Know the Steps to Become a General Contractor

General Contractor

From start to completion, the general contractors coordinate and oversee the construction project. They are the professionals who work on constructing offices, schools, hospitals, roads, and other similar infrastructure projects. Similarly, you need to choose construction materials by considering the project and its schedules. In many situations, the customers of a general contractor can ask them to offer problem-solving services. Know how to become a  general contractor

How to Become a Licensed General Contractor?

If you are excited about establishing your career in this field, it is imperative to become a licensed general contractor. Here are the steps you need to follow to become a licensed general contractor:

  • Decide the class of your license- in the beginning. This will be the first step to get a permit. The class can be determined by the monetary value of the projects that you will undertake.
  • A specialty you want- Indeed, you also need to determine your area of expertise while getting the license for running the company. You can consider the specialties as the concrete, electrical, excavation, drywall, appliances, plumbing, landscaping, and roofing, etc.
  • Register your construction company- in the next step. You have to register your construction company for the legal administrative. In this particular step, you cannot afford to forget to name your company while registering it.
  • Go through the contractor’s examinations- once you name your company and register it now, you have to go through the contractor’s exam.
  • Have insurance and bonds- if possible, you should have the protection and other obligations that are necessary to have. Based on your location, the amount of Bond and insurance you have to purchase will vary.
  • Secure the background check- in the conclusion part. You have to secure the background check and go through the background check. It merely means you will go through a criminal background check before receiving the required contractor’s license.

These are some simple steps you can follow to become a licensed general contractor. In the same case, you would love to determine how long it takes to become a general contractor.

General Contractor License

To oversee and undertake the residential construction works and other construction works, you need to get a general contractor license. With the mentioned ideas, you will shortly get this license.

How Long Does It Take to Become a General Contractor?

There are different things you have to consider for determining the time. If you do the bachelor’s or master’s degree in construction management, it might take three or four years. Also, you have to gain two or three years of experience to become a general contractor.

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General Contractor Certification

You should also collect some details about a general contractor certification here. To become a reliable and successful general contractor, you need a general contractor license. Depending on your States, the criteria to become a contractor and get this license are different.

General Contractor Requirements

The time of becoming a general contractor can depend on several things. First of all, you will have to consider the general contractor requirements that you have to match. Once you match the requirements, it might be easy to know how you can be a successful general contractor.

  • The high-school diploma
  • A bachelor’s degree in construction management
  • Years of experience

How to Get a General Contractor’s License?

As mentioned earlier, you know how to get a general contractor’s license(1) and how much time it takes. You know the procedures, as suggested for becoming a general contractor. Let us take a glimpse at the steps and methods that can help you to get a general contractor’s license quickly:

  • The first convenient way to get the contractor license is to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the construction management field
  • Otherwise, you can practice and get training in several programs run by professional organizations
  • You can ask to get some help from the licensing board and authorities to study on the field more

These methods will help you to get a general contractor’s license.

General Contractor Salary

Now, you will have to decide which of the mentioned ways and methods you prefer to get the required license of a general contractor. The general contractor’s salary may depend on the overall cost of the projects they will complete. The contractors can charge a flat fee – 10 to 20% of the total cost of the project. The price might include the subcontractors, permits, and all materials.

Now that you know what it takes to be a general contractor, get started with your research already. Either a degree or by being a trainee you can be one. Depending on the feasibility you can always go for the option that suits your requirements better.