemployment.

To win clients, you need to have a good portfolio. In case you are starting anew, then it is necessary that you create sample videos in the manner which best highlight your filmmaking skills.

Always have an aim while creating content—don’t randomly create videos just for the heck of it. For example, if your interests lie in making travel vlogs, then your videos must focus on that area.

4. Keep Brushing Up Your Skills

In the freelance industry, there are many with whom you share your filmmaking dreams. The competition is high, and you cannot slack behind in complacency. So, you need to keep upgrading your skillset to withstand the competition.

While there are many courses run by institutes across the globe, there are plenty available online. These courses deal with different aspects of filmmaking, and most of them require payment of a subscription fee. But, it is all worth it once you get shiny certificates to add to your resume. You can check out some courses here.

5. Communicate Whenever You Can

Your communication skills will take you to places—and we are not exaggerating at all. If you know what to say and who to approach, then you can crack the loop of no work in no time. Why do these skills work? These skills work because they help you in constructing a strong network of potential clients.

One of the key skills is the ability to reply quickly to emails. It may so happen that you initiate communication, but when the other side communicates, your pace lags. This sends out a wrong impression. Also, you cannot be boastful of your accomplishments otherwise you will invite skepticism.

Time is also an essential aspect of communication skills. You cannot call up, text or email people whenever you want. Also, you cannot send out lengthy emails in the first instance before actually ascertaining whether the other side wants to take forward the conversation in the first place.

6. Master Video Editing Skills

You can record as many videos as you want, but if you cannot edit them properly, then everything falls apart. So, to avoid any such situation, you need to master those video editing software available.

Video editing skills take time to develop, but with practice one can master them. Every video editing software is designed with an aim that editors should be able to get the best out of video-making. In case you are confused about which software to start with, you can get some leads here.

7. Be Open To Change

The freelance industry can be very demanding and may ask you to adjust your ways of doing things. While the level of autonomy you have as to how to go about your work is reasonably good, you cannot expect to be completely free of any supervision.

When a client hires you, he will have his own vision and requirements for the video. While you can give your inputs, you cannot force them into your work unless approved. Be mindful of how you create videos, as going away from the direction towards which the client has guided you can cause you loss.

8. Get A Website

Owning a website is one of the best things you can do as a freelancer. As a freelance filmmaker, you will have to ensure that you are not obscured by the crowd online—and a website can help you stay in the limelight.

Design or get designed a website which reflects your vision and skills. The more creative your website is, the better people will appreciate you as a filmmaker. You can also use your website to run advertisements revenue from which can help you greatly in creating good content.

9. YouTube

Yes, we have already asked you to get an account on YouTube, but we would like to remind you of the importance of this phenomenal video streaming website.

Get an account, upload your content over there, and let the views increase. If your content is good, people will appreciate it, and it shall be reflected in the number of views, comments and subscribers you get. Your popularity among online public can attract potential clients who might end up giving up handsome pay-outs.

10. Keep Trying

We have been quite open about the completion and relative instability in the freelance industry. Considering the highly competitive nature of the filmmaking industry, there will be times when you will fail. But, you have got to keep trying until you just cannot go on anymore. Only the one who perseveres survives freelancing.

Filmmaking is becoming an increasingly popular choice among freelancers. However, the conditions in the freelance filmmaking are not easy to deal with. In fact, without patience and continuous hard work, it is not possible to survive for long.

In this article, we tried helping our fellow freelance filmmakers by telling them about certain things which can take them forward. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be things which we might have missed out. We welcome any such comment from our readers. In addition to this, we also appreciate our readers who share this article and let the world know about it.