How Much Can You Really Earn As A FedEx Driver ?

The pioneer and first of the overnight shippers, FedEx is reputed for its celebrated logo featuring a secret right-pointing arrow in the space between the letters E and the X. Serving much of the globe, many of FedEx’s drivers make a good career with this organization. Besides delivering packages, FedEx couriers are also reputed for maintaining good customer relationships and growing the organizations’ market share.

Description of Duties

FedEx couriers are responsible for picking up and delivering packages at businesses and homes their delivery route. They must operate the route efficiently to ensure that the scheduled deliveries and pick-ups for the day are completed as planned, and must manage time efficiently. The couriers must be able to answer questions about package shipping methods that they may encounter, must maintain a healthy relationship with the customers on their route, and build sales on the route.

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Skills and Training

A high-school diploma is a minimum requirement to be a FedEx courier, but as this occupation pays an above-average pay, some colleges can help make them more desirable in a tough job market. They must be in excellent physical health to be able to carry some heavy loads and travel some distance while doing so. In-house training is given for the specific skills needed, like shipping label use and computer skills.

Driving Ability

FedEx courier drivers drive comparatively lighter trucks, and can generally be driven with a non-commercial driver’s license. However, they must have a comparatively clean driving record to secure and keep a position with FedEx. They must be able to back up a truck with an obstructed rear view using only their mirrors. They must also be able to operate a vehicle safely in all kinds of weather and driving and conditions.

How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make

According to the BLS, express delivery carriers earned an average pay of $50,980 per year as of 2019. Full-time FedEx drivers have access to company retirement plans and health benefits. The company also employs seasonal and part-time employees as needed.

The average FedEx driver compensation depends on the specific role of the driver. The remuneration will be different than what they would expect for a traditional OTR long haul driver or a local route delivery driver.

FedEx Delivery Driver Salary (Local Routes)

A typical delivery driver makes around $17 an hour. These local drivers make an average compensation of $36,000 annually.You’ll also find that there are stock bonuses as well as cash bonuses up to $5,600 per annum when working as a delivery driver.  City drivers make about $23.56 per hour.

Typically, people that work in densely populated cities, such as New York or Knoxville, will make a much higher remuneration due to the rigorous driving conditions.

FedEx LTL (Less Than Truckload)  Driver Pay

How much does FedEx pay LTL drivers?

The average compensation indicates that drivers in this division of FedEx earn between $72,000 and $79,000 per annum, with a base salary totalling $75,770 per annum.

If FedEx does pay their LTL drivers this amount, this would indicate that FedEx pays their LTL drivers four per cent more than the country’s average.

Challenges of the Position

Some people may not find this occupation mentally exciting, as it can be very repetitive. While much of the required driving may be for short routes, they may spend prolonged periods behind the wheel, leading to tiredness. Back injury can also happen from the needed lifting, and they are more prone to slip-and-fall injuries than in many other professions.

Careers in the U.S:

An entry-level Delivery Driver with less than one year experience can expect to make an average total remuneration (includes bonus, tips, and overtime pay) of $34,454. An early career Delivery Driver with 1-5 years of experience makes an average total compensation of $36,470. A mid-career Delivery Driver with 5-10 years of experience makes an average total compensation of $39,061. An experienced Delivery Driver with 10-20 years of experience makes an average total remuneration of $36,926. In their late-career (20-plus years), employees make an average total salary of $48,000(1).