10 Tips To Expand Your Freelance Fitness Training Business

tips to expand freelance fitness training business

Personal training is one of the most booming businesses in the freelance industry. Many fitness trainers have joined this ever-expansive community and are making a name for themselves. But, there are only a select few of them who manage to take the best out of this otherwise lucrative industry.

In the freelance industry, you will have to stand out from the crowd, and for that, you will have to market your business differently. In this article, we will help all our fellow fitness trainers to establish and grow themselves as freelancers. We have compiled ten tips over here for your reference and believe that they can of great resource to you.

So, let us take a look at them:

1. Own A Website

Today, the most effective way of marketing your business online is through a website. You can get a website that is user-friendly and explores all aspects of your fitness business which the public should know.

In addition to this, you should get yourself on freelance websites which are so tailored as to meet the needs of every freelancer out there. All you need to do is to create an informative profile, with necessary details and a well-drafted portfolio. Once you have a profile, you can apply for jobs requiring services of a fitness trainer.

2. Know Your Areas Of Expertise

Sources advise that you ascertain what kind of services you can offer. Fitness training is a broad term which encompasses many forms of training of which you should be aware. Besides, you need to be clear about the target clients, i.e. whether you will provide services to every type of client or a specific group such as young athletes, women, bodybuilders, etc.

As far as the types of fitness training are concerned, there are several of them such as Aerobic training, heart training, and strength training. When you are clear about the area you would like to offer services in, you will be better placed to go ahead with your program.

3. Program Design

This follows the determination of the area of specialization. A fitness program will be your highlight and reflect your vision and how you aim to realize it.

In a typical program design, a trainer considers the body requirements of clients of different body-types, the time duration of every exercise being offered, equipment (if any) used, location, fee, and the routine among many other things.

You cannot be vague about these things while marketing your business because unless people know what kind of programs you have in store for them they will not be readily willing to offer their money.

4. Send Out Your Wisdom

You need to exploit the potential of emails in expanding your network and consequentially, your business. Many fitness trainers send out weekly, biweekly or monthly emails to relevant consumer base such as gym members, past clients, Facebook friends, etc.

You will have to maintain a proper email list specifically for the purpose of sending out such emails. While doing so, you need to ensure that you provide necessary information about your business in the content, or you can put essential details such as contact details, link to your official website in your e-mail signature.

5. Get On YouTube

In this 21st century, YouTube has become a revolutionary platform for freelancers to kick-start their careers and make them grow to incredible levels. If you use YouTube strategically, you can tap more out of it than from any other platform.

The first thing you need to do is create a YouTube channel, with a catchy name. Ensure that it is not too difficult for people to understand or pronounce. Once you are through with this, upload a handful of good quality videos on fitness exercises in which you provide services. Promote your freelance business in videos and write about them in the video description. Also, engage with the audience who comment on your videos.

6. Create A Good Resume

Clients will often ask you to send over your resume so that they can assess your knowledge and skills on the basis of what you have achieved until now. So, you need to ensure two things: the design of the resume should be clean and appropriate, and it should not be an enumeration of things you achieved back in school.

You need to draft a resume specifically for your fitness training clients. You cannot add any unrelated information such as trophies won in drawing competition back in school for their reference. It, therefore, becomes crucial that you keep learning and improving on your skills so that your resume looks fresh.

7. Seek Certifications

One of the ways you can keep your resume fresh is by enrolling yourself in certificate courses. You may have a set of some excellent skills, but if you do not keep them in a good state, they will be useless to you in the long run.

There are many courses run by fitness training academies which operate all over the world. However, one can also enroll in online courses in case of paucity of time or/and resources to engage in real-time courses. There are many online courses run by various institutions such as the ones found here. Research online and you will come across multiple courses to choose from.

8. Conduct Free Courses

Whether you conduct these courses online or in real time, you need to keep in mind that the objective behind giving such classes is to highlight your skills in fitness training and promote your business among the masses.

You can organize a free workshop in the place where you operate your business or conduct an online workshop through YouTube, Instagram or any other website which deems fit to you. Let the world know how much you can deliver and have them decide your worth.

9. Tap Into Your Personal Network

There might be people in your personal network who are looking for a fitness trainer or might know someone who’s looking for one. Therefore you need to keep promoting yourself among people in your network. For example, hand over business cards whenever you make a personal visit to someone’s place or simply mention that you work as a freelance fitness trainer.

Everyone keeps talking about how we should keep a tab on our professional network, but very few talk about the incredible potential of your family and friends in bringing your work. Inter-personal references can help you promote your business faster than any website in this world.

10. Make Clients Write Testimonials And Referrals

Relationships are most fragile in business, and you need to care for them as tenderly and carefully as possible. You must not cut contacts with your previous clients just because their projects are done.

Many times clients do a background check on you by looking at the number of testimonials you have received. They might ask you to get a referral from any of your previous clients before they approve of you. So, it is advised to preserve your business relationships.

People are becoming health conscious as we speak. They are usually on a lookout for professional fitness trainers who can offer them good services, but there are too many trainers to choose from. If you are a freelance fitness trainer and want people to choose you over other trainers, then you will have to market your business smartly.

The tips we have mentioned in this article can help you in developing a business strategy. However, we would like to know what our readers think about these tips and whether there is more to freelance fitness training than what we have mentioned. Feel free to comment your views below and click share to help us reach out to more people!