How to Build a Strong Freelance Portfolio that Grabs Attention?

how to build a strong freelance portfolio that grabs attention

One of the most valuable assets to your freelance business is your portfolio. Created properly, your portfolio will act as a powerful marketing tool for your freelance business, find clients for you by writing a proposal and sell products

With strong portfolio, you are no longer required to search for a client to get work. A good portfolio will drive clients. Here you’ll learn how to build a portfolio the right way and decide what and what not to include in your portfolio.

What can be included in portfolio?

Building a portfolio is nothing but showcasing your work pieces. At the same time, you should not showcase everything you’ve had experience in, your freelance portfolio must consists of your best work pieces or what you would like to be known for. In simple words, just create your portfolio on whatever you want to be known for.

Anything outside of your specialty is an add-on service. For example, if you have expertise in writing content but if you can also write technical writing, then it is an add-on for you. You have to project your skills to add more weightage to your portfolio.

Your portfolio should project you as an expert in your field. This can drive the right clients to your website and your work can convince potential clients.

How to build a portfolio website?

Building a good portfolio seems to be challenging for any freelancer. Your portfolio is your number one asset, so you need to try your best and invest your time, effort and money.

If you don’t have any experience in building portfolio, then we can give you some alternate solutions. If you are just getting started, you can easily set up a free account on Dribbble, and Behance. Squarespace is one of the best online portfolio services that can help you to create a good portfolio.

 How to take your portfolio to the next level?

If you’ve done with building a great portfolio website, your next goal would be getting out the most of your work. Quality images are the first thing that helps to create first impression. What kind of thumbnails you use to preview your work also matters when it comes to turning a potential client into a paying client. Having an about us page can help clients to know who they are working with.

You can also consider adding work process page that gives complete details on who you are and how you work. Adding case studies demonstrating your ability can sell your services. Sharing blog posts that reference the type of work you do can also add weightage to your portfolio.

Unique pieces of content is what that drives traffic and increase conversions. Also, having a blog will add more credence to your portfolio.

The ultimate goal of spending all the time and perfecting your website is to find freelance jobs that you love. Hence, include all the things that can attract your target clients. Use the style that speaks to them and make sure to project your personality into it. Don’t forget to add your contact details so it will become easy for clients to hire you.

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