The Ultimate Guide to Find Clients & Market Your Freelance Business

find clients & market freelance business


In the freelance business, there is more than just skills which work and help you get work. The whole dynamics of finding clients and marketing yourself in this vast community of professionals and businesspersons requires you to take into account a number of considerations.

In this article, you will come across a guide aimed to give directions to all kinds of freelancers out there on how to go about freelancing the right way. We have listed down seven things you need to keep in mind to gain access to clients and publicize your services the way they should be.

So, let us take a look at those things:

1. Find Out Your Area Of Interest

Of the many things you should sort out before actually starting freelancing is the area of interest. If you are not focused or confident of the area where you would supply your services, then it might become hard for you to find the right clients.

For example, you may have excellent writing skills, but it is not necessary that you are comfortable with all kinds of content writing. You will have to find out the types of services offered in content writing such as copywriting, ghostwriting and what not. You cannot go out and claim that you can write on anything unless you are dead sure that you can.

2.Build A Portfolio

Nobody will hire you unless you have something substantial to show as evidence of your skills and experience. You need to prepare a portfolio of skills drafted in an organized and appealing manner.

In case you were unaware, a portfolio is essentially an enumeration of skills you have with respect to a particular area. However, it is essential to include only relevant skills.

For example, you may have been a gold medallist in a National Weightlifting Competition, but it is not material when you are applying to provide services of a graphic designer. You must include only those skills which have a direct implication on the job you want to take up.

3. Mark Your Online Presence

In the 21st century, the Internet has remarkably reduced the gap between freelancers and clients. All you need to do is to find the right websites to hang out with them—and we have a few recommendations for you to consider sincerely.

There are tons of good freelance websites which let you create a profile, upload portfolios, customize searches and what not. Most of them do not require you to pay anything for utilizing most of their features. Some of these websites are freelancer, worknhire, guru, and upwork.

Also, if you want to expand your online presence, you must join the social media bandwagon and make accounts on YouTube, LinkedIn,and Facebook, to name a few.

4. Get Your Own Website

You need to market yourself as effectively as possible to ensure that work keeps coming. So, a website can be of great use to you, especially because it allows you much greater discretion.

Having a website today is not that difficult, and you can employ the help of websites such as WordPress to customize your website and let it go loud in the world. Make sure the website reflects on your personality, skills, and area of expertise.

For example, a freelance moviemaker should consider including short introductory films. Also, a higher level of creativity is expected from him as his area of expertise requires creativity as a central element.

5. Start Networking outside the Online World

You should never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. While having accounts on websites is good, you should also talk to people and create a network. You should talk to your family members, relatives, friends, and colleagues telling them that you are a freelancer and could be referred to in case anyone needs services.

When you get referred through personal contacts, there is faster access to all kinds of clients.  The quality of clients is also good, as personal recommendations are often taken seriously.

6. Get Referrals from Previous Clients

Since we are already talking about referrals, let us not rule out previous clients from the list of people from whom you should get referrals.

Today, there are millions of freelancers out there, and clients are looking forward to working with only those who are prepared to deliver quality. They want someone to convince them, and referrals from previous clients can be your tool of persuasion.

Referrals from previous clients will highlight that you have worked on a project, performed good, and they might recommend you as an awesome person to work with. Generally, it is hard to say ‘No’ to referrals—so get a few for your own good.

7. Learn To Cope With Pressure

Many people might think that this tip may not necessarily help you get clients and market yourself. But, actually, it does. Many freelancers lose their calm under pressure, causing a fall in the quality of their work and they quite often lose their project.

A bad performance will result in a bad reputation. Unhappy clients will write comments, rate you poorly, and discuss with their peers. This will, obviously, kill your opportunities.

If you wish to gain the most out of freelancing, you must accept its advantages as well as disadvantages. Hence, learn to stay calm and focused.

Marketing freelance business and getting clients are not very simple tasks. They require a lot of input from freelancers, but with a few directions, things can get a little easier. In this article, we have tried to enumerate all that is needed to have a plan-of-action for a successful freelance career.

We think we have covered quite a few on our list but would like to know what our readers think of them. They can suggest us changes or give their general opinion. With the help of you guys, the community at Careerlancer has grown. Give us a share and let us grow even stronger and bigger.