10 Freelance Skills which are in Huge Demand

10 Freelance Skills which are in Huge Demand

The competition is on the rise, especially with the advent of the online freelance industry. The sprawling presence of this industry has brought together people from all over the world and enabled them to compete with one another in a more open and transparent platform.

In order to stand out in this industry, a determination will not suffice. You will be required to develop and hone skills that are most crucial to the freelance industry.

While there are all kinds of skills operational in this industry, there are a few whose demand is phenomenally high. Thus, if you work on these few skills, you might be able to get access to greater and better work opportunities.

In this article, we have shortlisted ten skills that are in huge demand in the freelance industry. What is notable about these skills is that there are many with these skills but only the best survive the harshness of the competition. So, if you think you can be one of them, you should start working hard.

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Here are those ten freelance web developers skills you should know about in order to brighten your freelance career and take it to newer heights.

1. Content Writing

Charting at number one, Content Writer is a universally acclaimed and the most wanted freelance skill in the present freelance industry. Thus, content writing invites a lot of lucrative opportunities for freelancers.

You get paid for every word, and all you need to do is sit in front of a computer and write a batch of articles by following a prescribed manner. You will never fall short of the platforms for which you can write—newspapers, blogs, YouTube, Facebook pages, promotional pages, entertainment websites such as 9gag and Buzzfeed, etc.

In order to establish a sound and profitable career in content writing, start working on your basics, style of writing and a couple of other things such as sticking to the guidelines.

You might be surprised to know that an average Indian freelance content writer earns about 1.8 lacs annually, but the figure is higher since there are those with many years of experience and talent for profiting from this business smartly.

2. Blogging

Blogging is part of the content writing, but it deserves a separate mention because blogging is huge enough to define itself as an industry.

Website owners need bloggers to advertise their portals on various platforms. Those with good blogging skills will be able to direct the audience’s attention to the relevant content and increase the number of visitors to the website.

If you are wondering about the earnings, you should know that bloggers make as much as $100k every year!

3. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is huge in demand in the freelance industry. Several digital marketing companies, magazines, newspapers, and blogs require talented and punctual graphic designers to cater to their graphics-related needs in minimum time.

In order to make big as a graphic designer, you must polish your computer skills, especially the use of Photoshop or other editing software. Plus, you should be flexible enough to accommodate brighter and out-of-the-box ideas to give more meaning to your designs.

It is recommended that you maintain a proper portfolio of all your designs in order to increase your employment chances.

4. Web Development

The Internet is about websites; without websites, the gigantic Internet will be no fun. It, therefore, becomes important that the Internet keeps on growing with more productive and interactive websites.

Getting on board web developers is not always easy, but the freelance industry has done away with several hassles. Freelance web developers are greatly in demand. As business is growing, websites become backbones, and only a good website will be able to contribute to the business.

If you are a web developer, you should start building a portfolio and applying. You can earn a significant sum daily by investing only a couple of hours into the job.

A side tip: If you happen to work for bigger companies, you can end up earning more than you could ever have imagined. So, keep trying!

5. Voice Over Artists

Voice-over artists have become trending artists lately. With the rise of documentaries, international broadcast of shows such as anime, Asian dramas, English movies and whatnot, voice-over artists are direly needed.

You can do a lot of things: work at a radio station or dub regional shows in different languages. All you are expected to have are great voice modulation, clarity, and enunciation. Moreover, your ability to emotionally connect to the character you are providing your voice to is also material.

There is no age requirement to prevent you from venturing into voice-overs. Your voice will make up an excellent skill!

6. Search Engine Optimisation

Known more popularly by its acronym SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is a technique aimed at increasing the website traffic.

Why is SEO a great skill? Well, the answer is simple and valid. If you wish to survive and make money online, you will have to attract traffic. Most of the revenues earned online is through advertisements following the “pay-per-click” basis of payment.

Owners of search engines and websites often hire freelancers to optimise searches and increase traffic. However, it is to be understood that SEO skills need a lot of practice. For example, if you are an SEO article writer, you should know what keywords will most likely be inputted into the search engine and you on only learn them with experience.

7. Translation

The Internet has ushered in the world of cosmopolitanism. Now every person can have access to international content, and this begs the need to translate. The linguistic differences are done away with the help of translators and you can find most of them working as freelancers.

Translation is a coveted skill today. There is a non-stop transmission of international content such as English movies, Japanese animation and whatnot, and this requires the need to translate in regional languages for better access.

Freelance translation assignments are lucrative. From private companies to government institutions, all of them require translators to expand their audience.

8.App Development

If you go to Playstore, you will immediately realize the importance of Apps in the digital world today. In this world of Internet of things, Apps are utterly important.

App development is a skill companies are desperately looking for. There are many App developers in the world but only a selective portion of them hand over quality applications. Thus, the tragedy is that despite many App developers, creativity is still confined to not many.

Naturally, App developers will face competition, but they will always be open to lucrative opportunities. App developers are paid heavily and thus, to make best of your skill, polish it.

9. Executive Search Specialist

Companies want to work with best people, and you can help them find such people. Many companies hire freelance Executive Search Specialist to help them find suitable candidates for particular roles and pay the latter accordingly.

The contribution would be a relatively less-pressurized HR system contributing to the efficiency of the overall organization of the company.

The clients are usually medium-sized and large-sized companies and hence, you are sure to make handsome earnings. Just work on your professional connections and use them in these assignments for your own good.

10. Social Media Marketing

If you are a social media addict, you can profit from your addiction. As noted earlier, to survive in the digital market, you will need to attract traffic—naturally, you will have to advertise.

Advertisement can be complex, and to ease the entire process a little bit, freelance social media marketers are roped in to do the job. All you need to do is to share the website or any other information on popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, etc and you can earn a huge amount.

Freelance Social Media Manager

Companies want candidates who are well-connected because if they are reclusive, there will be no point in making them share information.

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