Are you a Freelancer? Know How to Succeed on Twitter

know how to succeed on twitter

As a freelancer you tempt to get in front of people in a short term. Getting in front of the people is not as simple as you think. No one is going to remember you. Here we would like to tell you about how freelancers can use Twitter to build their personal brand, create a community and ultimately get more clients.

Why you Should be on Twitter?

Notably, there are 316 million active users and 500 million tweets are sent through twitter each day. Top companies like JetBlue, Starbucks and Vevo are seeing success on twitter, while freelancers like Paul Jarvis have over 14,000 followers. Twitter is a great place to build personal brand and learn what’s happening in the industries.

On twitter, you must think about the quality of interactions rather than the quantity. Maintain conversations and one-to-one interactions. Do not always promote yourself, start promoting others too.

Monitor the Industry

Knowing what’s going on in the industry will help you understand how to approach clients and how to do better job. In twitter, tweets are limited by 140 characters so people tweet a lot. This will help you know the industry by browsing across on twitter.

When you are on twitter, you can research your audience and know what potential audience is talking about. You can use twitter to better understand what’s trending, so that you can implement best strategies to reach your audience faster.

Personal Brand

By sharing and giving feedback on other’s projects or what you found can help increase followers and create a brand. Sharing what you found will make you discover new things and enhance your thinking capabilities. Focus on the quality of connections instead of quantity. This might surely build your personality and help you maintain longer and sustained conversations among audience.

Create Community

Start finding people who work with similar roles. Interact with people and keep sharing your favorite ones. Find what most people are tweeting about the topics important to you. Search for new interesting people and try building connections with them. Have one-on-one interactions with the people who are working in the same industry. This can definitely help you build good connections in twitter.

Make Friends

Not always use twitter for only finding new clients instead you can make new friends. The connections you build can sometimes come to you when they need our services. Every business owner and freelancer knows referrals would work well when it comes to getting business. Spread love and one day those referrals will come from our new friends and the connections.

Hope this article has given you enough information about leveraging your network on twitter. If you want to tell something please comment below.

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