How to Write a Proposal and Win More Clients

how to write a proposal and win more clients

Great, you’ve found the client and discussed everything about the project. What next? Writing a proposal, right? The proposal you write to client can make or break the deal. You should be very careful while creating a proposal.

Creating a proposal can be a cumbersome task for freelancers, especially if you have never written before. Here we explain you how to create a winning proposal.

The main motto of creating a proposal is to clarify the roles and goals of the project. The proposal outlines the project requirement and uncovers the real work behind what is required. Infact, it acts as a roadmap and help you better understand what type of work and what it is going to cost.

As a freelancer, you should make client know what you do and what they should expect from working with you.

Writing your First Freelance Proposal

It would take several hours to create a proposal, if you are creating it for the first time. The proposal you create for your client should make you land in the project and get paid. Your proposal need not to be very long. A single page with crucial information would be sufficient.

How to a write a compelling proposal?

Before starting writing a proposal, the first thing you should do is to research the industry and understand your client’s requirement. Develop a curiosity for the clients and business. Now, dive into the specifics of what to include in the proposal.

A proposal should be a very basic document with simple and easy to read structure. Clients do not waste their time reading, so limit your proposal to 1 or 2 pages.

What Should be Included in the Proposal?

Project info: Basic details like name, client name, contact details and project title


what’s the client requirement and what are your plans to meet client’s expectations. Here you can clearly demonstrate the client requirement and how you will deliver the solution.


Mention the timeframe for delivering the project. Include specific deliverables and when to expect them.


Be clear on how much you will paid and how you will be paid. Mention your price and price per deliverable.

Any Contract

You can also include the contract details, if applicable. It will help client sign all at once, thus saving both the time.

What if Client Rejects your Proposal?

The worst thing that can happen is not getting the project. If this is the case, then no worries. There are plenty of clients out there. Learn from the experience and move on. Thank the client for the opportunity and open the door for future opportunities.

Hope you got required information about creating a proposal. Although you don’t have projects around start creating a proposal to win more clients and know how to convince the clients.

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