Career Guide on How to Become a Green Beret

How to Become a Green Beret

Are you planning to become a green beret in the Army? Well, and then be prepared for a long and arduous journey. Green berets are an elite branch of the U.S Army, with lots of primary missions, they are the special forces of the Army. Know how to become a green beret.

The missions include special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, etc. To make it in the Special Forces of the U.S. military, one has to be intelligent and have an outstanding record of prior military service.

Green berets are known to be independent, tough, and highly trained. The path to becoming a Special Forces soldier is not easy. It takes a lot of courage, grit, and tenacity. Army recruits aspiring to become green berets must go through a three-week endurance test to qualify for equally tough training. A candidate should possess an unusual degree of intelligence.

How to Become a Green Beret in Simple Steps

Step 1: Understand the Basic Qualification

The first criterion to apply for green berets training is that you must be managed between 20 to 30 years old. You should have good eyesight to qualify. The basic educational requirement for the Special Forces is a high school diploma.

However, a high GPA is not needed. But know that you will need intelligence to pass the army’s tests. Appear in the Army aptitude test and then apply to join the military.

Step 2: Join the Army

You can apply online, after which your recruiter will get back to you. You will have to go to the Military Entrance Processing Station to join the Special Forces. Your initial physical test will happen there, and you will have to choose a specialty before you join.

Step 3: Get the Training Needed

Take part in the pre-basic training task list. It includes creating an Army account and setting up direct deposit. Training on suicide prevention and anti-terrorism is also given in the pre-basic training.

The next step is to pass the Army’s basic physical test, after which you can take advanced individual training.  You have to complete airborne training to qualify for the Special Forces.

Step 4: Get the Clearance Needed

Once you begin the process of entering Special Forces, you will apply and receive secret security clearance. The U.S. Department of State will carry out a thorough background check on you. You can be denied this clearance for several reasons.

Step 5: Take the SOPC (Special Operations Preparation Course)

SOPC is a two weeks course. This course will train an individual for rigorous physical requirements of the green berets. Aspirants have to be adept at language navigation too.

Green Berets Training

After taking the SOPC course, you can take up SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection). This assessment is the first official part of Green Beret training. SFAS is both a training and assessment session to see if an individual will be able to move forward. This course will test if an individual is physically and mentally able to deal with the special force requirements.

Green Beret qualifications involve taking up SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course). It is a year-long course that trains an individual in everything, right from small unit tactics and survival skills to language & culture practiced in the army.

One of the primary phases of SFQC is the Robin Sage training or Collective Training. In this phase, you will be divided into units and would be deployed in a combat zone. This phase will give an insight into what it is to be on an actual mission.

Preparation for Green Beret Training

Leave alone the Green Beret Training, Preparing for the training itself takes a lot of physical and mental strength. The selection process goes on for 24 days. You are eligible if your score at least 260 points in the physical fitness test conducted by the army.

Once you are selected, you need to take up the tedious training process that lasts for 55 to 95 weeks. The elements taught in the green berets training are

Brute Strength – The selected candidates will be sent to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for the first phase of physical training. The training includes pull-ups, push-ups, swimming, obstacles run, rucksack marches, etc.

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Team & Leadership

This part of the training is known as Q-Course. The course attempts to bring out the leadership qualities and skills of the cadets and how well they can coordinate with the team. This is an extremely rigorous regime and keeps the cadets occupied throughout the day.

Real-time training

The cadets assist the soldiers in mock prisoners’ war camps, survival evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) Survival, Evasion, and Resistance Escape training. This training helps them be prepared to act when caught by enemies.

Green Beret Salary

Green Berets salary varies based on their rank and title. The average green berets officer salary is $70,000. Besides basic pay, a soldier receives housing & food allowances, special pay, tax advantage, and free health care. The soldiers receive deployment pay when they are deployed. Remember this, when looking for a career as Green Berets as the chance of deployment is high.

If you wonder how long Green Beret training is, then it is a two years process that covers SFAS, SFQC, and other training.

Bottom Line

Throughout the training(1), the Green Berets are subjected to conditions and treatment they might endure if caught by enemies. Green Berets are trained to win in any situation. If you are thinking of joining Special Forces, look for fitness and basic training tips that can equip you to become an eligible cadet for Green Berets training(2).