Is there Career Growth Potential in the Graphic Design Field?

potential growth in freelance graphic design

We all hear about graphic designers making their move in the freelance industry; however, many wonder whether there is any career growth potential as a graphic designer. In this article, we might be able to help you get rid of that confusion.

If you are interested in graphic designing and want to pursue a career in it, you should first go through the entirety of this article to make a wise decision. So, without further ado, let us take a look at whether becoming a graphic designer is a good idea or not.

1. The World Wants Creative People

The first and foremost thing is that creativity, especially digital creativity, sells extensively in the 21st century. People have started leaving their day jobs and switched to full-time freelancing as graphic designers because the public has begun appreciating creativity.

The world needs graphic designers almost everywhere. It requires them in application design, mobile design, website design, digital editing, and whatnot. In fact, with time, the pay scale of these designers has improved impressively.

So, let us put it straight: there is a lot—a lot—you can do as a graphic designer. There is too much potential in it as a career option.

2. You Have To Stand Out

Honestly, there are many graphic designers out there—and that is perhaps a reason why many complain of lack of work. See, the logic is simple and pretty straightforward: if you want to secure good jobs, you will have to stand out.

Whether you are new or experienced in the field of graphic designing, there is no definite way of guaranteeing work except through relatable and refreshing creativity. If you are unable to use the latest technology and creativity effectively, then nothing can help you out—even years of experience would fail you.

3. Boost Your Presence Online

n the 21st century, you need to exploit the benefits of the virtual world. As a graphic designer, you need to mark your presence online. You can do this by joining social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Apart from these mainstream websites, you should consider joining websites which are specifically designed to cater to the needs of freelancers such as upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, and guru.

Create an informative profile, upload your creations, publicize them as much as possible, and you will be able to attain a good digital reputation.

4. Treat Your Portfolio with Care

The portfolio is the tool for marketing skills. Unless clients know what you are all about, there is no way they can hire just because people talk about you.

Create a good portfolio. In fact, show your designing acumen in the way you design your portfolio. Add creative elements such as animation, digital art, and others. Your portfolio should be an eye-catcher—it should be different, creative, and reflective of who you are.

In case you are applying offline, you will have to document your portfolio. Even as a document, you can show your skills. Use an impressive template, incorporate your style (if possible) and impress away clients.

5. Career Prospects

If the aforesaid things were not convincing enough, we would help you identify areas in which you can work and earn handsomely.

A report suggests that by 2026 the graphic design industry is likely to grow by 5% which might look like a small percentage but has significant implications. As we speak, the number of graphic designing-related jobs is going up. Examples include brand identity designer, creative directors, webtoon artists, layout designers, logo designers, etc.

Graphic designers usually work as freelancers, but you will find them working in advertising agencies, design firms, publishing companies, design studios, and design learning institutes.

So, as we can see, there is so much you can choose from. All that is expected from you is hard work and perseverance. Oh, yes, one more thing—patience.

It is quite common to find people questioning the potential of graphic designing. A lot of people see it as a career without many incentives. However, things have changed, and a lot of this change is attributed to the Internet. The accessibility of the Internet has enabled people to determine economics just by sitting at home. Hence, companies and firms need graphic designers to make themselves more appealing.

In this article, we dealt with the aspect of graphic designing as a career and have positive updates on the same. If, however, our readers think that there is more than we should know about this then they can give their comments below. Also, help us reach out to more people by sharing this article.