Guide on How to Become a Bodybuilder

how to become a body builder

Bodybuilding is one of the most booming businesses in the healthcare industry. Many fitness trainers have joined this ever-expansive communal and are making a designation for themselves. But, there are only a select few of them who make the best out of this profitable industry. Know how to become a bodybuilder.

Your decision to begin on muscle training must come from a sincere desire for a healthier and a more developed body. Bodybuilding requires dedication. It is a completely different lifestyle that involves letting go of old habits and accepting new ones. If you want to get serious about bodybuilding, you’ll require to navigate your training and nutrition with military precision.

Once you’ve made the choice to pursue a career as a bodybuilder, keep in mind that you have to capitalize, a fair amount of money and time in order to be successful. There are no specific educative requirements to become a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders learn their job-related and skills techniques through lots of practice and training.

Bodybuilder’s Salary

Do you wonder how much bodybuilders make? Well, the average bodybuilding salary is $59,603.14. According to The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS, the average earnings for a professional bodybuilder is $86,000 per year in 2019. Bodybuilder’s wages of those employed at the gym are between $23 and $50 per hour. The earnings are inclined by location. For top-tier bodybuilders, the earnings are quite higher.

Bodybuilder Workout Program

Nutrition and Diet are of utmost importance in learning the ways to a bodybuilder. An individual who is serious about building the body requires to take in the correct nutrition through the correct foods. There are many programs such as 5 X 5 Program, Volume Training, FST-7 Training Program, Upper/Lower Split Training, Full Body Workouts and more.

When an individual starts on these programs, he would need a suitable amount of calories to deliver energy and strength. He should develop a bodybuilder physique by following a training plan dedicated to shedding body fat and increasing muscle mass.

The program teaches you not to focus on the entire body, practical fitness, but rather concentrating on exact muscle groups and work on them till they get tired. Bodybuilding needs to go through rigorous training periods, and you will require access to a diversity of barbells, weight machines or dumbbells to build physique. Complex exercises will work, your body’s strongest and largest muscle groups and let you build muscle mass rather than highlighting the smaller shaper exercises.

Combining the most effective muscle-building compound exercises gives you the best

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How to Become a Bodybuilder in Steps

Step 1:Earn a High School Degree

The majority of national certification bodies only need candidates to have a high school diploma or corresponding to sit for a certification examination. Although post-secondary education, in the form of a diploma, formal degree or training course is extremely recommended, completing the minimum educational prerequisite is important.

Step 2: Complete AED/CPR Certification

Because bodybuilders may encounter physical tragedies with clients, they must complete automated external defibrillator (AED) certification programs and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). These programs teach them how to recognize when a client is having a health emergency, handle breathing emergencies, cardiac or and act quickly to help a client until qualified first responders arrive.

CPR and AED certifications are needed by nearly each national personal training certification organization. Individuals interested in bodybuilding careers must assure that they choose accredited programs as most employers prefer certified candidates.

The four major confirming bodies include the following:

  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • American Council on Exercise
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association

Step 3: Apply for Job and Build a Portfolio

Once you have been approved for your test and are a certified bodybuilder, you are qualified for positions in a diversity of fitness situations. To get ongoing, many fitness organizations have online job postings. Several Builders begin by gaining experience by working at their gym and following an experienced trainer before seeking other openings in their area. Others select to work as independent experts, building a customer roster.

Either way, building a portfolio of customers, industry networks and continuing your education can make you more in demand in the long run.

Job Outlook

A career at Bodybuilding offers you the chance to make a variance in your life and the lives of many people around the world. As a Bodybuilding professional, you will learn recovery, training, nutrition, and motivation, strategies to prepare you to work with bodybuilders.

Upon completion of ISSA’s Bodybuilding course, you will have the information essential to prepare for a high-level physique or bodybuilding competition. This course will offer vital info that can help you train the client.


Any job where you get to engage in bodybuilding is more than ideal. Demand for artistic, adaptable group fitness teachers is ever-growing,  making this the best time to get started on your specialized journey(1). If you have strong determination and constant perseverance bodybuilding can be the best profession for you.